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Thread: Gas Prices

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    I am attending law school in Omaha, Nebraska. This morning regular gas was $2.49/gallon and this afternoon it had risen to 2.99/gallon. Gas has shot clear out the roof. It's ridiculous. I'm just glad I have a 4 cylinder and not an SUV like I want.

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    In the north part of Orlando where I live last night's price was $2.65 (lowest grade) when I filled up....tonight we're up, but not nearly as bad as what I've been reading here, when I just went for a cup of coffee it was $2.81(low grade). I'm actually considering us lucky to still be below the $3 mark.

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    Two days ago I got half a tank (no idea why I didn't just go head and FILL UP!) at $2.54. Tonight I was hearing about all the gas prices raising, so I thought I'd better go ahead and fill up before it got any higher. It was $2.99 at every station between here and my Mom's house, except for the very last one before her house...it was $2.95. (so that's where I stopped) They told me they'd had a bunch of drive-offs today.

    My brother is in Indiana, and he said he pulled his Harley in today as they were changing prices....it went from $2.69 to $3.39.
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    I still have everyone beat with $3.59

    I'm not proud to be winning this one

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    CallieCutie I got you beat
    We are currently paying $1:30 a litre, there are 3.7854118 litres to a gallon so we are paying
    $4:92 a gallon

    If you use shopper dockets you get 4cents off but that still leaves us with $1:26 which is $4:76

    It shot up 20cents a litre over night and they say we will be at $1:50 by Christmas
    that will be $5:67

    Six months ago we were paying only 90c and even as low as 80c on weekdays

    So glad I drive a scooter. Used to cost me $3 to fill now it costs me upwards of $5 but I can still get to and from work fice days for $2

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    Here in GA , rumors of gas shortages pushed prices over $4.00 a gallon, nearly $6.00 at a couple of places. So, everyone freaked out, lined up at the pumps, and this morning you can hardly find gas (at least on my side of town), although it is down to $3.50 or so since the governor announced anyone price gouging would be prosecuted. This situation is due mostly to panic resulting from wild rumors that no gas will be coming into the state. I saw a couple of 'empty' gas stations getting refills already early this morning. Luckily, I filled up Tuesday so hopefully the situation will settle down a bit bewfore I have to refill Sunday or Monday.
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    We just jumped from 2.59 a gallon to 3.59 in NNY! I mean, we are always the last to be affected by anything. Check this out:

    Gas Stations In St-L County To Begin Charging By The 1/2 Gallon


    The steep rise in the price of gas is not only hitting consumers in the pocketbooks Ė itís also hitting the fuel vendorsí equipment.

    Many older model fuel pumps used by filling stations arenít designed to be calibrated to the high prices consumers are seeing. In St. Lawrence County, they are compensating by charging by the half-gallon. The County Weights And Measures Department has begun authorizing stations to reset their pumps to charge by the half gallon pumped.

    Any station authorized to do so must prominently display on the pump that it is charging them by the half gallon, and the total sale price will be double what is displayed on the pump. In addition, any signs on the pump-tops and canopies must show the actual per gallon price.

    The Department anticipates it will take several weeks for the stations to upgrade the pumps to accurately reflect the price being charged. Stations will be issued a variance for up to 7 days at a time in order to allow them to make the necessary adjustments.

    Anyone with questions about the pricing is asked to call the Weights And Measures Department at XXX-XXXX

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    Quote Originally Posted by queenb
    Here in GA , rumors of gas shortages pushed prices over $4.00 a gallon, nearly $6.00 at a couple of places. So, everyone freaked out, lined up at the pumps, and this morning you can hardly find gas (at least on my side of town),
    Pretty much the same thing here in SC....people were freaking out and filling up gas cans and whatever else they could find (making it WORSE!). A lot of the gas stations here are out of regular and mid-grade fuel...all they have is premium. Which sucks, because my car runs horribly on premium!
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    Here in Kansas they've risen from 2.65 on Sunday to today at 2.99. An article in thepaper said they could go up to 4.00. They were talking about a drop after Labor Day and now said they don't think that will happen.

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    Here in Southern Ontario, it went from 98 cents a liter, to over $1.25--roughtly $5.00 gallon, overnight. Which really makes me angry is the fact that the oil companies raised the price on gas they bought weeks ago, so they are really making a lot of money raising the price then blaming Katrina!!

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