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There's just so many. Including, of course, Xmas dinner with Baba and Gigi with homemade perohe, holubchi, psynycha, kobassa, and other Ukrainian goodies. Yum! All eaten on her red, gold and black trimmed plates from the Old Country on the white lace handmade tablecloth. Great memories.
Mmmmm, Ukrainian Christmas dinner. My mom's mom's mom was Ukrainian, so my grandmother used to always make Ukrainian Xmas meals. I even remember those kind of plates - were your baba's sort of octagon-shaped too?

I used to love Ukrainian Christmas Eve dinner, too. My mom still makes traditional Xmas Eve dinner (but now does it on Dec 24th) - the communion wafer, the wheat & honey, the fish dishes, and the pyrogies...no meat, of course. I have to get on the ball and learn to make that stuff for this year, as we're going to be spending Christmas at home. I only have a very little bit of Ukrainian in me, but my husband is Ukrainian, and I'd like to continue the tradition for my daughters.