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Thread: Most Embarassing:

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    Mama Harold
    Libra4, that is one of the funniest things I've ever heard!!!

    'scuse me, have to go wipe the lemonade off the monitor now.

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    When I was 16 and had just gotten my driver's license-- I decided to drive past my beloved crush's house...at that precise moment, he and his younger brother were getting out of their car after hockey practice. I decided to wave at them. They saw me (they knew me, you see...family friends), waved back-- but looked at me really funny. Within seconds I knew why: I started to turn my steering wheel in the direction I was waving...and pretty soon I had veered up onto their lawn and given them a dandy of a lawn job.

    I'm very smooth.

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    Libra4! That is hilarious.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    Libra4! That is hilarious.
    hi lucy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkieparrot
    One of mine-- thank god people have forgotten about it

    In 3rd grade I thought I was so cool when I crossed my eyes. So I decide, "Hey, why not do it in our class picture?" So I sit there crossing my eyes with a huge smile on my face. And we get the pictures back in a few weeks, and EVERYONE notices it. People say, "Eww Look at her! What is she doing! She ruined it!!!" My mom was so "disappointed" in me *I HATE it when parents say that- the worst expression EVER* and she used a blue pen to draw little dots over my eyes. I was SUCH a loser....
    That's soooo funny! When I was about the same age I had a limp that I would purposely walk with. I thought it was cool, but people just kept asking my mom what was wrong with my leg. I remember thinking "What? This walk is coool." Oh boy.

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    There are several.

    But the one that immediately popped into my head when I read this thread title was the time I fell flat on my face --- in the middle of a crosswalk in Downtown, no less --- and bounced and sort of Jelloed until I stopped.

    Oh boy.
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    Well,years ago I had on a new pair of white Levi's and I guess my tampon didn't do the trick! Well the hubby didn't tell me about the "stain" on my pants until we were done shopping at the mall!
    I could have KILLED him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by echo1960
    Well,years ago I had on a new pair of white Levi's and I guess my tampon didn't do the trick! Well the hubby didn't tell me about the "stain" on my pants until we were done shopping at the mall!
    I could have KILLED him!
    Echo1960, why do men do things like that!?

    This thread is great. i have tears in my eyes from laughing at all the stories. I have more embarrassing moments than i care to admit. Here is one that comes to mind.

    Shortly after having my first child, I would fall asleep while breastfeeding him. One day, after his feeding, I put him down to sleep and collapsed on the couch for a nap of my own . A short while later, the door bell rang. It was the mail carrier bringing yet another gift for the baby. Well, the mail carrier was acting really wierd and flustered as I signed for the package. I didn't know what was wrong because he was usually so nice. When I went back into the house, I set the package down and went to look for the scissors. I walked into my bedroom and saw my reflection in the mirror. To my absolute HORROR, my shirt was unbuttoned, both sides of my nursing bra were wide open and my large, milk filled breast were just hanging out for all to see. I was so embarrassed. Even worse, it happened another day with the UPS guy! I just had a real problem keeping those babies hidden. I am sure they went back and shared their unexpected peep show with their co-workers.

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    I got my fair share of embarassing moments and I'm proud to say that now, but belive me then it wasn't as funny.

    One pretty embarassing moment, was me and my friends were just hanging out in town. We we bored, and we just wanted some fun. (believe me, it doesn't take much for a couple of guys to get a good laugh). So we decided to play like pranks on the public. THis one prank, bassically what me and my friends would do, we'd just walk down the street, acting all normal. Then what I would have to do, is to act as if I got shot (sniper shot) and all the other guys would yell "SNIPER!" and then hide in corners. So that was the idea! :rolleyes . So we do the walking, I do the whole "OH MY GOD, I've been shot" dramatic stance, and what do the other guys do, laugh their ass off, while I'm there in the middle of town (where it's extremely busy) looking like a total idiot! . ENough to say, a number of people stared at me, and we're thinking "Crazy-guy", I even had this old guy lecturing on and on.

    *Only now do I realize how immature, and probably not right that was, but it's sort of funny to laugh out now.

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    Mas, I wish I could've seen that. I see it so clearly in my head

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