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Thread: How did you spend New Year's Eve?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp View Post
    He had a stroke last year and wasn't on the Rockin Eve show. This year, from what I saw, he was really struggling with his voice. It made me feel so bad for him! Like when they used to parade Bob Hope around (although not quite that bad). He looked okay, but sounded so unhealthy - he even was off on the countdown by a second!
    Dick Clark productions has made plans do that in the event Clark cannot do Rockin New Years Eve, Ryan Seacrest has been named as his successor. Personally I think Dick Clark was there to show the world that he is doing better, and I think he has officially turned over the reins to Seacrest.
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    I thought Dick Clark did a good job....sure, it was sad to hear him like that...but it was good to SEE him, to see his determination. Part of the time he did pretty well...other parts not so well. He's still the same person inside, even if he can't communicate it the same way, and it was probably very good for HIM to be able to get out there.

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    That's too bad. I hadn't heard that he had a stroke.

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    I spent New Year's Eve in my parents' house in Catalonia, Northern Spain, along with my parents, my sister and four friends of Mom and Dad's. We drank lots of champagne, ate plenty of delicious food (not just for New Year's, but for the whole week - according to my evil scale, I appear to have gained eight pounds in just a week ), danced and had a great time. Since my sister lives in England, I don't get to see her very often. It was wonderful being able to spend time with her 24/7, even if it did mean leaving behind my fiancé and our cats for a week. Also, it was nice and refreshing to get away from the whole New Year's party scene. I agree with everything Stargazer said about New Year's Eve being amateur night - I would never go out clubbing or barhopping on New Year's Eve. Also, New Year's Eve usually isn't my favourite night of the year. For some reason, I always feel very melancholic as the clock strikes twelve, and melancholia and hard drinking (which you tend to stay away from when you're with your parents) don't mix very well. Before I met my fiancé, I inevitably ended up with my best friend on some random bathroom floor, crying my eyes out towards the wee hours of New Year's Eve. So glad to have moved on.

    We did the whole dressing up posh thing, too. I wore a sleek, black cocktail dress matched with black stilettos, pearls, eyeliner and red lipstick. The other gals also wore nice dresses, and the men opted for black tie. Very stylish indeed. I love dressing up.

    Having said all this, a quiet evening at home doesn't sound too bad, either. Maybe I'll try that next year. I'll definitely be all dolled up, though; somehow, greeting the New Year dressed in pyjamas seems wrong. For me, that is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp View Post
    This year, from what I saw, he was really struggling with his voice. It made me feel so bad for him!
    I thought the same thing...it was painful to watch an icon struggle like that. Let us retain the memories of what Dick Clark used to be....

    I'm not a "go out on the town" type either.

    My bf and I had a few other couples over to the casa for dinner, some drinks and good conversation. The highlight of the evening had to be a guy that stood too close to one of the burning candles while chatting and someone else suddenly happened to see a flame flying up his back. One of the other guys must have paid good attention to the fire safety information in grade school because he pulled him to the ground to "stop drop and roll". Poor thing had a hole in his new shirt about 8" round but he was unscathed since he had an undershirt. Now we are all scheming to do a medley on a CD for him that includes "Burn, baby burn" and "hunka hunka burning love" and stuff like that...

    Everyone left around 11-11:30 so my sweetie and I caught the tail end of Dick Clark and watched the ball drop...smooched, shared some champagne and went to bed. We woke up early the next morning to sail away down the coast to enjoy the first day of the new year hangover free and on the water. It was very peaceful.

    Happy new year to all and may your 2006 be a good one.
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    Spent New Year's at my in-laws. Would have much rathered stayed home to watch the ball drop on my own couch. We ate, talked and drank. Not a bad night, but we ended up staying there (not because I was drunk and couldn't drive, but because I was way too tired to drive home) on an uncomfortable couch. Got up about 4 hours after going to bed and came home to sleep in my own bed.

    Stargazer, I'm with you about going out on New Year's. I will take sitting on my couch any New Years over going out trying to party.
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    Mr. Rattus and I ordered pizza, got a fire going, watched Almost Famous, had a bit of a squabble about song credits and were in bed by 10:00. Twice as exciting as last year.
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    This year we (friends) tried to do the healthy thing and went to a raw food restaurant for their festivities. This wasn't a big place so we decided to get there early...7:30pm...that could have been a mistake because after having the four course meals we were dead tired and the entertainers weren't helping so we ended up leaving at 11:00 and hanging out at one of my friend's homes until just after midnight...which we came and went without our notice. The food was pretty good but I should have made more stimulating plans, next year!
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    I was so busy, I forgot it was NYE until about 10:30 that night. My sis & I spent the day at my parents' house busting our butts getting it ready/handicap-accessible for my grandfather, as my parents decided to bring him to live with them for a while. We worked for about 10 hours straight, cleaning and ultimately made dinner for them when they arrived about 8:30 p.m. By the time we had the dishes cleaned up and everything put away, neighbors were shooting off fireworks and I realized that Saturday night was actually NYE, not Sunday night. So, we cracked open a bottle of sparking cider and had a toast around 10:30, then I drove home around 11:30 in the fog with all the drunks on the road. I don't know what it is, but regardless of the temperature outside, it is always foggy on NYE here. So, by midnight, I was on the couch with my kitties watching Arrested Development on DVD, completely exhausted.

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    Went to a movie with a girlfriend, saw the new George Clooney film. Very serious film and a tad hard to follow at times but interesting. Tried to find a place to get a bite but most places for just food had closed early, ended up in a bar that had a resterant on the side. It was nosey, watched everyone in the bar clothes (women in way too tight outfits and guys in stuff that is huge), got home by 11:30ish, watch poor Dick Clark while on the phone with another friend of mine waiting for midnight.
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