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Thread: Gas Prices

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    Gas Prices

    What is the cost of gas where you live? Has the rising cost of gas stopped you from driving so much? Do you think the price will keep skyrocketing?

    The price where I live is $2.59. Yesterday, I was following my husband home and we both stopped at the gas station to fill up and paid $80 to fill up both cars. This is a huge amount for a family of four with only one working. I also think that gas stations have no real rhyme or reason as to how they figure their rate. Last week, one local gas station raised their price $0.40 in just a few hours. If government wasn't so crooked, they would be looking into this abuse.
    I know my kids and I will not be out much this next week. We like to drive around to different parks, but really need to conserve our gasoline.
    I also think the gas prices will top out at $3.00. I don't want to think about what it will take to heat our home this winter. Last winter was bad enough.
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    Gas Prices

    I think the biggest thing is that quite a few medium to large cities DO NOT have excellent mass transportation in place therefore more people continue to drive. I also see a lot of SUVs and large vehicles out there, and until people STOP or CURTAIL driving enough so the oil companies feel it, this will continue to go up.

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    In Britain our petrol (gas) prices have been rising quite sharply. Unleaded petrol is just over 0.90 a litre, thats about $1.63 US. Costs me about 24 to fill up my Nissan Micra, a small car. Personally I don't really do serious mileage so isn't affecting my driving an awful lot.
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    Yesterday I paid $2.47 for Regular Unleaded with Ethanol, that was the cheapest at the pump. Premium was about $2.75 and the Unleaded without Ethanol was $2. 57. I live in eastern Nebraska and I don't know if the Ethanol blend is available nationwide, but it's a little cheaper and helps bring in more income for the farmers.
    We have an SUV but for longer trips we usually take my little car. I cringe when I see someone driving a Hummer on the interstate.
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    Here in Canada we just topped out over a dollar a litre ($1.06 yesterday). We were as low as 94 cents a litre a few weeks ago. I know larger places like Vancouver were over a dollar several months ago...I hate to think where their gas prices are now.

    It costs me about $50 to fill up my small car. I've definitely stopped driving as much as I used to (I used to drive home for lunch, now I stay at work and I carpool in the mornings, even though that means staying at work for an hour longer than I usually do).

    I'm too numbers challenged to convert our currency to US$ and litres to USgal, but I think we're comparable.
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    It was $2.37 for regular last time I filled up my car. I do try and combine trips now when I can. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to commute to work, 50 miles round trip. At least my car does get 28 mpg. I don't know how people driving large trucks and SUV's can afford to use them on a regular basis!
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    It's almost $3 a gallon here in Chicago.


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    About $2.69 for regular unleaded right now. I remember bitching about the price when it went over a dollar. Ah, the good old days.

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    Here is Texas it was $2.39 on my way to a concert yesterday at 3:30, and $2.49 when I rolled back into my hometown at midnight.

    I do home visits, and get .35 per mile to travel. This amount is supposed to cover wear and tear on my vehicle and the cost of maintenance. It doesn't even begin to cover costs at $2.50 a gallon. My car is economical and gets about 30 miles a gallon, but with the air conditioner running at full blast it drops the mileage to about 25.

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    $2.55 for regular unleaded at Mobil in the burbs of NYC.

    $42 to fill up my Nissan Altima

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