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Thread: How Are Your Neighbors?

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    I have the best kind of neighbours...NONE!! Well, not actually true, but the one house behind us that can actually see into our yard is vacant all but 2 or 3 weeks a year. They just built a new house beside us, and the neighbours seem okay, but the dog cried all night for a week....I almost went over there to rescue him, he seemed so sad. He is better now so I guess he got used to the new digs. The couple on the other side live on the downhill, and are probably a good 20 feet below our yard and have 2 sweet little girls...no prob.

    However, if the apartment building at the top of the street collapsed I wouldn't be too sad. They start to party almost every Saturday night at 11 pm and continue to 3 am...on the dot. Their drunken songs are funny for a while, but it wears thin. I turn on the fan, which drowns them out for the most part.

    As for the non existent neighbours behind us, I have to be really aware when they decide to visit ....not walk around my bedroom with no clothes on! I have actually spied the lights, dropped to the floor and crawled over to the curtains. Yeesh, I wish they would give me a warning of when they are going to turn up...lol.

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    Drunken/criminal neighbors and a haunted house

    We live on a quiet dead end street. We probably have the best location in town, because there are about 20 acres behind us with a pond that we can fish in, and about 15- 20 head of cattle and a little herd of goats. There is one house next to us, and one house across the street. A perfect place to live, until...*cue Jaws music* the neighbors from HELL moved in next to us.

    Cindy was a former client of mine (I work for the state welfare department) and she had a teen-age daughter that took to coming over and asking if we would buy liquor for her (she was about 15).

    My husband and I usually have the annual Christmas party for the department at our home. We held the party shortly after Cindy had moved in. I looked up, and there she was, in my kitchen, so drunk she was slurring her words. She had invited herself and her new boyfriend to the party. She took off an expensive leather jacket and tossed it in my kitchen trashcan, evidently mistaking it for a coat receptacle. My husband took it out and handed it to her, telling her she must've thrown it in by mistake. I should've asked her to leave, but she was a little like a train wreck, and free entertainment besides. About a half hour later a guest brought the coat back to me. He'd found it in the trashcan again. My hubby later said the third time would have been the charm - he'd have a new coat that she'd probably never miss.

    Anyway, the boyfriend was new in town and needed a job, so my hubby told him to go to his place of business as they were always hiring entry level people. The boyfriend did, and got a job. Unfortunately, several weeks later he determined where the boss (and his elderly father) lived, broke in to their apartment while they were there, stabbed them and took their money from their wall safe. As it turned out he was a criminal on the run, and has never been caught. And one of my husband's coworkers disappeared at the same time and has never been found, which was very, very odd since he had just remarried and his children from a former marriage lived with him and his new wife.

    Anyway, as it turned out, Cindy had just met the guy a few days previously in a nightclub, so she didn't know much about him. She went through several more boyfriends, who, although they were shiftless, at least didn't stab anyone. She was finally evicted and now the house is vacant. I can't wait to see who our new neighbors will be. [/sarcasm]

    When we first moved to the neighborhood about 6 years ago, a middle-aged man lived alone in the house across the street from us. He said that his wife had left him recently, which was strange because they'd always gotten along until they moved to the neighborhood. We would see him standing outside his house at night, like he didn't want to go in. Strange, but some people like being outside, so I didn't think much of it.

    About 3 months after we moved in, we didn't see him anymore. Then one day his grown daughters came to see him and ran out of the house screaming. He'd evidently had an abdominal aneuryism and bled out all over the house. They had to remove the carpet in the entire house. Sad.

    A few months later, Doctor Randy, his wife and teenage daughter moved in. Doctor Randy took to coming over and talking with my husband. He and his wife weren't getting along either, and he swore they'd had no problems before they moved in. he said she and the daughter didn't like staying in the house for some reason. He laughed when we told him about the man that'd lived there previously, but when his wife and child moved out he, too, spent most of his time outside, just standing in the yard. One day he came by and asked my hubby to store some of his tools in our garage. He was going to go see his wife in another town and he was afraid someone might steal them (the house had no garage). He never returned, and the landlord finally had all the furniture hauled out and re-rented the house.

    Now we have new neighbors every six months. Families move in, and they are there for about a month, then they move out, and the house is vacant for four or five months until someone else moves in. We've never gotten friendly with anyone again. I don't know what's going on there, and I don't want to know.

