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Thread: First Christmas Help

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    Thank you all for your input! I really appreciate all of your thoughts and ideas. I do an ornament for each of my children every year, and that really is special to them all. I have a children's tree that they decorate in the living room with their ornaments. I am still looking at dolls; and you're right, it probably is more for me!
    Ya'll have a Merry Christmas!!
    Thanks so much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ana Bannana View Post
    Seriously - I loved dolls as a kid, and still do as an adult. My niece, who is almost 3 is the same - she adores all her "babies".
    I would suggest you get a book on dolls and/or collecting. That way, you can spend your money wisely.
    So did I Ana. My sister and I would gather with all the other neighborhood girls and play 'baby' or 'dress-up' with our dolls. Great memories. My sister has two daughters who ALSO loved playing with dolls when they were younger. Their grandma gives them a "Christmas doll" each year so they now have quite the collection which they're really proud of.
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    My girls went through a doll phase, the younger one's lasted longer then the older one. American Girl dolls are nice but expensive, but they are fun to play with.

    If you really like the Barbies, buy the holiday one, but I'll warn you, at some age, they will play with them unless you are ruthless about them not. We had a few and they are now just as naked as the rest.

    I'll ditto the Christmas orniments. You can either get the collectable Barbie ones (they stay dressed) or buy something that is of interest to them that year. My girls have at least one per year and each Christmas there is a huge going over the orniments and picking out their favorites.
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