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Thread: Most Embarassing:

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    I love this thread! I'm sure I'll find some story worth sharing... But most of them revolve around my lack of athletic ability, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out what I did that was so embarassing.

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    Yeah. I've got one. It's not really embarassing, just one of the many stories in which I take the role of the idiot.
    So, I'm hanging out at the FORT, seeing what's new, and I decide to respond to some discussion in the 'breaking up' thread. Oh! But wait a minute. You left that thread a couple of minutes ago. You just told everyone in the 'my art' thread what you think is the best way to deal with a break up.
    Clearly it is time for this girl to take a break from the computer, and perhaps get some sleep.
    Thank you, John for the 'delete this post' button!

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    Quote Originally Posted by haejin11377
    I love this thread! I'm sure I'll find some story worth sharing... But most of them revolve around my lack of athletic ability, so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out what I did that was so embarassing.
    Hmm, the memories. Like the one time I was forced to compete in gymnastics (high school) and fell (face first) down from balance beam in front of everyone in that school (and other schools in county)...

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    Even when I was young, everybody said I had "strange bones".

    My most embarrassing moment came when I was eight. My mother and I were preparing for our journey to Canada, and en route to the Shanghai airport, we stopped at a glitzy shopping mall in the heart of the metropolis (we were country bumpkins, you understand, from the industrial wastelands ) to gawk and buy a few things. My mother ended up buying me a pretty little jumper, but she ended up buying both a jumper AND a butterfly hair-clip for a good colleague's daughter, Lilee, who was my age and who I hated *intensely* with every cell in my childish being (the favour was returned.)

    Bottom line: mother bought her two things, and me only one.

    Myabe it was the stress of moving to a new country, maybe it was my inherent materialistic nature - but I went PSYCHO at the unfairness of it all. Imagine kind and good Little Eva in "Uncle Tom's Cabin". Now imagine her evil twin. Basically, my reaction to this monstrous, unspeakable atrocity committed by my mother was to throw my version of a tantrum. I snuck away from my mother - who was too busy looking at jewellery - and I started wandering all over this upscale, incredibly posh shopping complex, all the while whimpering and crying as if all the candy in the world wouldn't be able to console me. If some nice customer representative or shopper asked in their quaint Shanghainese accent what was wrong, I would sniff dramatically and say with a quiver in my voice, "Lilee - two! Me - one!" (I kid you not. It was my litany of pain. )

    Finally, my mother found me. To her credit, after I explained what was wrong, she did not laugh and/or slap me, but kindly tried to placate me with a pretty umbrella she'd also bought. "Ling - look! - you have two items now! Umbrella better than boring old hairclip, anyway!"

    But I was not to be placated. I started seriously getting angry (and milking my moment!)

    "No, keep your umbrella!" I announced, "I'm going back to grandma-and-grandpa-who-loves-me in Wuhan, and I'm NOT going to your stupid Canada, and you can't make me, and you can become a stupid lao wai ("old foreigner") if you want, but I won't be a betrayer to my country!!!" (Again, I kid you not. I was eight. See, this is what happens when you spend your informative years in a communist country hostile to Western influences. )

    And did I mention this took place in a huge, glitzy shopping mall? Everybody watched us like the freakshow we were. Egads.

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    I've never had any traumatizing experiences in my life, I guess even though my life is full of crap and suckiness, I guess I've been lucky! It's been interesting reading about all you guy's embarressing moments.

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    Thread resurrection alert! I figured we probably had a thread like this somewhere, and sure enough, we do. So I'm reviving it.
    I could never pick a MOST embarrassing moment, but here is at least one:
    Last spring I was visiting my boyfriend for a few days (he lives in the town I moved away from) and had made a date to go to lunch with some former co-workers. As I was getting dressed that morning I realized that my shirt was light-colored but my bra was black, and that my light-colored bra had already been packed in the car.
    So I went out to get it, and tucked it into the inside of my coat -- not in a pocket or anything, mind you -- just to hide it so the neighbors wouldn't see me carrying a bra around.
    I left the house, stopped at the mall, and finally wound up at the old office to meet the coworkers, when it dawned on me: I had never changed bras. I had never taken the bra out of my coat. The bra was no longer IN my coat.
    I looked frantically around the floor, I check the car, I even went back to my boyfriend's house -- nothing. So I am forced to assume that the bra fell out of my coat somewhere in the mall. I cannot even imagine what anyone who saw this must have thought. To see a woman walking along and all of a sudden a rather dingy bra falls by her feet?!
    Needless to say, I did not go back to the mall to search for it. I had to go buy another, and had to explain to my mother why, and she waited until a bunch of her friends were over and said "Tell them what happened to your bra today!" I could have died.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    I have a not-so-embarassing moment. In 7th grade, I had not yet learned English very well (had come from another country the year before) and I was in history class. The teacher basically made us all read through some parts of the chapter each in turn and in no particular order. I figured the best way to learn English was to read it aloud so I always volunteered. Anyways, I was reading with an accent of course, and everything was going fine and I was only getting a few chuckles out of the rest of the class (remember, they're 7th graders, that's good), and I figured I was doing pretty good. Until I came to the dates (i.e. 1874) and said "one thousand eight hundred and seventy-four" and everyone busted up laughing. Teacher kindly said to me you pronounce that "eighteen seventy-four" and I learned a good lesson that day! I made many more mistakes regarding English idioms before and after that happened, but I think I've finally learned most of them.
    "The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of an expanding bureaucracy."
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    These stories are great. Nausicaa - you sound like you were a handful! I bet your mom remembers that story fondly as well

    Zaius, that isn't really so embarassing (although everything is kind of embarassing when you are in seventh grade. All I have to say is I admire that you were willing to volunteer when you were just learning - good for you! The way Americans speak English is so crazy anyways - I have always felt it must be difficult for those who learn "proper" English in another country and then come here to find that many of the rules don't actually apply. I was lucky that I was only two years old when my family moved to the US. I learned English from watching Sesame Street!
    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
    - Albert Einstein

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    I love this thread

    I'm a very clumsy gal, so I have many embarassing moments that I could share with y'all.

    -Tripped in the school stairs, fell on my face at a cute guy's feet.
    - Went on a stage to accept an award for academics, my skirt ripped up

    But here's another one.

    Like other FORTers, my first language isn't English. Sometimes, my brain needs a little "fuel" to translate everything properly. In this case, it was just me being in a state of stupidness
    One morning while on vacation, I was at a restaurant and it was my turn to order. The waitress asked me "What kind of bread do you want?"
    I wasn't totally woken up yet, and don't ask me why, I answered. "I want bread."
    She asked me the question again, laughing, telling me all the kinds of bread available for me to choose from.
    I answered again, "I want bread."
    My mom, looking at me totally embarassed, translates the very easy question.

    "Oh, I want white bread, I guess"

    Since then, I'm not speaking English before I eat breakfast, you never know what I'll say or do
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    I don't even know where to begin, honestly. I am such a klutzy, fumbling, accident-prone dork that the possibilities are infinite. I've already told of my 'losing my top' incidents. I'll have to think about which ones I can tell and still be able to hold my head up in FORT.
    "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter."- Yoda

    "I'll just see where Providence takes me and try to look like I got there confidently." - Craig Ferguson

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