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Thread: How Are Your Neighbors?

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    We live in a very diverse little neighborhood. Most our our neighbors are great...of course there are a few exceptions. On any given day, there is an amazing aroma in the air. Across the street we have a Chinese family, an Indian family and two Latino families. Next door we have a Filipino family. Someone is always cooking a large meal with very potent spices.

    Our neigbors to the left are the nicest family, super quiet and always willing to lend a hand. Our neighbors to the right are nice but drive me crazy and always ask us to lend them a hand. They currently have somone living with them who buys piece of junk car after piece of junk car that never works. The cars do leak oil by the bucket. Everytime I pull up, she is sitting in the latest car on her cell phone, smoking a cigarette with a huge box of condoms on the front seat. They don't have a clothes dryer and hang their entire household of clothing all over their backyard and over our fence. Quite often, we will be in our dining room eating with their panties and sexy little undergarments in the background. Even worse is they will leave them there for a few days. There have been several times when I have taken one of the young boys to buy tickets for school events because there isn't a working car at the house. He usually comes over in tears 10 minutes before they stop selling the tickets and I pack up my kids and drive him over.

    We also have some families on the next street with roosters that wake me up every single morning at 5am. Our other issues include grown men riding those stupid pocket motorcycles up and down the street over and over. They are so loud. Every hour (day and night) some jerk will go speeding by in his TAHOE (there are a few and they all drive TAHOES and wear their baseball caps backwards) with the music booming. Finally, there is a home on the street behind us with several illegal immigrants. One of the kids plays his music sooooooooo loud it shakes all the windows in our home and invades our peace whether our windows are open or shut. I have gone over and asked them to stop and it usually helps for a few months then starts again.

    We are putting our house on the market so some other poor family can spend $700,000 + to live in all this glory. Hopefully our new neighborhood will have some of the great neighbors and a few less of the irritating ones.

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    Geeez, this is the perfect thread for me to complain, isn't it?

    Let's see... first, my neighbors on the left. Mom and Daughter regularly have long, drawn-out fights, complete with shouting and stuff breaking. We know because we can hear it. Also, their electrical connection is essentially a jumper from another house. Sometimes the lights there will suddenly fade out, then just as quickly come back up.

    Of course, the real gems in this neighborhood are the wonderful folks across the street. [/ sarcasm] I've listed their exploits before in the Pet Peeves thread, so I'll give the short version here: there, there's a small eatery/store which is mainly a shack and a few tables and chairs under a tree. There's a couple of guys who like to hang out there all day - they're all not regularly employed. They regularly engage in drunken singing which makes William Hung sound rhythmic, like to drink, and will even on occasion cook up stray dogs.

    Wonderful neighborhood I live in.

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    Oh gosh, some of you guys are taking me back to some of my own neighbors of the past. In fact, I just had a family next door move out that were just terrible neighbors. I've lived in a lot of places, so I've had the great joy of wonderful neighbors and the aggravation of horrendous ones.

    I once moved into a lovely little neighborhood full of retirees. Then they all started dying off and were replaced by drug dealers and general riffraff. That was VERY unpleasant and frightening. There's also been plenty of neighbors that played music too loud or lived like pigs.

    However, quirkiest story was a young couple that lived above me in college. They were 18 at the most and the guy would be at work all day. The whole time he was gone, the girl would play Salt and Pepa's (I think that's who did it) song called, "Short _ _ _ _(you'll have to fill that blank in yourself) Man" over and over as loud as she could. WEll, this went on for a few weeks and then she started playing it while he was home and they would be up there fighting. Soon, another fellow started visiting her while her husband was at work and they divorced not long after. I'll never forget her little musical protest, though.
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    I have great neighbors--640 acres of wheat to the south, eighty acres of wheat on the north, 120 acres of wheat on the west, and a thirty-acre pasture on the east. There is a house on the pasture, with a very considerate couple living there. All that I ask of them is to let me know in advance if they want to work their dogs on my property.
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    where its beautiful one day perfect the next
    We lived in a quiet culdesac for ten years where we knew all our neighbours well as we all moved in around the same time and we had parties and BBQ's on a regular basis. Then my husband got transferred and we had to move.

    The day we moved into our new home i was left alone to unpack. There was a knock at the door i went to answer it with a smile thinking a neighbour had come to introduce themselves, a lady stood there said very abruptly"I'm from next door, is that your eske on the drive way?" I said "Yes it is" She replied in an accussing tone "Are you sure because it looks like ours and we had ours stolen last night, and its exactly like that one" I said well " It still has the removals sticker on it so i would say it was ours" with that she turned her back and huffed off down the drive way. I thought how nice, welcome to the neighbourhood, o and by the way i think your a thief!

    We have now lived here for three years and they have not said another word to us, the neighbours on the other side and across the street are all nice and say hello and wave and so on but we miss the firendships we made in our old street.

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    I love my neighbors. On one side lives a single, young teacher who always brings gifts to my kids. She has two Yorkies that we check on for her and my daughter loves playing with them. I think we'll always keep in touch with her. On the other side lives a nice family with a little boy. The man is a plumber and has helped us with a couple of pipe problems. Nice people. A few houses down is an older lady whose kids are in college. She's always working in her yard and we've walked with her a few times on our daily walks. I will really miss my neighbors when we move. I hope our new ones are this nice!
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    I own a condo and after 2 years of hell from one set of neighbours, I finally have nice ones! The ones that lived beside me before, he stole my van, kicked my door in twice, peed on my door etc all because I asked them to turn their music down at 3am every weekend and finally got sick of it so I called the police.

