Miss Filangi: Have you ever thought of taking an Art Course...ANY art course, say at a community college or an evening class? They are usually very, very inexpensive and geared towards non-professionals, so you wouldn't feel that you were getting in over your head. It could be wheel-thrown pottery or scrapbooking or designing a necklace or stuffing and sewing a pillow. The instructors that I've been lucky enough to get are so helpful and really want to share their love of their art form. I've seen loads of classes in oil painting and jewelry design at our Hobby Lobby and the cost is about $30.00 for several hours. Sometimes, when you are actually creating something, that dormant part of you comes alive, and a whole new set of experiences happen. But, that's only if you want to get active in it. I've taken music classes and dance and drumming classes, trying to learn more about music. It helped, a lot, at least with basic learning. An art class or an art history class in a museum could be fun, too.