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Thread: Most Embarassing:

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    When I was in grade school.. I must have been about 11-12, we had the sex ed talk where they explain how girls become women. The boys were sent out of the classroom and all the girls moved to the front. I made sure to sit in the desk of my crush.

    Well, I was young and the teacher got a little too detailed for my sensitive ears. She went into great detail at great length about periods and while this wasn't exactly new to me, all the details were. They had this movie that we watched and it went into such anatomy detail that I started to feel faint, but was too embarrassed to excuse myself. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and ended up puking. All over the love of my young life's desk.

    Well, it was pretty bad. The teacher had to stop and it had to get cleaned up and of course everyone heard all about it. I was only 11 and pretty naive. To this day I'm not sure why it affected me so much, but it still haunts me.

    The story changed over the years and all through high school, people knew me as the girl that puked when they passed around a tampon. (Which did NOT happen, it was the movie, I SWEAR)
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    Language fowls

    This is a great thread, it's great therapy I believe to air out some embarrassing moments.

    I'm not sure if this fits into this category, I did think these following statements were really embarrassing at the time and believe me, they keep coming back to haunt me, someone always has to remind me...

    I've got some genuine language fowls to share with you all. I'm norwegian & english is my second language, and sometimes words get mixed up & confused, I dont do it much anymore, 5 years in the country has certainly improved my skills lol..

    Ok let's see.....

    I was talking about New Years Eve with friends, and we were on the subject of fireworks and animals.

    I told them:
    "Oh yeah, in Norway a lot of people seduce their dogs on new years eve cause they get so scared from the fireworks."

    Awkward moment while everyone is trying to digest the news, then hysterical laughter as they try to explain to me what I just said...... and the difference between seduce and subdue... I think.


    Ok, so way back when I was an exchange student (this was 10 years or so ago) I sit and watch TV with my hot mom, as a commercial about some unlucky guy comes on... I bluntly state:

    Me: "I wouldn't like to be in that guy's pants"
    Her: "ehh do you realize what you just said?"
    Me: "yeah, its a Norwegian saying that I don't want to be him."
    Her: "Oh...in america we say SHOES not pants....pants means you want to get sexual with him..."
    Me: "oh...." *blush*


    I sit in class and write notes and write something wrong...
    I yell out to the whole class:

    "Does anybody have a rubber?"

    Ugh..that one hurts to think about.... but we do learn in English class that erasers are rubbers LOL .... I quickly learned other terms.... I guess rubbers are used for other purposes.... certainly not in class.


    Oh sheesh I could go on but I won't... I've got a few of these incidents, I think those 3 stand out because I've been reminded enough times.....

    Another language fowl has to do with swearing, Norwegian swearing has to do with religion (calling upon the devil & abusing the name of the lord and such) & American swearing is mostly bodyparts & body functions..... ergo I get confused on what's a swear word and what is not... for instance "shit" is not really a swearword in Norwegian, so I use it frequently, without thinking, in inappropriate places without even realizing it until someone points out...

    "Are you swearing?"
    (I usually never swear... lol...so this is a shocker to a lot of people, and they are not realizing that in my mind I really don't think I'm swearing!)

    Some habits die hard, but I really wish that one would die out cause it's certainly embarrassing a lot of times

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    "Ah crap I lost my rubber. HAS ANYONE SEEN MY RUBBER? I coulda swore it was on the end of my pencil just a second ago. GUYS IF YOU SEE MY RUBBER JUST GIVE IT TO ME PLEASE. Don't you hate it when it just breaks off the end like that?"

    Sorry I couldn't resist
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    Back in my younger dayz, we had a friends Bday party in the Embassy Suites hotel room. Well there was beer and my old friend Jack D. After a few JD rocks I started looking at the glass elevator, overlooking the common area where there was some kind of party with mostly 60's yr old people. My friends went to check it out and I told them I would be down soon just look for me to come down the elevator. For some reason JD makes me feel the need to shed clothes, so I decided to ride the glass elevator naked. My friends and the banquet people saw but so did Security. I saw Security waiting on the ground floor so I got off on 1 and had to sneek streak to our room to avoid Security. Luckily I didnt get caught. About 1 week later I was at my folks and they brought up thier 50th grade school reunion party where there was some stupid kid running around naked. My face got so hot I almost started to sweat. I was waiting for them to say that they knew it was me but I dont think they knew. I may have to tell them some day.

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    I guess that one could be most stupid. Another embarassing on is in 5th grade I wrote a "love letter" to Lori. I had English in her homeroom and when class ended I tried slipping the letter in her desk. Sister **** (ya Im a product of catholic school) saw me and asked what it was. I said nothing so she went into the desk, opened and read it. I was already embarassed because a couple kids saw. Worse is that she taped it to the chalk board, circled it with title "ATTN Students". She left it there for 3 days, I could have died.

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    what was YOUR most embarrasing moment?

    well I have a few. Brother it sucks when that happens huh?


    this is the worst (my train of thought tells me there are far worse but, this is in the top 10)

    I got hired as a Systems Administrator. Being a woman I felt like they were really watching my every move (mostly men in charge and not common here anyway for a woman to be in this position)

    The guy training me sucked and I would almost swear he was waiting for me to screw up

    Anyway, it was for a large organization throughout Massachusetts.

    I was doing very well - top notch work and gaining respect from people that I felt doubted my abilities just because I was a woman.

    I went to refresh the server and I heard SCREAMING ........

    Windows NT booted up asking me if I wanted to go through the setup.......I was so freaked out and nervous I clicked OK -

    What I did was knock off a few hundred people on a late Friday afternoon not knowing there was a cd in the drive.

    It was AWFUL. I thought I'd be fired but, I was told it was the guy training me that should never have left that cd in there.

    So, I walk in there on Monday morning thinking everything is cool and I overhear the receptionist saying oh god yeah everyone is upset.
    That new girl just broke (haha) our computers!!! When she saw me and realized I overheard her she appologized........

    I was so embarrassed..........

    I look back on it now and laugh but, when I first heard those initial SCREAMS and couldn't get everyone back on-line I just died.

    Nice to look back and laugh (kinda) I still get a strange feeling in my stomach from time to time thinking of it!! :

    What is one of your most embarrassing moments? (I know this is rated p.g so can't maybe post thee most embarrassing (especially the guys) haha

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    Stevie we have a thread for this buried somewhere, I will see if a mod will merge w/this one there are some great stories there!

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    Hi Firegirl I didn't know there was one when I started it (I should look at page 2 before I post something)


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    no prob stevie,, there are tons of pages,, so you could probably come up w/a number of old threads in storage here!

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