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Thread: What do you want for Christmas/The Holidays?

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    What do YOU want for Christmas/The holidays?

    With all the holiday talk, I thought I'd start a thread to ask just what gift would you like to receive most this year.

    And no "World Peace" stuff. This isn't the Miss America pageant.

    So, what do you hope to unwrap this year?????
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    Dear Santa,

    I'd like one of those bins where you keep the onions, potatos, etc. and all seasons of Scrubs, Season 2 of Gray's Anatomy, Lost, and The Office, track down a copy of Flash Gordon (the 80's one), a gift card to Best Buy so I can get some new cd's and dvd's, a 42" or larger plasma tv, surround sound system, the new interactive version of Clue, a mini dachshund puppy already housebroken, and a partride in a pear tree

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    Okay, what I'm likely to get: the Clue game. Those veggie bins don't put themselves together so I don't forsee getting one of them

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    Sorry to sound like Miss Canada (ahem) but I really would like better health. That and whirled peas.

    Aside from that, a new dishwasher is what I'm planning for. I received some money for my birthday and that along with Boxing day sale prices on floor models should do me just right. Oh, and I"m scoping out an old model digital camera so I can post photos again!

    Dear Santa: I like a whole sleighful of kittens, a trip to an island where it's hot and sunny, to inherit an estate from an unknown relative who lives in Tuscany, and a new iMac computer so I don't crash every darn day!

    Oh, and as for what I'd like to unwrap, I can't tell you
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    I was sitting beside Mr. Rattus, looking at a catalog and commenting on how nice a pashmina would be to keep myself warm at work, but I'm pretty sure that's not happening. I've also commented on the really nice box set of Dremel bits that I saw in the Canadian Tire flyer last weekend, but again, no dice. So I've out and out said that if he was at a loss for a gift idea (we're going for cheap as opposed to no gift [my original idea]), he could get me a silkscreen kit from the art supply store. Since he is of the understanding that I might design a t-shirt for his band, I think that one might be a go .
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    Seriously, I want nothing, since I am able to get things that I want.
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    I'd like a pair of 50-yard-line tickets to the Ohio State/Florida game, on the Ohio State side of the field.
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    Clive Owen in a box. Or, Paul Walker would work just fine if Santa was all out of Clive.
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    When my nieces and nephews were little (3 or 4), they all had their handprints made in plaster (or something like that--it was at preschool so they didn't use dangerous material) and the little "plates" hang in their parents' and grandparents/ homes. I've always loved these (the tiny hands are soooooooooooo cute) and wish their parents had had sets made for their favorite auntie as well (as I like to think of myself!). If I'm ever lucky enough to have a child, I will have to have those made for the husband and me...too cute!

    I know I'm very lucky to have most everything that I want and need...but a girl can never have too many gift certificates to her favorite spa! Also, I saw a gorgeous cashmere robe a long time ago at Saks but it's way too expensive to even splurge on, but it felt soooooooooo nice (but the upkeep would be too expensive with dry cleaning bills etc.). But if money were no object...

    Also, my friend's mother (who passed away a few years ago) used to always send me the most delicious pound cake. I have the recipe and can make it fairly OK, but it doesn't taste the same as hers. I wish I could have that cake again...the way she made it.

    ETA: Oh, and one of those really expensive DeLonghi (or whatever it's called) cappucino makers! I'd never buy one 'cause they're too expensive--but they're handy to have around for dinner parties etc.
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    I would like to have all my credit card bills paid off

    But, if going for something that is not really all the beneficial, but that I would still like....there are a slew of new books, cds and dvds that I would love.
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    If we can't have World Peace can we at least have good will towards man?

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