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    I'm 26 now, but I can't believe I forgot to post this. When I lived with my dad 6 years ago for about 6 months. His next door neighbor has 2 cute girls and we always thought that the guys who came over were for the girls. WRONG! The mother had this fetish, that she wanted teenage boys to those there virginity to her. I think she was charged, but whatever she got it was very minor. There seems to be a double standard for this. Howard Stern would of loved it, because the mom was good looking too. I could probably fine the article online.

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    I went to bed about 1am and hadn't been there long when I heard a car alarm beeping over and over and over! My husband rushed in excitedly telling me a truck was on fire at the house directly behind us. Let me explain that in our neighborhood, the driveways are behind the houses and accessed by an alley. We went into the backyard and watched as the guy (don't really know him) was trying to put it out with a water hose! My husband yelled at him, asking if he'd called the fire department. The guy wouldn't answer and we then remembered that both he and his wife are firefighters. My husband called 911 anyway! The entire front of the truck was completely engulfed in flames! The lady who lives beside me came out into her yard and we sat on the fence that separates our yards and watched. It was especially entertaining when his wife walked out and yelled, "What the hell are you doing?" She had JUST realized a truck was on fire in her driveway. I almost fell off the fence laughing! A firetruck finally arrived and squashed our late night entertainment! Turns out the guy was drunk and somehow started the fire!
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    Quote Originally Posted by lildago
    Let me explain that in our neighborhood, the driveways are behind the houses and accessed by an alley.
    where do you live lildago? my sister lives near Dallas - mesquite - and they have the driveways in the back of their house too. Sorry - been meaning to ask you about living near Dallas.

    **End of Threadjack**

    We don't really know our neighbors except the one to one side of us is an older man who never wears a shirt outside while doing yardwork and slurs his words each time he talks to us so I am thinking he has a drinking problem.

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    spicy latina49
    I think some of my neighbors are wanted by the F.B.I.

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    I had to post this as it shows how great my neighbors are.

    Until last weekend I had never had a flat tire. I came out to my car, after driving it home from work and my brother, with the help of a neighbor helped fix my tire.

    So I drive to church and back on my spare and it goes flat.

    I have a college reunion to go to and my Mum is out of town and she lets me know I can use her car. I almost get to the freeway when her back right tire goes flat.

    So the next day my step dad is helping me change the tire on my car and my jack didn't come with the bit to undo the bolts. I went down to my neighbours house and they not only lent me one to use but have an extra that they are going to bring down so that I can have it.

    Yes it was a mess, but I had cool neighbours to help me out.
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    Cool that they helped you , JLuvs. Most of my neighbors are nice but I'm not sure I'd get that kind of help.

    Hey Lucy, how's the drum practice going?
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    I've been waiting months to read about everyone's neighbors 'cause shortly after I posted this thread my home computers died, and I hadn't had time to get online and catch up on people's neighbors. I'll be back soon to do that, and I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone's doing with their neighbors.

    I'm stopping in briefly to post a sad bit about one of my neighbors.

    I met this guy more than four years ago while walking my dog Powder. It was one of the first weekends in my new apartment and I didnít know a soul in the neighborhood. As I passed by this neighborís house, a huge German Shepherd came charging at my dog and attacked her. The German Shepherd bit my dog hard and ripped open the skin on Powderís rump.

    At the time, my dog was on her leash and the Shepherd was running loose, although the Shepherd had been loose on her own property and she was on the sidewalk in front of the house when she chomped on my dog. I was new to the neighborhood and didn't know that this particular dog, whose name is "Delilah," had a history of attacking small dogs.

    In order to break up the attack I kicked at Delilah and I felt bad about doing that, but it caused her to finally back away from Powder.

    The owner of Delilah, whom I had never met before, came running over immediately and grabbed his dog and yanked her away. He was on the verge of tears when he saw that my dog had been hurt.

    He felt absolutely terrible, and he piped up immediately that he would cover any veterinary medical bills that I incurred. He had tears running down his face, 'cause he was so upset by what his dog did to my dog. He cried and I didnít, Ďcause I had to keep my wits about me and get Powder home and to the vet.

    After the shock of seeing Powder in Delilah's jaws wore off, I told Delilahís owner that I previously owned four German Shepherds and I asked him if, like my dogs, Delilah had bitten other animals in the past? The owner said, "Yeah, unfortunately she's got a record with the Dog Catcher."