    Thankfully now I have a single woman next to me who is like another mom to me. She made me a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving today and brought me flowers, if I don't have time to get out in the yard to weed my flower bed she has it done and there have been alot of times when I have come home to discover flowers and plants in my garden that she put there.

    The neighbours on the other side of me are a young married couple in their early 20's, they are friendly, pretty quiet except the odd house party and it's not that loud so I don't mind that.

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    I'm FINALLY happy with my neighbors...it's been a long haul to get here though. The setup...in my apartment complex there's 16 apartments per building, 4 on each side that share an outdoor entry/stairway.

    Ok, so when I moved in all was good, just myself, an old retiree below me, and the eccentric door slammer across the hall from my apartment upstairs that never said more than hello. Then creepboy#1 moved in downstairs across from the retiree....he had a thing for keeping his blinds open to watch when I'd come and go and ALWAYS wanted hugs and kisses from me, despite the fact that the wife he was supposedly separated from moved back in with him. I ended up having to park my car on the opposite side of the building (which is a pain in the butt cause there's no sidewalk) just to avoid going by his window so he wouldn't come knocking wanting to hang out and chat and try to get all touchy feely.

    Second year of my lease....the retiree passes away , eccentric doorslammer dude moves out and a new couple my age moves in across the hall. All is still fine till the couple starts having marital difficulties which bring the cops out several times, and the husband develops a drinking and drug problem that has him knocking on all of our doors at all hours of the day and night. I end up having to use creepboy#1 as my bodyguard cause he was the only one that could talk ANY amount of sense into the druggie husband.

    Third year of the lease...creepboy#1 moves out and druggie dude across the hall turns into megacreepboy#2, my favorite neighbor moves in downstairs and we have a really good neighbor relationship, and his workmate moves in across the hall from him. All the domestic problems continue across the hall complete with arrests, admittance to rehab, tresspassing warrants, and unsolicited groping of me by megacreepboy#2 on the stairs (since that's where I was smoking....it creeped me out so that I basically became a prisoner of my apartment to avoid him). Well finally with enough complaints from the other three of us living on this side of the building the complex began investigating the situation with megacreepboy#2 and his woman and they weren't renewed when their lease was up

    Fourth year lease starts this month and all is so well! My new across the hall neighbors are a Grandmother/Granddaughter that I never see or hear other than them walking up the stairs. Downstairs is another sort of eccentric dude, but he's cool and friendly (although you don't usually hear anything from him unless you happen to run into him up at the mailbox...he spends more time on his computer inside than I do). Also downstairs is still the best neighbor I've EVER had....he calls no matter what time of day he's playing music to ask if it's gonna bother me, comes to check on me in the workout room and chat when he sees my car there, and even calls just to see if I want to go walk his dogs with him and hang out for a while (shame he's SO not my type cause he's so sweet and single to boot!). Life is finally good on my side of the building....now if we could just get the fire alarms to quit tripping off with power surges in the middle of the night *sigh*.

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    I'm sorry if my neighbors may be reading this:

    Eventhough you guys are kind, hardworking people - you need to TURNED OFF your music once in awhile! The whole neighborhood could hear you and frankly that "Gasolina" song is gettin' old! It's funny too because the neighbors on the right side of my house don't get along with the ones on the left side. My house is in the middle of a fued between two families. The police has been constantly coming to my area infront of my house because these families have been in many ugly confrontations, and I really really hate the sounds of police sirens.

    Oh well, they're my neighbors, I gotta love them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by suckmytoes
    The whole neighborhood could hear you and frankly that "Gasolina" song is gettin' old!
    LOL! You know you love Daddy Yankee!

    Neighbors to the right are an eldery couple, very sweet, neighbors to the left sometimes come around, sometimes are gone for a long period of time (possibly running from the Mafia/immigration/ninjas). Across the street, another eldery couple. Next to them is the most annoying family on the entire planet. They defy nature at the magnitude in which they can be annoying. The younger son once put a firecracker in their mailbox and caused a giant cloud/explosion that looked and sounded like an atomic bomb. They were quite fond of blaring DMX at 8am on Sunday mornings and they would always call the ambulance when their son cut himself. It was even worse when the kids were home WITHOUT their parents there.

    There used to be this nosy lady that lived next to them - she would spy and gossip on EVERYONE. When I went through my "party hard" phase earlier in college, she's be all looking at when I come home and stuff and talking smack about pretty much everyone in the neighborhood. Unfortunately, she committed suicide about a year ago...in her house. The people across from HER let their kids run wild up and down the street and they like to throw rocks at people's cars.

    Down the street and around the way are the neighborhood thugs and the crazy drunks who love to have parties with 500 people in their yard at 3am and the other drunks who shoot their guns in the air to celebrate national holidays. The people down the other side of the street like to practice tradional Mexican holidays and on the Day of La Virgen de Guadalupe every year, they have a marching band and they parade up and down the street carrying a large statue of her. They also do ballet folklorico in their backyard and do indian chants. Seriously. Every year, yo.

    Other than that, it's pretty normal. OH yeah, and then there is Burntcrow. Yeah. He's a dork.

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