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Thread: How did you spend New Year's Eve?

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    Let's see. I'm trying to remember.

    I'm exhausted, but smiling
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    Well, New Year's Eve is also mine and Mr. C's anniversary, and this year we celebrated six years together! About every-other-year we'll throw a New Year's Eve party, and although that would have been this year, we opted to enjoy a nice, quite early dinner at a wonderful cajun seafood restaurant called Pappadeaux, then went home and rang in the New Year with Dick Clark and a bottle of bubbly.

    Like others here have mentioned as well, that is just not a night that I like to go out partying or stay out late. It's just not worth the risk of getting hit by someone who had too much to drink and shouldn't have been driving in the first place! I'd rather snuggle up with my honey at home, have our own little party, stay safe, and drop into bed at 12:01 a.m.!!!
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    I went to the fireworks and got drunk!

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    At my best friend from highschool's house- a bunch of couples, and...ME! I am always the odd one out, at least for the past three years. But they all always say "It's not the same without you, Snoopy!" So instead of jammies and me and Dick (Clark, get your minds out the gutter!) , I was the third wheel as usual!
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