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Thread: What is your personal style?

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    Gutmutter, we can be twins with our *ahem* "style". I've got it going on too, even the men's shoes!
    I do wear makeup, most days...my job is so nasty, it helps me feel a little bit better!
    Otherwise, I agree, comfort is THE big thing for me, so I usually end up looking like an old hippie or beach bum. That can fade over into "outdoorsy" if I'm on vacation somewhere that you need to layer up due changeable weather.
    I can do dressed up, but I'd usually just rather not. Unless it's Halloween or something and I'm dressing up in an actual costume! Or if I'm feeling kind of silly that day and wear some of my pants with wild prints, or overalls or something in bright colors.

    For work, I wear loose fitting jeans, and the t-shirts too worn out even for yard work, and the whole getup is stained in every color you can think of...no style there, unless 'bag lady' is a style. I've had people offer me spare change as I go in to work .
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    Part of my problem is right now, I have no style. I have clothes that people bought me thinking I should wear that, I have things my ex bought me because he felt I should look one part. I have stuff I've bought second hand, partly because it fit. I used to have a style, I wore real deep jewel tone colors with antique jewerly. I loved raw silk or angora. I guess I have to decide what style I am at some point.

    The house is the same way. It's a cross between things my ex left, hand me downs and stuff. Little things are beginning to look like "me" but I have a ways to go until I can say I have a style.
    I could go east, I could go west, it was all up to me to decide. Just then I saw a young hawk flyin' and my soul began to rise. ~Bob Seger

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    I know I answered this thread but it's gone! Does somebody not like my style? I thought I was pretty tame mew mew
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    I've gone through every style known to man, from Seattle grunge (oh, how I loved my flannel shirts.. all eleven of them ) to preppy chic. Most of my styles have been music-related, and while I've loosened up considerably since my hardcore indie days, I still love fashion and firmly believe that clothes and personal style in general can say a lot about a person. Although I can see the appeal, I've never been a fan of expensive designer clothing: I'm an H&M/Topshop kind of gal all the way. In the last two or three years, I've taken to sporting the kind of style that my avatar used to wear in her Twin Peaks days: pleated skirts, little cute jumpers, pearl necklace, the whole 50's thing. I also love wrap dresses and pencil skirts, and I don't think there's been a black top known to man that I haven't loved. Think Bree Van De Kamp with black nail polish, dark hair and eyeliner. The fact that I dye my hair dark brown (like most Swedes, I'm a natural blonde, although I do a pretty good job hiding my roots, so to speak. I just never felt comfortable as a blonde) and love nail polishes named "Tomb", "Crow", or "Decay" (very Jawbreaker, I know) adds a much needed edge to my otherwise safe and wholesome style, or at least I like to think so. While I love wearing cute little skirts and dresses, I'm also a huge fan of jeans. I own seven or eight pairs in all sorts of colours, cuts and forms, although at the moment, I'm partial to my low-cut drainpipe indigo blue jeans. Back when I was reading Camus and exclusively listening to bands no one had ever heard of, my wardrobe consisted of black, black, and more black. These days, my wardrobe is a bit less bleak, although black remains the main colour. I also love red, deep purple, and dark grey garments, but I have yet to be caught in anything remotely pastel-coloured. It doesn't go well with my pale skin and dark hair, but my sister (who decided to stick with the God-given blonde mane and is actually able to get a decent tan) loves anything peach, lemon or lavender. I sometimes try on her clothes and inevitably end up looking like crap. It's a good thing black never goes out of style.

    Oh, and I hardly ever get out of my red Converse sneakers. I only recently learned how to walk in high heels.

    This very moment, I'm wearing a pair of black jeans from H&M and a red/dark brown striped short-sleeved tennis shirt. Friday night casual meets preppy, sort of.
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    I am a teacher....I know that is a shocker. So my work outfits are pretty boring.

    I have certain outfits that are just for cd tapings --- flashy tops and jeans or low-cut and jeans.

    I have a hell of a lot of shirts with phrases that I love to wear...my beeotch shirt and the one Libs gave me in Vegas being my favorites.

