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Thread: Gas Prices

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    Our area is lowing the prices kicking and screaming and only coming down about a penny at a time as if they'll show us! Right now it's at $2.09 at the cheaper stations.
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    Some of our prices went back up on my way home yesterday. Some as high as $2.09. I haven't left the house today, so I don't know if they are still up or not. I figured they'd raised the prices for the weekend and that it will probably be back down Monday.
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    Isn't that the truth ACF? We are now down to 1.87.9, but it has taken a week to drop ten cents. I can remember when it went UP fifteen cents in three days.

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    The prices around here have been going up by leaps and bounds. I passed four stations today and they ranged from $2.54 to $2.57!!!

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    I drove past the same station two days in a row last week, and their prices jumped five cents in one 24 hour period! That's doesn't even include the seemingly daily one-cent rise.

    What I have yet to hear is why there is consistently so much volatility.
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    I just read something in the paper the other day that it has something to do with the switch-over to the "summer gas" which slows production. Prediction is gas prices will go up as much as another $.25, but then during the summer they should be less than they were last summer (which isn't saying all that much!).

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    Ours went up $0.30 in 8 hours, ridiculous. Which is getting increasingly hard to pay since power bills have went up over 50%.

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    Re: Gas Prices

    This is ridiculous!!

    Pump Prices Jump Overnight Across Country
    CBC News

    The price of gas jumped overnight, with motorists paying as much as $1.27 per litre in Vancouver and $1.19 in Gander Bay, N.L., on Tuesday morning.

    Industry analysts say an attack on a Chevron ship off southern Nigeria in part caused the spike.

    Six foreign oil workers were snatched when gunmen armed with dynamite boarded the ship. A Nigerian sailor was killed in the incident, a Nigerian navy spokesman said.

    California-based Chevron said it was closing production on about 15,000 barrels of oil daily because of the attack.

    Low supply levels in the U.S. combined with high demand have also contributed to the price hike, industry analysts say. Also, in early spring, refiners typically bump up their margins, gearing up for the summer driving months.

    Oil on Tuesday is trading globally at $65 US a barrel.

    Last week, the highest price recorded across Canada by analysts MJ Ervin & Associates was $1.24 per litre in Labrador City, N.L. The lowest price of 96.4 cents per litre was recorded in Lethbridge, Alta. A new pump price survey will be released Tuesday afternoon.

    Meanwhile, in Vulcan, Alta., on Tuesday morning, prices reached $1.05 per litre while stations in Toronto, Stoughton, Sask., and Flin Flon, Man., charged about $1.09.

    Prices in Woodstock, N.B., reached $1.10 while Yarmouth and Montreal pump prices rose to $1.18.

    Pump Prices Jump Overnight Across Country
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    Re: Gas Prices

    It's great that gas prices are rising. It will encourage conservation and be good for the environment. People will make choices that will be good for their pocketbook and good for the environment. Rising prices do more good than all of the Green Peace types combined.
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    Re: Gas Prices

    Quote Originally Posted by lostfann;2361737;
    It's great that gas prices are rising. It will encourage conservation and be good for the environment. People will make choices that will be good for their pocketbook and good for the environment.
    Unless you are like my family and need the gas to get to work and can't afford to go out and buy a hybrid. My husband works an hour away and drives back and forth 6 days a week. We don't have a choice but to pay the prices.
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