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Thread: Going to Cuba!!! Got any tips?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi View Post
    My coworker just got back from Cuba, Petunia. She had a great time and said the people there were just amazing to her. Everyone I know that's been just raves about the beaches.

    Have a great time.

    And yes, for those that are wondering, my coworker is Canadian as well, so yes, it's legal. Cuba is a huge hotspot for Canadians.
    Okay....that does it! I can get married AND travel to Cuba if I'm a Canadian citizen??!!!

    Move over Petunia and Miss F...I'm packin' my bags, grabbing Sally and heading East! I should be there in 3 hours, via Detroit, so have the coffee 'on'!
    Still crazy, after all these shears

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    Lambi, I would hurry if I were you because who knows what Harper might do to our wonderful country. You are welcomed in Montreal any time you want.

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    Hee, what a coincidence. I'm also gonna be in Cuba this spring break with my school (it's an arts program trip and I happen to be involved with the musical theatre and vocal jazz classes) and I just happened to stumble onto this thread.

    From what I've heard from you guys and various other people, Cuba should be a blast.

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    Thank-you so much for all the great tips. I will be visiting the Dollar Store for sure. Can't believe I didn't think about that. Someone at work told me the woman love hair clips too. And there's lots of toys I can get for little kids that are easy on my dwindling bank account. I have a feeling I'll be spending way too much money on gifts. Can't help it though, I love giving people things.

    Lambikins, you are more than welcome to move to Canada. But give our new PM about 6 months to a year and I think we'll become the United States of America II.

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