    The owner of Delilah reiterated that heíd cover all veterinary medical costs, and I told him that I didn't want him to get in any more trouble with the Dog Catcher. I told him that I wouldn't report the incident to the Police as long as he stepped up and paid the bill. I took this gentle approach (rather than threaten him, fight him, etc.) because technically his dog attacked my dog while still on her and her owner's property and because, more important, years ago a few people had cut me a break at different times when two of my German Shepherds bit people on a couple of occasions.

    Powder required a quick ďemergencyĒ surgery to stitch up that laceration on her butt, and she stayed overnight in the hospital. The bill came to $150 (which was cheaper than I'd expected) and Delilah's owner reimbursed me immediately. Delilahís owner did everything he said he would, and I had no hard feelings at all because he made things right. He handled it just as I would have, if the situation had been reversed.

    In the four-plus years since Delilah bit Powder Iíve taken care to not walk Powder near that house, Ďcause I never knew if Delilah would be in her yard loose.

    I walk by the house twice a day on my way to and from my train, however, and over time Iíve become very, very good friends with Delilahís owner. Heís a wonderful guy Ė hard working, quiet, very shy, and very devoted to his family and his beloved dog.

    Heís my age, single, and a very wonderful, kind-hearted animal lover. Over time weíve become great friends: Iíve baked him cakes and heís fixed my cars for me. We chatted a lot about Delilah and her history and the story of how this neighbor adopted her from a rescue group on Cape Cod.

    Delilah was 9 when she attacked Powder, and now sheís 13 and in very bad health. Itís been extremely sad for me to watch her health fail over the past four years, and even harder to see the toll itís taken on her owner, Ďcause he knows that Delilahís end is near.

    Often, in the past, this neighbor has waited for me to walk home from work each night Ďcause Iím pretty predictable. Heís often right out front, doing yard work or whatever, and then he chats with me as Iím walking home.

    The other night when I walked by his house I didnít see him so I kept walking. After I passed by the house I heard him yell, ďPomeraniac!!! Hey Pom!!!Ē

    I turned around and we chatted, and Delilah was with him but she looked terrible. The neighbor was very sad and upset, and he informed me that heíd be putting Delilah to sleep within a few days, because her healthís failed so much. He explained all thatís been wrong with his dogís health and Iíll spare you, but it seems like putting that old girl down is the right thing to do.

    Iím posting all this because my heart is just breaking for this poor guy, Ďcause he loves this old dog so much and because both he and his Pomeranian-eating dog have become very good friends to me in the years since we met under less-than-desirable circumstances.

    We both cried out there on the sidewalk the other night, and I asked him if heíd like some photos of him with Delilah while we still have the chance to take them, but he declined my offer.

    I havenít spoken to him since Sunday, and I havenít seen him this week on my walks past the house, and my heart just breaks for the guy because Iím sure heís put his dog down by now.

    Iíll be the best friend to him that I can be, but itís so hard when people lose their beloved pets, and itís terribly hard to watch that, too.

    I feel terrible for the guy because he doesnít have a computer and he doesnít have the support of the FORT, like I have had when Iíve lost my beloved pets. He also doesnít have another pet to keep him company while he grieves the loss of his old pal, and that breaks my heart.

    Iím so sad for the guy, and over the next few weeks Iíll share my German Shepherd (and Pomeranian) rescue information with him, Ďcause I have a bunch of it in my files. I do believe heíll reach a point where he can open up his heart again.

    In the meanwhile, though, heíll suffer, because he had only one dog and he lives alone.

    We never would have met if old Delilah didnít have an appetite for little dogs, and this guyís become one of my best friends in this neighborhood. Iím just heartbroken for this neighbor, and I wish I could help get through this awful transition.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pomeraniac
    The other night when I walked by his house I didn’t see him so I kept walking. After I passed by the house I heard him yell, “Pomeraniac!!! Hey Pom!!!”

    I’m posting all this because my heart is just breaking for this poor guy, ‘cause he loves this old dog so much and because both he and his Pomeranian-eating dog have become very good friends to me in the years since we met under less-than-desirable circumstances.
    Why is it Pom, that even when you are telling the saddest of stories, you still make me laugh???

    Seriously though, it's great that you became friends and some good came from Delilah snacking on Powder's little butt. I know you will be a huge help to your friend. My heart goes out to him too. We pet owners know how much this hurts, so when it's happening to a friend we hurt right along with them.
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