    I also wear guy shoes...but that is because my shoes are size 12. So it is a necessity.
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    I'm pretty much the sloth look - jeans, t-shirts, white tennis shoes. Nothing fancy or stand-out. Very low maintenance

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    where its beautiful one day perfect the next
    My personal style depends on the occassion
    At work I am David Lawrence to a t: black pants, tailored skirts coloured shirts, lip balm and mascara always have a cardigan
    At home I am Baby Doll and Calvin Kline: jeans, t-shirts, tank tops and lip balm always have a cardigan
    Going out I am all Allanah Hill: lace, camisoles,skirts, dresses frills and layers and makup including lipstick always have a cardigan.
    I collect handbags, hats and gloves
    I am a true label junkie a real girly girl and never without my cardies.
    I guess that means cardigans are my personal style

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    Rock Stars! bbnbama's Avatar
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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    I am a blue jean kinda girl...you will usually catch me in blue jeans, my lime green Nike shox and some kind of T-shirt (not tucked in!).

    I work for an attorney, who fortunately for me, isn't a stickler for business suits/business wear. I usually wear black pants and some kind of non-fussy top with flats or very low heels. Not a pantyhose type girl so its knee highs with the pants and God forbid if you find me in a skirt or dress-it will be long enough that I can wear knee highs with it also!!!!!

    I like to dress up for special occasions but 9 times out of 10, I will be in some form of pants.

    I'm hot natured so I can't stand long sleeves and/or heavy pullover sweaters. It will be the dead of winter here and I usually am not wearing a coat or sweater to work (my son is the same way).
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Wow, guys, this is gret. MISSKITTY- you may have resopnded to the first thread. Please respond again. I am VERY interested in everybody's clothes/style. I am in a baggy pink t shirt and black pants with little black laacae up ankle boots. I feel like microwaved play-doh today so opted for comfort. I was going to wear mt favorite t-shirt ("sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me" is what it reads) but it didn't look right. Going through another nothing fits spell this week. Plus I have a cold. Ack. My most fun clothes are spring/summer. In winter I mostly hide out in like 50 layers of sweaters. Can't wait for warm weather so I can dig out my "fun clothes"

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    This is a great idea, Jafo's Princess.

    Geek, we may have something of the same going on (and when I was in my 20's my style was much more punky than it is now at 42). I mainly wear red converse runners (used to wear high-tops, but now just regular), or black Dr. Marten's. Mostly I wear jeans or grey-green (not quite olive, duller) hip-hugger Gap pants, sometimes white cords, low-cut too. (I've got a shortish body, longer legs and a good waist). Tops are usually either gray Johnny neck shirts (with my grey cashmere cardigan), or black t and my chocolate brown Dalkeith cardigan. Lately I've been thinking maybe I should wear cheerful colours sometimes (to go with my new feeling about opportunity opening up), so I got some red and dark pink t-shirts (tight) and some matching vintage cardigans. (notice the cardigan theme here?). I'm slim but curvy, so I find that the tight fitting tops show off my waist better, otherwise everything hangs from the boobs and I look about six sizes bigger than I am. (which at 5 foot 4, I'm wanting to avoid).

    For dressy I like a mixture of vintage and new. Got some fabulous 1950's stillettos, chocolate brown alligator last week at a garage sale. I like to wear tartan skirts, either with pleats or cigarette shaped. Also like wool pants, with a pinstripe or subtle plaid. Wear them with gorgeous shoes or boots, and little t's with, you guessed it: cardigans. I'm fair skinned with dark hair and eyes, so mostly wear brown, black, navy, red and mauve.

    As for the house - it's sort of shabby chic, sort of Cath Kidston. I love textiles, and have lots of nice mattress-ticking look and florals. I've found some amazing paintings at rummage sales. Most of the furniture is darkish wood. The kitchen is my pride and joy, chalk yellow with white grooved cabinets and wood countertops. It's not fitted, some of it matches, some of it is vintage pieces. There's loads of enamel (sugar bins, flour bins etc), most of it celadon green, and an old (1947) stove with enamel top and and old kitchen table with white enamel top. So it looks sort of late '40's I guess, but not self-consciously so (I hope). The house itself is 1926, so we've got nice windows and doors. Most of the furniture and most of my clothes are second hand. I've made almost all of the slipcovers, and though they are far from professional looking, it's saved me a fortune (mostly covered in either Ikea fabric which is really reasonable, or from fabric store closing out sales).
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