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Thread: Most Embarassing:

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    I think i have a good one.

    One time i was at a friends house and his girlfriend asked me how old i am.
    In those days , i was 21 at the time , i didn`t waste a single thought on my age. Never ever.
    I had to calculate back the difference to my year of birth to come up with an answer.
    She must have thought that i`m totally stupid.

    That was embarassing , but actualy to myself i thought "why should i give a damn".
    Kind of like a new intellectual approach to the subject.
    For me , she was strange , worrying about time and age.

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    just thought of a funny one (was not at the time but, looking back it was very funny) Thinking of it I think of my friends and what a kick they got out of it (I was so pissed at them at first)!!

    I have always been on the small chested side and after I had my daughter I was .....lets just say my back hurt for awhile.

    Anyway, in the water at the ocean with friends playin frizbee showing off my new teenie bikini with my new big boobs -

    I was very tan (except for the 2 melons)

    they were pitch white.

    My friends all started laughing so hard they couldn't yell (they were motioning for me to look down and I was just like hey throw the freakin frizbee......

    I started hearing whistles and yelling and I look down and my top had fallen down!!

    I died right there. I never thought they'd come a day I'd find that funny.

    And I decided being a B is not so bad!! ....

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    As told by Dr. Dean Edel.
    maybe file it under urban folk lore

    "I was a young doc in the ER. A man came in shouting that his wife was having a baby in the back of the cab. I ran out, jumped in the back seat and started to pull up the lady's skirt and take off her panties all the time trying to calm her. When the husband came to me and said that his wife was in the next cab"

    But I do haved one that is true featuring the good doc.
    I'm a teacher and was in my office listening to his medical radio show. A very innocent female TA from the office came to give me a note just as the doc was leading into his next story with..."Boy do I have a penis story for you when we get back from break".
    We both pretended that it never happened. But I still wonter whay her thoughts were.

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    I wanted to resurrect this, because let's face it - laughing at other people's misfortune is one of life's great pleasures. Besides, I like telling stupid stories about myself.

    Story #1: When I was a sophomore in high school, I got talked into joining the cheerleading squad. Now, I know that none of you know me in real life, but I am so NOT the cheerleading type. I was a gymnast, though, and one of the girls on my (non-school) gymnastics team was also on the cheerleading squad, and she felt like we needed more people who could do flips, etc. I loved this girl to death, so I joined. The first game of the season, she wanted to let me be the highlight of the halftime show, as a "thank you" for joining. We'd always end with some big tumbling pass, and I was to be the capstone. Sigh. I run and start doing my back handsprings, ready to do a big twisting flip thing. Well, halfway through the pass, my brain figures out that I have another move I can do that, although it's actually easier, looks more impressive. Unfortunately, my body wasn't as quick as my brain is and...I go up, thousands of pairs of eyes on me, a dozen girls cheering my name.... and I come straight down. Flat on my back. Hard. The freaking sound of my back splatting against the mat echoes throughout the stadium. Silence. Then laughter. So much laughter. Luckily I wasn't hurt, so I just started laughing too. I wish I'd had the presence of mind to get up and bow or something, but hell - I was 15. I'll admit, though, that when I tell that story to people other than anonymous internet folks, I lie and include the bow.

    Story #2: Also gymnastics related. My team was putting on an exhibition at a fair. It was the same sort of setup as above - just a long mat, and lots of tumbling passes. I completed my third pass down the mat, and it went fine. But then my coach comes running over to me, and pulls me away from the crowd. I have no idea what's going on, until she thrusts a pair of warmup pants at me and yells "Put these on!!" Huh? Why? Ohhhhh....because the leotard is white. Except mine isn't anymore. Welcome to puberty, Amanda. Nice of you to share it with the rest of us. I still die inside when I think of that one.

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    LOL AmandaG I can totally relate to the period story. I took Taekwondo for years. Anyway my instructor invited another school to come and train with us for a day. Well they decided to do a King of the Mountain thing..where everyone would sit in a large circle and 2 people would spar in the middle. Whoever won would take on someone else..and it would continue like that until everyone got a turn. SO Im up (The only girl mind you) Im sparring up a storm..kicking high..showing off with roundhouse kicks and such. I was a good fighter...whipped ALL the boys asses! :beatup Anyway..I was so happy ...go to the restroom for a potty break...hmmm hi my uniform pants were very red! I was so mortified...(i was about 14)
    I hid in the bathroom until my mom came to pick my brother and I up!!!

