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Thread: Who is the black sheep in your family?

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    Baaaa. I've always marched to the beat of my own drum. I think my family is nuts, an opinion generally shared by anyone with more than passing knowledge of them.

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    What a cool thread topic ...

    i have always been the black sheep of my family.
    its had its ups and downs but ive learned to live with it

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    Definately me.

    But look what I have to go up against!!!

    My brother is a pastor living in Kenya who built an orphanage and adopted a little boy whose parents died of AIDS, his wife is a teacher and works at the orphanage as well, they don't plan on coming home until their 'work is done'.

    uh yah. Most people would be the black sheep against that don'tcha think?
    They serenaded the newest champs in this city of champs, and taunted Kobe Bryant and his Lakers, who drowned in a green-and-white wave for 48 minutes.

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    I am definitely the black sheep. My husband is convinced I don't share the same gene pool as my siblings or parents. They are very nice people who kind of live in their own world with life passing them by. I'm the only one who wanted to explore, be responsible for my actions, set goals and work towards achieving them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nlmcp View Post
    And the Aunt who joined the Waves and worked with Navy guys way over in Pacific theater when she should have stayed home and helped her mother..
    ask Ilikai about "riding the waves"....but thats another story..

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    I am definately the black sheep of my family

    Despite now being an adult and having a better relationship (only married once and still married), career and stamps in my passport than my brother or sister, they still speak of me in whispers in the town where i grew up and my family still live

    It just goes to show that no matter what its the things you do as a child/teenager that your relatives will never let you forget.


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    Lmao. ME. Always have and will be...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CallieCutie View Post
    This might sound weird... but no one in my family is the "black sheep".

    I have 8 (yes I typed that right... 8) older brothers and sisters, and we're all EXTREMELY close. Even with our parents we're close. All of my aunts and uncles are close, not a day goes by that I don't get an email from an aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparent or sibling.

    Maybe my family's the dysfunctional one for not having a black sheep?
    I'm with you on this, Callie -- my family doesn't have any black sheep, either.

    Um, I have a black Pomeranian, but I don't think that matters, as far as this thread's concerned.

    My siblings and I are all really close, we get together whenever we can, and my parents live only about 4 miles from me.

    I visit with them at least once a week, and sometimes more, now that they're older and not always in the best of health.

    I HAVE A BLAST WHEN I VISIT MY PARENTS, and we always have a lot of laughs and we cherish our time together. Life's short, and it's later than you think. I feel very lucky that my family relationships are tight and fun.

    I'm lucky that we have no black sheep running around out there, 'cause I'd be sad about that and I'd worry about them if we did.

    As for that black Pomeranian, however . . . aw shucks, we all adore him just the way he is, and we wouldn't change him for the world!!!
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    My husband is definitely the black sheep in his family.. at least in their minds he is. They are very odd and he is actually the only normal one in the bunch.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pom
    I have a black Pomeranian
    It's important that there always be Pomeranians in the world.

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    Well, I probably have more "gray" sheep than black in my family...one uncle (now deceased) who was an alcoholic (and a basically mean drunk at that) who was as accident prone as they come and was babied by his mom so then expected everyone else to do the same and hell hath no fury if you did otherwise; one cousin who runs around with the wrong crowd, steals from her mom, drinks and destroys her mom's house, married to a boy for only a month or so and she's only 21!!!

    My brother and I get along very well with each other, live less than 5 minutes from each other, still get together with our mom to do things together...we get along fabulously!

    Now my ex husband..he's the definite black sheep of his very conservative and very religious Southern born and bred family...he's gay!!!!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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