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Thread: Guys, How NOT to get a date!

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    I like self-deprecating guys up to a point. It can be charming. But if they point out their faults one too many times, other people will begin to view them that way as well.

    "I'm fat. I'm ugly. I scare kittens!"

    "OK, you're fat, you're ugly, stop scaring kittens!"

    There's something to be said for confidence (not to be confused with cockiness). And a well-kept appearance goes a long way for making up for the lack of a six pack. I'm sure our jokesters here have their share of admirers they're not telling us about!

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    One thing that was always a date killer for me was a *cheap* date. I especially looked at his tipping of servers, bartenders, etc. If he was cheap- he was so outofthere- STAT! My parents had taught me that, even before I spent many years waiting tables. They said good tipping is a sign of class, so judge your dates by it.
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