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Thread: Nightmare Traveling stories

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    Nightmare Traveling stories

    with the holiday season upon us and the plane in chicago just going off the runway, I thought about a plane story i had during the wintertime. Back in the late 80's I was going to AspenColo. to learn to ski with my brother. well my flight took me from Phoenix to Denvero Aspen. As we hit the runway the piolot said we had to go back to the gate as Denver was shut down cause an airlines slid a jet off the snow covered runway. So they said we could stay on he plane with no air conditioning and it was around 80 or go into the concourse. Well I stayed on....you know them seat also tilt forward? well I tilted the one in front of me forward tilted mine back and slept like a baby. Everyone came on nd the lady was bragging on how they all got a free drink d i got a good nap. Well as i got into denver of course i missed my flight, had to re book. finally got out 5 hours later on teenie weenie airlines with this huge dog that was behind me in line for the tickets......guess what.... the dog made it but my bags didn't. So now to the lost luggage line and try and pick out your bag off the sheet of bags that hasn't been updated since the wright bro's flew. Told the guy it was a dark brown soft side with grey spray paint on the handle edge. he asked me why I had it painted, told him "I have played lost luggage before, now its easy to spot." sure enough when it finally came. he pointed at me in line and yelled grey spray paint. come on up.

    So what wonderful times have any of you gone through?

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    When I was 16 I spent the summer in Ecuador at the home of the exchange student who had stayed with us for the school year. On the way there my luggage was lost - permanently. I had to try to shop for replacement clothes there. I was over 5'8" at that point and everyone was a full head shorter than me. Also, one of the little connecting flights had burlap seats with no seat belts and cargo stowed everywhere on the floor. We stalled going down the runway for take-off and had to taxi back and try again. Ha!
    Count your blessings!

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    When I was sixteen I went to Italy with my high school class as an exchange programme. We went by bus so the first day we met at6.30 am at school. We left to take the ferry to Germany, which had broken down so we had to take another ferry making us six hours late. When we finally reached the hotel in Germany the bus driver had to rest for twelve hours, which made us late and we arrived in Italy really late at night.

    The time spent there was great but we had to go home and on the day we left there was a blizzard in the Alps, closing the main road and forcing us to go on small roads. The following day we made it to the ferry which on the way back stopped, spined one turn in the middle of the sea and then continued (I got this part explained to me later, they had a cupboard with 400 cables on the bridge, but only knew what 200 did). Because of this another boat made it to the harbour before ours and ours was too big to dock anywhere else so we had to wait for that boat to finish loading. We made it home to school, about 1 am, five hours later then expected.

    While we were in Italy we had fun but the trips were not that great...

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    Hi, Olivia!
    European travel seems to bring out the best in the "worst travel experiences" stories.

    Two years ago, in January of 2004, J. and I were in London, England. It was her first trip, but I'd been there before. On the way over, during a layover at the Dallas airport, we ate lunch in the food court. The food gave J. food poisoning, but I was all right. She was a trooper and bounced back after the first day.

    It was a great trip. We saw all the major sights, visited with the family who hosted me while I was a student in Bath and some people I knew online took four-hour train rides just to come visit us and have dinner with us in London.

    On our last night, we decided to do the town--Piccadilly Circus, double-decker bus rides, fish and chips, the whole nine yards. We got back into the hotel at 3 am for a 9 o'clock flight that morning. Keep in mind that we were flying out of Gatwick, not Heathrow, which meant that there was an hour-long train ride between Central London (where we were) to Gatwick. Also add the time for security check-in for international flights, checkout, etc., and, well, do the math. Real smart, I know.

    I called the front desk and arranged for a wakeup call, set the alarm in the room and set my cell phone's alarm clock. I wasn't taking any chances. At the latest, we had to be out of the hotel room at 6 am.

    J. and I thought that staying up would be the best option and decided not to go to bed.

    The next time I opened my eyes, I saw the time on the alarm clock: 8:05 am. None of our alarms woke us. The wakeup call never came. We screamed like the parents at the beginning of Home Alone and started running around the hotel room, collecting our things and randomly throwing them in our suitcases. (Oh, did I mention we had one or two things we hadn't packed? Oops.)

    We decided that we just weren't going to make the 9 o'clock flight. There was just no way in hell, unless I was Superman (and I'm not). I called American Airlines while J. packed the rest of our things, and to AA's credit, they rebooked us on a noon flight without charging us. I've been a loyal AA customer since then.

    Long story short, we made it to Gatwick with two and a half hours to spare (and I usually need every minute of it, because, for some reason, I usually get a good once-over at security at airports ), made the flight back to Dallas...to an overbooked connecting flight. When the gate attendant asked for volunteers to surrender their seats in exchange for American Airlines $500 vouchers, I nearly knocked an 80-year-old woman out of the way to surrender our seats. (Hey, I just can't resist a deal. What can I say?)

    We had to make our own way to another terminal in Dallas Airport for the flight home to Birmingham, but dammit, we made it.

    And that was one hell of a 24 hours of travel.
    "...Every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things donít always soften the bad things, but...the bad things donít always spoil the good things." - The Doctor

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    Traveling Montreal-Paris-Rome with a 7 month old teething baby. Enough said.

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    I THOUGHT I was flying in to Dallas and awakened to find us landing in Houson on the July 4th weekend...due to hurricanes. I couldn't find another flight to San Fran, Denver, Seattle, anywhere basically so I flew to Toronto. We stayed overnight, which doesn't sound like a big deal, but we had started our trip 2 days earlier in the highlands of the Andes in Peru. We finally landed and walked through my mom's door, with more than 48 hours air travel behind us when, no kidding, the phone rang and hubby tells me our beloved little dog has been attacked by a german shepard. I remember saying "please tell me she is alive" and in fact she was. After a lot of stitches etc., she recovered but it was truly the trip from hell.

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    Ok, this is an old story, but funny. Used to manage a clothing boutique here on King Street, a famous shopping district here. Had a lot of high profile customers, and some "infamous" ones as well. One of our best customers was the 1998 Penthouse Pet of The Year, Paige Summers. So, the owner of the store and I went to NY on a buying trip, and stayed at her penthouse(heehee, no pun intended) while there. Well, we go out on the town, and Paige and I are having a lot of fun, and the owner of the store, my boss, decides it is time to go home. Well, Paige tells her bodygaurd to tell the manager of the club we were in that she (the store owner ) is a Pimp (!) and she needs to be "removed"! So , he does, and they tell her that they "don't run that kind of business here", and proceed to remove her! So Paige and I stayed out all night, (hey, I lead a really boring life, and this was fun! Plus, my boss was a real witch!) and needless to say, my boss gave me pure hell the next day, and for months after! This was about 5 years ago, and I just recently told her what really happened- fortunately, she has a sense of humor, but that trip to NY nearly cost me my job!
    Go Tigers!

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    Sudbury to Northern Manitoba ... 3 days in a car with a 20month old.. anyone wanna trade??
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