    Heres another one.....

    Im a labor and delivery nurse. Anyhow I took this one patient, I was late so I didnt really get report. So i go in the room and its a very young girl probably about 23 or something like that. ANyhow there was also a older man in the room as well....he was about 65-70 years old. Well being stupid i blurt out.....Arent you excited to be a grand parent!!!! I died when he said ...no because Im the father....I mumbled something on how i need to check her orders and literally ran out of the room. I begged my friend to trade assignments with me...I was so embarrassed to go back in there.

    DO you think I learned my lesson about keeping my mouth shut? Nope!!!
    Had this patient...had been in her room earlier...no one was there except her...came back later and a man was lying across the bed..(patient was in the bed as well) and the man's back was towards me...And i say in my nice loud voice..."Oh your husband is here! Hi Mr. SO and SO...the man turns around...oh god it wasnt a man just a very butch woman. Hell I could have died...Not about her being a women...I work in San Francisco we see that all the time...but damn I didnt know my patient was a lesbian...I just assumed she was straight...She goes this is my parnter...hehehe I slunked out of the room......so mortified!!!
    And yes I keep my mouth shut now.
    Coco Magdalena made her debut Sept 2, 2006 7lbs 1oz!!!

    "Daddy warned me about Men and Booze, but didn't say anything about Women and Cocaine" - Tallulah Bankhead

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    I tihnk the most embarassing thing I had: A hernia in the middle of a date.... this was back in 1993.

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    In 1992, I was an events planner for a country club. During the winter, when obviously no one can play golf, we'd rent out the club for Christmas parties, etc. One of the banks in town had their party there - about 500 people and the bartender called in sick and I filled in.

    Near the end of dinner, before the dancing was to commence, I figured I'd stock the beer cooler in preparation. No glass bottles were allowed on the course, so all our beer was in cans around the corner from the bar. The servers were taking down tables from the buffet while I was doing this. At one point, I came around the corner w/ five cases of Bud Light - yes, it can be done, and yes, I can carry that much beer...heh heh. Anyway, one of the servers had leaned a folded up table across the doorway and I couldn't see it because I was stacked to my chin w/ 12-packs of beer. I barrelled into the table, beer flew EVERYwhere, and my knee split open.

    I stood up and said as loudly as I could without yelling, "Who put the f***in table across the f***in door!" (Not my usual choice of words, but it HURT!)

    500 people in the dining room got very very quiet very very quickly. I ended up w/ stitches in my knee, bruises the color of plums on both knees and rug burns up and down my legs AND on my chin. Oh, and I bit my tongue too.

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    awwww how embarassing for every one and tallulahbaby... I feel for you!!! Theres this guy in my grade who's mom has some disease that makes her look 8 months pregnant. Its not fat, because the rest of her body is skinny-ish. So probably in 6th grade she came to do art docents for our class and I asked her if she was excited for the baby. She gets asked that a lot and I felt so bad when she said "Oh I'm not pregnant" I couldn't look at her for a while.

    Another embarassing thing - In fifth grade this guy had a HUGGGGGEEEEE crush on me and everyone would tease me abotu it. So at first I HATED this guy, but then I started to like him. On valentines day, we had to give valentines to everyone in the class, so I wrote in the one I gave to him "Will you be my valentine" So the next day he comes to school with it in hand and asks me if I wrote it. I totally denied it and lied my bum off saying that someone else must have written it.

    Another thing with that same guy - I called him one day and said "Can I tell you something? I kinda like you" and I hung up. The next day, he asks me if it was me, and I once again lie my butt off and said it was a prank call. I was so embarassed about it... And now its like not that big of a deal, but when youre in fifth grade... geeeeeez the guys teased me so much

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    Excellent thread! Excellent! And now I don't feel so bad about myself. Better than therapy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyndemere
    This is a great thread, it's great therapy I believe to air out some embarrassing moments.

    I sit in class and write notes and write something wrong...
    I yell out to the whole class:

    "Does anybody have a rubber?"

    Ugh..that one hurts to think about.... but we do learn in English class that erasers are rubbers LOL .... I quickly learned other terms.... I guess rubbers are used for other purposes.... certainly not in class.
    Were you an exchange student at Rockwall High School at the time? If that was you; I think that you traumatized Todd Sutherland for life. Just know that if it was not you then you are not alone.
    It occurred to me that no matter how bleak things might seem at times, at least I have a head. ----Stargazer

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