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Thread: March 15th from 10am & 12pm- Starbucks is offering a free 12 oz cup of coffee to YOU!

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    March 15th from 10am & 12pm- Starbucks is offering a free 12 oz cup of coffee to YOU!

    500,000 Cups Runneth Over

    Starbucks to Serve More Than a Half-Million Cups of Complimentary Coffee across the U.S. During First-Ever Starbucks Coffee Break


    SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 14, 2006--

    More than 70 percent of Americans take at least one coffee break per day(1) and tomorrow, Starbucks Coffee Company (Nasdaq:SBUX - News) wants to treat those Americans to a great cup of coffee. Starbucks will host its first-ever National Coffee Break, inviting customers in for a complimentary cup of freshly brewed coffee, on March 15 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. In more than 7,500 stores, partners (employees) will pour tall (12-ounce) cups of coffee for surprised customers and delighted commuters.

    "This is what it's all about: exceptional coffee beans, expertly roasted, perfectly ground, and freshly brewed," said Jim Alling, president of Starbucks U.S. stores. "We want customers from Seattle to Miami, from Boston to L.A., and all points in between, to visit us tomorrow for a complimentary cup of the best coffee they've ever had."

    Customers are invited to visit Starbucks coffee houses tomorrow between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. for a complimentary tall (12-ounce) Starbucks® brewed coffee. The Company estimates it will serve more than 500,000 cups of coffee in its more than 7,500 U.S. stores during the two-hour event. Starbucks partners will take coffee to some who can't make it, using innovative, mobile-sampling, "Venti Vans" and insulated coffee backpacks. Starbucks Coffee Masters, certified coffee experts, also will be available to introduce customers to coffees from around the world and to offer tips on how to brew great coffee at home.

    Assistance on making coffee is needed, according to a recent survey. The findings indicate that half of America's coffee drinkers (50 percent) brew coffee at home six times a week or more. Of those coffee drinkers, nearly half (46 percent) feel that coffee purchased at a local coffee shop often tastes better than coffee brewed at home(1).

    Starbucks offers more than help. The Starbucks Coffee Break ushers in the best time of year for customers across North America to purchase best-in-class brewing equipment and accessories that are specially designed to prepare the best coffee at home. Today is the launch of Starbucks Annual Brewing Sale, which showcases coffee makers, espresso machines and coffee making accessories. Along with popular favorites like the Barista Aroma Grande(TM) 10-cup thermal coffee maker and Barista® burr grinder, the new DeLonghi 10-cup thermal coffee maker and DeLonghi 3400 Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso Machine are on sale today through April 3, 2006, in all U.S. Company-operated stores, and from today through April 10, 2006, in all Canadian Company-operated stores. Customers who purchase brewing equipment will receive an invitation for a complimentary 1/2-lb of coffee to further their coffee exploration.

    Exploring the world of coffee can also take place from one's desktop, as Starbucks launches an innovative website at www.whatmakescoffeegood.com. Visitors to the site can follow the journey of the Starbucks coffee bean from farmer to customer and beyond. Audio and video clips from farmers, roasters, tasters and baristas showcase the hands that take care of each cup of coffee -- which in turn provide a break for 70 percent of Americans.

    Starbucks Corporation is the leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee in the world, with approximately 11,000 retail locations in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim. The Company is committed to offering the highest quality coffee and the Starbucks Experience while conducting its business in ways that produce social, environmental and economic benefits for communities in which it does business. In addition to its retail operations, the Company produces and sells bottled Frappuccino® coffee drinks, Starbucks DoubleShot® espresso drink, and a line of superpremium ice creams through its joint venture partnerships. The Company's brand portfolio provides a wide variety of consumer products -- innovative superpremium Tazo® teas and exceptional compact discs from Starbucks Hear Music(TM) enhance the Starbucks Experience through best-of-class products. The Seattle's Best Coffee and Torrefazione Italia coffee brands enable Starbucks to appeal to a broader consumer base by offering an alternative variety of coffee flavor profiles.

    (1) StrategyOne conducted a nationwide telephone omnibus study of 699 adult coffee drinkers 18 years and older regarding their motivators, preferences and behaviors relating to coffee consumption in the home and away from home. The interviews were conducted via telephone from February 23, 2006 - February 28, 2006 utilizing the field services of ORC (Opinion Research Corporation). A Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) facility and Random Digit Dialing (RDD) technology were used. The data were analyzed by StrategyOne. The margin of error for the total sample of coffee drinkers (699) is +/-3.7% at the 95% level of confidence, which means that in 95 out of 100 times that a sample of this size is drawn, the results would not vary by more than 3.7 percentage points in either direction.

    Starbucks Coffee Company, Seattle
    Chris Gimbl, 206-318-8474
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    Zaaam and I'll be there!
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    I got excited when I saw this because I usually can't afford Starbucks. But then I read the fine print and discovered it says it will treat Americans..... HEY! What about us Canadians up here where it's cold outside We have coffee breaks too!

    They just remodelled my nearby Safeway grocery store to include an in-store Starbucks! Think they will give me a coffee free? For some reason I don't think so.
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    misskitty, you should write a letter to the coroporation letting them know that if they want Canadian money, they should offer the free deal to all locations that they operate

    Maybe they are doing this in stages and Canada will have a promotion of its own? By writing a letter, maybe you can find out and who knows, maybe they'll send you a coupon for a free cup!

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    I'm one of those sad unfortunate few that doesn't have a Starbucks near me.... Someone think of me as they sip on theirs.......
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Well that just sucks. I'm stuck at work, no way can I leave to get there during those hours.

    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Hmm.. I feel a quick trip to the grocery store coming on. That's the only Starbucks we have.

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    Note to self. Do not go down to building lobby between 10 and 12.
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    Any excuse to go to Starbucks is good enough for me!
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    I guess I could run across the street to get my free coffee, but I'm not a Starbucks fan and the only thing I'd have from there is the chocolate cream frappucino. Since that's not free, I'm not going.

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    Their coffee gives me a headache, and I've always wondered about that. Even McDonalds coffee doesn't do that.

    For my money, Peet's beats them backwards and forwards, and you get a free cup any time you buy a pound of coffee beans.
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