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Thread: Migraines

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    giz: You don't have to suck on mints to have peppermint help you; all you have to do is put your nose up to a vial of it and inhale, like a Vik's Vapor Rub thing. I don't think it will affect your heartburn.
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    Giz, it's funny you should say that about peppermints being bad for heartburn . . . sucking on a peppermint is what my grandmother always said we SHOULD do for heartburn! So much for that old wive's tale!
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    Quote Originally Posted by chrelsey View Post
    Giz, it's funny you should say that about peppermints being bad for heartburn . . . sucking on a peppermint is what my grandmother always said we SHOULD do for heartburn! So much for that old wive's tale!
    No, chrelsey! It's NOT an old wive's tale; peppermint has been used since before Roman Times to sooth the stomach. That's why mint is used in Pepto Bismel and in all toothpastes; it's a strong anti-spasmatic and has been used to sooth upset tummies for millennium. Think of Peppermint tea.
    Still crazy, after all these shears

    "lambikins, put the crack pipe down and back away from the keyboard." Unklescott

    "lambikins... I have come to the conclusion that you are the Jedi Master of the Kitchen on FORT!" SuperBrat

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    I understand what you are going through with your migraine headaches. This diet has helped me. In fact I have not had a migraine for several years. I still have very bad headaches once in awhile but not migraines. I was very strict with it for several months. Then I figured out what worked best for me. I found I could have avocados for a day or two in a row but not if I'm going to have tomato sauce that day. Here are some tips I found out along the way. Read labels very carefully and every time, they change ingredients all the time. Natural flavoring can mean MSG. Hydrolyzed vegetable protein can contain up to 40% MSG and they do not have to say it on the label. Always ask about ingredients in restaurants, even fast food, a lot of food is pre-made or preformed. Both can mean that unusual ingredients have been added. Like buttermilk in chicken.
    I have found two lunchmeats that are natural. Brown turkey from Raleys and Low sodium turkey from Ralph’s. New Skete Farms has nitrite free bacon. Their phone number is {518} 677-3928.
    Keep a detailed food dairy - how much and all ingredients. Then highlight days and foods leading up to a migraine day. Anything for a week before. Food chemicals can build up in the body. For me - twenty minutes after eating something wrong for me - I'll be so sick. Only some things will be your "trigger". So don't panic over the list. It can be stressful trying this out. But if it stops the nasty horrid migraines to is so worth it! Trust me!
    People say - " oh - I could never go with out this or that". But truly if the pain is bad enough then I'd stop eat anything.
    I hope this information is useful. Wish you all the best in finding a solution to your migraines. Please feel free to PM if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.


    All aged or mature cheeses including “imitation”
    ¼ cup limit on fresh cottage cheese, ricotta, and cream cheese.

    Fish and Meat
    Herring – smoked and pickled
    Dry or Semi-dry sausage {pepperoni, bologna, salami, summer}
    And all meats that have been tenderized marinated or have meat
    extracts {SODIUM NITRITE and NITRITES}

    Fruits and Vegetables
    Beans – flat and broad
    Snow peas
    Lima, Fava and Soy Beans

    All caffeine {tea, coffee, soft drinks}
    All alcohol {red wine, white wine, sherry, vermouth}

    Dairy Products
    Sour Cream
    Acidophilus Milk

    All Nuts {and peanuts}

    Brewer’s Yeast Equal
    Soy sauce Mico
    Vinegar Kim Chee
    Chocolate Worcestershire sauce
    Tofu Bouillon
    MSG {monosodium glutamate}

    FOODS TO LIMIT ½ cup or ¼ oz.

    Egg plant Figs
    Raisins Raspberries
    Red plums Niacin
    Fresh Pineapple Corn - popcorn

    Anyone have something to add to the list?

    I actually just had the weirdest migraine a couple of weeks ago . . . I got these bright zig-zag flashing lights in my right eye, and then after about five minutes, the right side of my face went numb.[QUOTE]

    It is called an "aura". Had them all the time. Very common.

    Peppermint is great for tummy trouble!

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    Mimzy, it's a nice idea, but I just love food, and couldn't be that restrictive. Anyway, when my migraines come on, it's not like I'm eating anything different, so for me, I don't think it's food. I think it's barometric pressure.

    As for peppermint, having read about it, it's good for tummy upset, but not for Gastric reflux. People with gastric reflux have a lazy esophagal tube which could do with being more, not less, tense. I love peppermint for a sick tum, but apparently it relaxes the esophagus too much for people like me. I'll try sniffing it though!

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    Wow, am I glad I found this thread. I had a very bad one just last night as I was on here typing up my new thread ( didnt make it ) And it got even worse as I got off the computer. I went downstairs to go to sleep and came up to my dad in tears ( no, I didnt suck up to him ) telling him that it had felt as if my eyeball was about to pop out of my head. I feel much better now, and really,ive never had one before in my life. So wow..my first migrane ever.

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    I'm glad this thread popped up because I had a killer headache yesterday. I don't know if what I get are migraines, cluster headaches, or something else because they don't happen enough that I want to see a doctor, but yesterday's was worse than usual. The reason this one was so bad was not so much the pain - it wasn't any more painful than the others although it was still very painful, but that I threw up more often than usual.

    Usually I'll have these types of headaches about 3 or 4 times a year but I have regular headaches more often. Yesterday I dusted with lemon furniture polish and also had tuna salad. I think those two combinations set off the trigger.

    When I get these types, my head hurts usually in the front and I wind up getting sick to my stomach and even throwing up is painful because I can feel the blood constricting in my head. And I usually get the chills and then sweats and flip flop back and forth until it's gone and my stomach gets upset too. They usually go away in a few hours but yesterday I was down from 4 pm until 10 pm and I missed taping 24 because of it I didn't feel back to normal until around 2 am.

    If I can take Excedrin when I first feel it, usually I can nip it in the bud. But if I wait too long, nothing but a cold washcloth, darkness, and the dreaded vomitting help. Sometimes taking pepto before it gets too bad will keep me from throwing up but other times it doesn't matter. Today I bought some Excedrin Migraine to be ready for the next time but I always thought Excedrin Migraine and Extra-Strength Excedrin had the same exact ingredients and they are just trying to get you to pay more by specializing the packaging. But I figure it's worth a try before going the extra mile to finally see a doctor. I just hate going to the doctor and since they don't happen every month or more often, I've put it off.

    Oh, and I swear by Ginger Ale. Anytime I get really sick, Ginger Ale is my home remedy. But I think I'll try that peppermint oil in a vial thing. I won't try anything that I have to mix with this or that or boil or cook, I'm too lazy I guess. I want the one pill fixes all thing or else I won't bother with it!

    I'm glad I read some of your stories so that I can see if anything else will help for the next time. Oh, on a side note, I read that taking medicines like Excedrin too often can actually create a cycle of unnecessary headaches. Meaning that taking it for the slightest pain can actually keep you needing to keep taking pain relievers. I try to only take Excedrin or some other pain reliever if the headache lasts more than an hour, or if it feels painful enough that I know if I don't take something I'll wind up with one of the hard core headaches that I described.
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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    As someone who has migraines...I find sometimes its good to laugh about it....

    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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