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Thread: I like it, you might think it's weird (Names version)

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabriel View Post
    The famous Olympic skier Picabo Street is not just an athlete, she is a nurse.
    She currently works at the Intensive Care Unit of a large metropolitan hospital.

    She is not permitted to answer the telephone, however, as it caused simply too much confusion when she would answer the phone and say, "Picabo, ICU."

    :rolf I think I peed in my pants a little. Guess you have to have a one year old to find this joke hilarious.

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    I was reading the old posts and was reminded of the kid Harley Davidson my mom once babysat, the neighbor twins James and Jimmy and the couple Shannon and Shanon that were kin to a boyfriend of hers when I was a kid. I went to school with a girl named Heidi Paul who caught hell when nervous subs would reverse the name and look for a Paul to be sitting in her chair. Or my friend Judylynn (no middle name) Klug (KLOOG) but the teachers always wanted to say klud, like thud. Poor Judy.

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    [QUOTE=SnowflakeGirl;1767166]I always loved the name Siobhan (but I know many Americans will have trouble pronouncing this).


    I had a Siobhan in my girl scout troop. Once I heard it pronounced, then it wasn't a problem. But it isn't prounced at all how it looks.

    she was a very sweet girl too.

    Quote Originally Posted by pikachu
    I agree with Duxxy. I don't like it when parents name their kids after themselves, particularly if the family has a long tradition of handing down a weird name. I would only consider using a parent's or family name as a middle name. The kids need to have their own names.

    Peter Paneritis...that is funny!
    The doctor said my Peter Pan is inflamed and I'm never going to be able to grow up!

    My dad was named for his dad, so he was Claude Curtis Jones, Jr.
    My older brother was named Claude Curtis Jones, III.
    I am the youngest. My name: Claudia

    But in all fairness, my older brother was 15 when I was born and had gone by Mike (don't know where THAT came from) all his life nad was going to legally change it, so my parents named me Claudia and then he didn't change it, so then they had 2 kids named Claude and Claudia. Weird.
    We do tend to name after other family members in my family.
    My grandmother who I ADORED was named Lucille but went by Lucy. Even I called her that, so I named my daughter Lucy. And her father's middle name is Eugene, so we named her: Lucy Eugenia. She could not pronounce it as a little girl so would tell people: I'm Lucy "A Genius" __________.
    It was so precious.

    My mom was named for her grandmother and her middle name was Lucille. I was named for my dad and my grandmother's maiden name of Ford.
    Claudia Ford Jones

    I have a sister named Varian who was named for a grandmother. Never seen that name anywhere else. Pronounced: Very-in

    Here's the weird one: in my husband's family he was named for the dr. that delivered him. Not that it was some special family friend or she had been to this doctor all her life, b ut after 5 kids, she couldn't think of a name and the dr. that delivered my husband was just one of many on duty at the army hospital where he was born, so she just chose his name. Said to me when I was pregnant: "I couldn't think of a name, so we named him after the doctor".
    Well, that's real self esteem building isn't it: We couldn't think of a name to name you, so we picked some strangers name for you.

    Then proceeded to call him Opie for the next 25 years. I put my foot down about it when we got married. I told everyone I was NOT Aunt Bea and that he was a grown man and didn't need to be called Opie. (he hated it but wouldn't say anything). He has a sister named Iris. Beautiful name. They call her Jakie. Don't know why or where this came from.

    As for the same first and last names: My brother is John Jones. But he was named for our great-grandfather. Still he has trouble checking into hotels and people tease him about it all the time.
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    Man, some of the names you guys have posted made me laugh.

    I do have a few funny name stories to share myself...

    Apparently, my mom knew these three sisters with the last name Pie. Their names were Cherry, Apple and Peach.

    Then there was another family that had five kids and apparently, this was a religious family. They named their kids some very long, messed up names that could not be abbreviated. So now you're probably thinking "oh it can't be that bad" but how can you go through life as Repentofyoursins and Praisethelord (Praisethelord was the last child).

    As for names that I like myself, I have a few names that could be considered "odd" and "unconventional" but don't worry, I'm not as cruel as a celebrity when it comes to naming children...

    GIRLS: Zorah, Sinead, Clohe, Bianca, Pheonix, Sophronia, Aphrodite, Guineviere, Artemis, Amelia, Elysse, Elisabethe, Melody, Maryelle, Miako, Kinako

    BOYS: Keanu, Simon, Jonah, Jeremiah, Eien, Ethan, Luke, Jacob, Drake, Draven

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    As for naming kids after their parents, I didn't want to do that either so I gave my son the same middle name as his dad's middle name, but no first name anywhere in there.

    One of my BIL (the oldest in the family) has three names, the first being the same as his dad and then two more names. They call him by the second name. The rest are all called by their first name and they each just have two names but their mom likes to nickname them all with cutsie "ie" sounds on the end of their names (and they are all grown men now, mind you) so for example George would be Georgie (names have been changed to protect the innocent ) She doesn't do it all the time but it just sounds weird to hear a grown woman doing baby talk to a grown man with a cutsie nickname. But the oldest doesn't get the cutsie "ie" sound because it just doesn't sound right with his I guess.

    My mother comes from the Old South of calling the child by the middle name (and still practiced by some even today). I don't know why for the life of me you give all your children first and middle names, and then call every one of them by their middle name! My mom was the only one that wasn't called by her middle name because she doesn't like it. My nephew is also called by his middle name. And then my mom told me that my 80-something year old grandmother has just now decided to go by her middle name after all these years. I guess I'm lucky that to me she's just "grandma!" I just don't get it If you like the middle name so much that you plan to call your child by it, why not just make it the first name instead?

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    Rob Morrow named his daughter Tu....Tu Morrow. I actually quite like it but it is somewhat wrong at the same time. I think Morrow would be a good name for a girl, actually.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    When anyone in our family is expecting everyone tries to get them to name the new baby after our great grandfather, Theophophilis. We never in our wildest thought anyone had used it until my Dad's cousin passed away and we found out what T. Forrest meant. I'd have gone by Forrest too!

    My Mother worked with two men in her office that were named Bill Boob and Bob Butt and my boss at one time was Peter Colan. A lot of jokes were around about all three men.

    My daughter has never forgiven me for her middle name. She was Reva Joan Jones before she got married and it's pronounced like Joanne. I should have given her an extra n or hyphenated it or something, but I never thought about it being said any other way since that's all I ever heard. (It's my mom's name) Anyway, when she was graduating from high school, she spent a month coaching the school principal on how to pronounce her name so she wouldn't get laughed at.

    The absolute worst though was my aunt's story. She had a classmate named Pink Elefont.
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    Weird Ha?

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    An old roommate wanted to name her kid Tiger Bob. That poor kid

    I always liked ARtemis and Andromeda for girls, and Jadwiga (which no one can pronounce, heck - i couldn't pronounce it at first)

    I like Xavier and Ezekial, Thadeus. I also like Montoya for a girl.

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