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Thread: I like it, you might think it's weird (Names version)

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    The weirdest names of people I went to school were mostly weird because they all came from the same family. Heaven, Stardust, Sunshine, Autumn and Contika. They were all related, but I can't remember now if they were all sisters or if one or two were cousins. They were a weird family and one of them ended up married to a VERY distant cousin of mine when she was 14 and he was 32! Still, I liked the names so much that I used Stardust and Heaven as names of two of my kittens when I was growing up.
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    There is a poor gentleman who I occasionally cross paths with named Harry Dickman. Yes, you read that right. What were his parents thinking??

    Oh, and my mom's name is Jacqueline but she goes by Jackie. My dad's last name is Gleason........so she is Jackie Gleason!

    I don't get the double name people, especially males. At least a woman can choose to take her husband's last name. My hubby knows Paul Pauls and I know William Williams (goes by Bill though......but still!!).

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    I've known not one but three John Johns, and one John Johnson. Go figure!
    I also once worked with a woman named Lavoris (remember the old "pucker power" mouthwash? And yes, she was of an age that that brand would have been current when she was born!
    I also remember going to a bar years ago, and my friend and I met this guy who was trying to impress us because he was a chiropractor; we were more amused that his name was Richard Dichter (pronounced dick-ter)--"call me Dick", and when he presented his credit card to buy us a drink, we saw the card stamped "Dr. Dick Dichter" and totally lost it.
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    My mother went to high school with a boy names Nels Nielson Nelson
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    Quote Originally Posted by bbnbama View Post
    I know a girl who's name is Kelly and she married a guy who's last name was Kelley....so she's Kelly Kelley...to make it worse, her middle initial is "K" so if she has anything monogramed..heaven forbid, its KKK...and yeah, we live in the South.....not good at all....

    I just did this when I read that:

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    Where we live there are at least two or three men named Tommy Thompson in the area, and they are no relation to each other.

    How about the parents that MUST name all their children with the same beginning letter. Any of you Forters do that?

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    I don't know anyone who used all the same letters for first names but I do know of a friend of the family who had all girls and let's see if I can remember their names: Rayanne(could be Raeanne)Roseanne, Diane, Carolanne,Joanne and the last one escapes me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComic Fan View Post
    Where we live there are at least two or three men named Tommy Thompson in the area, and they are no relation to each other.

    How about the parents that MUST name all their children with the same beginning letter. Any of you Forters do that?
    I have 4 brothers and sisters and my parents and 4 of us have names that start with "P" and my youngest brother's name starts with an "L". Growing up, everyone asked about that. My mom just didn't like the remaining P boy names.

    I know a couple that have the same 1st name if you can believe that. It's "Brandee" and spelled both ways for the guy and the girl. After they got married, she hyphenated her last name because they both worked for the same company which could get confusing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MidnightSun View Post
    My husband had a teacher in high school named Mr. Hurlbutt. He is married to Mrs. Hurlbutt of course and she happens to be a substitute teacher. Can you imagine the snickers of all the kids!!
    whoa ho ho. Where are you from? We totally had the Mr H, Mrs H substitue thing.

    I also know thos same letter familys. The Smiths, Matt Matt Jr Mike, Mark Mitchell.

    And then there are the Mowers.. 7 kids. All M names. the are called the Little M&Ms by my husband. *thinks hard* Marissa, Martin, Mercy, Matt? ehh... once they got to the younger kids they just started pulling M words out of a barrel
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    My high school counselor was named Nard. And he had the mondo tuft of hair hanging out of the top of his shirt. It was hard to go into his office and have a serious discussion about your future.

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