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Thread: Who is the black sheep in your family?

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    A lot of times I think it's me. Sometimes I feel like the "red-headed stepchild".

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    This might sound weird... but no one in my family is the "black sheep".

    I have 8 (yes I typed that right... 8) older brothers and sisters, and we're all EXTREMELY close. Even with our parents we're close. All of my aunts and uncles are close, not a day goes by that I don't get an email from an aunt, uncle, cousin, grandparent or sibling.

    Maybe my family's the dysfunctional one for not having a black sheep?

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    That would be me.

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    Ha. So now we know who this forum attracts. Yes, that would be me, too. Coming from the upper middle class of a small town, all my brothers and sisters married well, belong to socially upscale organizations, have their kids enrolled in ballroom dancing, etc. and I chose to shun that lifestyle. I had a wild streak from about 16-29, lived like a vagabond, lived with men, married a brief month before the birth of my first child. On the upside - I'm still loved by them, I'm much more socially conscious, more deeply spiritual (if outside of the accepted church norm), and continued my education to become a teacher after the kids were in school. Now I'm about as straight and narrow as they come.
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    I think most of my family are the black sheep. I think the stand outs are the white sheep.

    Lets see. Starting one side, my grandmother was a black sheep for marrying a Cathlic and then moving to the US. Some of her family never forgave her. My gandfather stopped drinking long enough to marry, have kids and a job plus moving to the US. (but he took the drinking back up) The rest of his family couldn't manage most of that and drank themselves to death at a young age (except the one sister who manged to have a child and send her to the US). My dad and his sister were the black sheep of their family for A) marrying outsiders (My dad a Polish girl and my Aunt an Itialin guy) and then B) moving away, my dad to the UP and my Aunt to California. Of course then there was the cop Uncle who when he died young had two women show up at his funeral claiming to be his wife and mother of his kid. And the Aunt who joined the Waves and worked with Navy guys way over in Pacific theater when she should have stayed home and helped her mother.

    The other side, my greatgrandfather was a black sheep for leaving his Polish extended family in Chicago and going to the UP of Michigan to farm. My grandmother again changed religions to marry and married a farmer with a 3rd grade education when she graduated from high school and should have married a nice town boy who would have taken over the family store so her family felt she was the black sheep. They had 3 daughters...none turned out right. One moved to Detroit, married an Irish guy and had the nerve to bring him home to help take over the family business. The other had the nerve to go to nursing school, marry an Irish Army guy and travel all over the place before settling too far away and rarely coming home. Then had a drinking problem that she did quit but had the nerve to talk about in public. The third joined the Navy (girls don't do that you know) and never settled down until she married an Irished named guy who wasn't Irish who was much older then she was who no one was really clear about what he did in the Vietnam war but it made him nervous and she had the nerve to live in Europe while having children.

    Then there is my generation. Couple divorces. A few leaving the Cathlic church. One drug addication thankfully overcome.

    Like I said, it's just a huge collection of black sheep.
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    My aunt (and because of her my uncle too) is the black sheep. For years they helped my granparents with many things, in hope of getting a larger inheritance, and when they realized they would get the same as everybody else they started trashing us and inventing stuff we did (like I supposedly punched my little cousin of 10 years younger than me when i was about 14 ) and just getting into fights with the entire family. Now they don't talk to any of us anymore (despite living right next to my grandpa and working with my dad) and brainwashed their kids into thinking we are all the bad guys.
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    Getting back to Great Aunt ruth. She does a lot of other things that make her have black sheep qualities. She took certain people off the family tree, because they aren't jewish. She blames her nephews wife for his failed marriage. She said part of Jimmy's marriage problems were do to the fact that (carol his wife, she's not jewish, and the one that was never put on the family tree) she didn't like the fact that Jimmy talked too much. Which really isn't the case, Jimmy had several affairs, and thats the reason they are divorced.

    She almost had an orgasam when she found out that when my cousin who was 21 at the time(now he's around 23) broke up with his girlfriend who wasn't jewish. I think I will remind her that he is now dating another girl who isn't jewish. She's also in a brutal fight with her other nephew about the family tree(family trees are kind of boring. All I need to know is who my parents are)

    My dad's girlfriend isn't jewish, so she doesn't like her. I don't like her either. Not because she's not jewish, she just a mean person.Then she complains about how certain jews act.

    Boy, reality tv, please film us!! She is a real Yenta!
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    I would have to say me. Because I quit college and married what parents think of as the wrong guy.(They thought I should marry somebody who was rich.) Instead I went with my heart and married who I thought was Mr. Right and I think that he still is.

    My husband thinks that hes the Black Sheep in his family because he doesn't give a darn what peoplemthink of him, but I think hes wrong on that. I mean sure when he was young he did drugs and drank, but he straightened his life out. He also says that hes an over sexed Red Neck.

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    My family is all black, or at least grey, sheep, but in a good way. We just all went our own ways, mostly living non-traditional lives. Only one sister lives the married-picket fence-3-kids-and-a-dog life. I am probably the next closest to a white sheep, except for that whole single-mother-by-choice thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaybo View Post
    He also says that hes an over sexed Red Neck.

    I am most definatley the black sheep. But both my parents are the black sheeps too so I come by it honestly ( sounds good, right ?) I listen to heavy metal ( and classical and a bunch of other stuff but it's easier to focus on the negative.) I refuse to follow any set religion, I married and THEN had kids ( oh, wait that's good ) but I didn't get their approval I married MY choice, they approved of me divocrcing him though.....uh I like motorcycles and hot rods ( mortal sin ) and I guess I am the shame of the family mostly because I am outspoken and refuse to let ANYONE ( especially them ) tell me how I should run my life.

    Oh, well, they can all bite me if they don't like it. I'll never change for anyone but me.

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