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Thread: For long term marrieds:fireworks at first meeting?

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    Wow. Such great stories. Mine isn't as sweeping and romantic as some on this thread, but I'll tell it anyway.

    I met my husband online 8 or 9 years ago, when the internet was still new and AOL was just getting into the game. We met in a movie game chat room and he asked if I would marry him the first time we talked. I thought he was a dork but we kept chatting and made plans to meet after almost a year, then I chickened out because my friends and family were calling me crazy. Another year passed and I finally went through with flying halfway across the county because I would never be able to live with the regret if I didn't at least try.

    I'm from small towns and small airports, so I flew into JFK and assumed he would meet me at the gate. I waited around for a half hour or so looking at everyone, thinking they were all looking at me suspiciously. I was slowly coming to the conclusion that he ditched me and here I was stuck in a big city with no idea what to do. Then an airport employee came to the gate calling a name that sounded almost like mine (pronounced very strange) and she informed me that people without tickets couldn't enter the terminal. DOH! So she guided me to baggage claim. We went down the escalator and I was frantically looking around, didn't spot him. Then I looked up and on the balcony above my man was looking down at us, with the biggest, goofiest smile ever. It was a fantastic, magical weekend. I experienced so many new things (the subway! Thai food! Bob Dylan!) and I was hooked. A few more meetings and he left everyone and everything to move to a small town with me. We married two years later and are celebrating our fifth anniversary this May.

    I love him more every day, and I know he feels the same about me. I don't know if there were fireworks, but I can definitely say that I was completely comfortable around him from the beginning. He is the only man that I have not felt embarrassed or ashamed around. I know that he loves me no matter how dorky I am, and sometimes because of how dorky I am. And now there are fireworks when we get that rare moment alone with no kids and no obligations. I can't wait to come home to him. I love the way he smells, I love who we are together, and I love that we have retained our individual tastes while working towards the same goals in life. I can't wait to retire so I can have him all to myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by misskitty View Post
    That is SO TRUE. I've decided that fireworks is like icing on a cake. It's good. But the cake is good without it. Ever had a bowl of icing? It can make you sick. And, sooner or later, you're looking for the cake.
    Excellent description, misskitty!
    In our story, it was again a blind date in a way...I went downstairs at my college dorm to tell my friend's date that the friend hadn't been able to find anyone to double date with them. I noticed my "future significant other" leaning against a wall looking grouchy...having been dragged into this thing it turns out...F.S.O. gradually joined the conversation and by the time my friend came down insisted that I join them, which I did, with only feigned reluctance by then. Been over 40 years now, and several years after we met we discovered that that night, after the first "date", we had both told our friends, I think I might have met "the one"---the only time either of us had felt that way.
    So not fireworks exactly, but after an evening's conversation a definite feeling that we "fit"---and we both passed each other's minimum standards looks wise, that doesn't hurt--but the "fit" is what leads to the friendship that is the basis of a long relationship. We are generally amused by the same things, both love to gossip with each other (we think of it as being interested in human behavior, and we aren't meanspirited about it), generally share the same values/politics, and both challenge each other to try new things, but are also happy to let each other have independant interests. The sparks are there, some years greater than others, but the cuddling and physical contact are always there, as is the feeling that here is someone who really has your back. The kids are out of the house now, and that was a fun and exhausting 20 years--and I love them and enjoy them as people, but it is really nice it being just the two of us again in a way. I know it will end someday--hopefullly not too soon--good genes on both sides--but if I don't go first I know I'll be able to look back grateful that I lived most of my life with the love of my life. Now if my kids would just find theirs! It seems harder these days. Gool luck, misskitty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by burntbrat View Post
    Wow. Such great stories. Mine isn't as sweeping and romantic as some on this thread, but I'll tell it anyway.

    On the contrary, I thought it was very romantic. You can tell by how you talk about him that you're crazy about each other.
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