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Thread: Question on Company Cars

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    Syd, if the damages occurred on company time, in a company vehicle, in the performing of company duties, it doesn't matter whose fault it is, it's the company's responsibility. It's part of the responsibility they take on by providing company cars. This guy definitely needs to dig out the company handbook, ask to see the company vehicle policy, and contact a lawyer.

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    Thanks John, I am thinking pretty much the same thing! I know I wouldn't be paying it if it was me (Or my husband!)

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    When my ex-wife rented a car, it got dinged a couple of times in a parking lot by a store employee. The store was willing to pay for the repairs, but the rental company just shrugged it off and said dings were normal wear and tear. I have to think that dings are a part of life on a construction site, and the employer is delusional to think that the trucks are going to remain pristine.
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