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Thread: Boy or Girl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marleybone View Post
    This is an excellent point. In addition, sometimes the actual genetic testing takes time and it's awhile before they even know for sure.
    Right, and the tendency now is to not do any operations that aren't medically necessary. But parents are also still encouraged to "pick" a gender as a sort of interim thing, for purely social reasons.
    Happened on this website courtesy of Rattus I think, on another thread which only lists Brodie and its variations as a boy's name....but it only goes 1000 deep in popularity, and, see above, at least some parent some time picked it as a girl's name... plus using boys' names for girls is kind of an in trend now.
    The site is really fun---you can see how your name has changed in popularity over the last 100+years. And if you just type in the first few letters you can see what all the 'nearby" names did in comparison easily.

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    Are you on phoning terms with your nephew? Personally I'd just ask, people who choose gender-ambigious names are going to have to get used to it. You could ring and say "How's the baby doing?". They would almost certainly reply "He's doing great!", not "Brodie's doing great".

    I went to school with a male Brodie, but those were simpler times.

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    Thanks all. Brother and I think it is probably a boy. He's going to find out and let me know.
    I sent generic card, so should be ok.

    I can't believe family sometimes tho. We are so dadgum close we don't even know the sex of the baby. Don't you love families?

    I appreciate all the input tho.
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    Probably a boy's name but in this day and age who knows? It's got to the stage that anything goes in terms of names! My sister called her son Steven and her doctor commented that it was a change to see a child with a "normal" name!
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    I would say a boy but I also have one of those first names that always make people question my gender until they meet me, lol.

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    I know a Boy by that name only...

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