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Thread: How Are Your Neighbors?

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    Yes, she is his third neighbor in that house. When he moved there, a young couple with two daughters lived there. They sold to a couple who were high school classmates of my son. That couple recently moved and this lady moved in. She is retired from the Marine Corp and my son says she must have been a drill sargent.

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    hi all, it is interesting reading about all the people we live around. I am probably the neighbor that everyone is calling a snob, (sorry if I didn't wave at you) but I am very shy. Yes, I know it doesnt sound logical & I know it isnt, it is just a wave (& eye contact) after all, but it freaks me out. So - from me & all the other people out there that should wave & don't - I apologize. ps I can't stand my neighbor who doesn't take care of there dog!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieComicFan
    As someone entering her 40's in just a couple of short years, I wanted to know what's the age difference between olderly and elderly?
    Olderly means you are elderly but living with Others And NO! You look SO YOUNG!! Cmon, you're just jiving me on your age
    Quote Originally Posted by Mudah
    ...She is retired from the Marine Corp ...
    Well, that explains everything! BTW, animals, even dogs, take precedent over any kind of property invasion by neighbors. P.S. See photo in post#74.
    Quote Originally Posted by catmom3
    ...Not yet it doesn't. So in the mean time (party)
    Woo Hoo! Gotta plant me some corn!
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    I know quite afew of my neighbors in my 30 unit building and in the neighborhood, we all get along well and the other problem I have is with the chick over my head who sometimes plays music with thumping bass, but I can get over that, considering that the girl before her used to wear her HEELS in the apartment on WOOD floors - sheesh all day/night long CLICK CLICK CLICK. Once I went up knocked on her door about two weeks after she moved in took up a package of cookies, said welcome to the building, and since her floor was my ceiling could she please not wear her heels in the apartment and I offered to buy her large carpets to put down. she looked at me and (this is the truth) told me to GO F**K myself. Needless to say I called my owner (who I am on excellent terms with) and since she was on a month to month tenancy and not a year lease, they gave her her notice to vacate after she told them to tell me to GO TO HELL. That's the only problem I've had, knock on wood. *Knocks on head*
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    Now Gabriel, maybe she was a "dancer" and was wearing her heels for job practice. Did you happen to notice if there was a pole installed as well?

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    My neighbors...pretty cool people overall. My complex is small, and me and my roommates live on kind of a small "wing" that's kind of secluded from the other rooms. So we basically have five rooms around us, one contains a pretty sweet old woman, who once gave me a cake her grandson couldn't eat(it was delicious, BTW). Next to her is a crazy little number who won't stop talking to me when I'm sweeping the hallway. He'll just sit there, next to his door, rattling on about stuff while I quietly wish I had stabbed myself in the neck with my broomstick when I had the chance. The last door on their side belongs to a nice enough family. They're nice because I get PAID to watch after their kids, who are angels. On my side, there's myself and my roommates, and a fairly quiet man who keeps to himself, except occasionally asking for random things, such as a flashlight and a wrench. Finally, and coolest, is a hippy lady and her son. They're cool enough, but I'm pretty sure they get stoned on a daily basis. Oh well!

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    Our neighbours to the north are lovely people, semi-hippyish, environmentally friendly so we get along. Their teenagers are great, quiet and polite and a pleasure to live next door to, plus the son practices his trumpet every night at around 9:00 which I just love. There's nothing so romantic as sitting on the back deck on a humid summer evening drinking a G&T and listening to the sounds of jazz wafting down the yards.

    Our neighbour to the south is also a delight. She is a quite elderly woman who speaks, apparently, three words of English - pepper, spring and nice. We have the occasional conversation that involves a lot of head bobbing and smiling and comments such as "peppers, nice" (she has a little vegetable garden) and "spring, nice". Unfortunately she (or more likely her son) has put her house on the market and and I'm dreading who will be buying it. The last time a neighbour put a house on the market it was bought by a developer who was building a triplex, thereby forcing us to sell our house to the same developer because there was no way in hell I was living next door to that. I've got my fingers crossed that the lot next door is too small to appeal to anyone who wants to put up multiple residences.
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    There is a gym under my bedroom so every morning i wake up to the same damn songs for some stupid reason. And lots of thumping from the gym equipment. My problem with where i live is that, the walls seem thin because no matter where they're playng music, im able to hear it.

    On a daily basis i hear pets rushing throughout the apartment above me, i don't know who lives there but i know at least dogs and/or cats and maybe even some mice occupy the space.
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    Angry Neighbors Battle It Out With Signs

    From Associated Press
    June 16, 2006 8:13 PM EDT


    COLUMBIA CITY, Ind. - A feud between neighbors that began over roving pets has sparked a biting dialogue using homemade signs along the side of the road. Pam and Ron Castle say their neighbor, Larry Shrock, shot their beagle mix named Jake on June 1 and burned his body in an incinerator.

    According to a police report, the Shrocks said they asked the Castles to keep their dogs at home, worried the animals would try to attack rabbit hutches on their property. When the dogs returned, Shrock told police he shot one of the animals. No charges have been filed.

    Unsatisfied with the response from police and his neighbors, Ron Castle used red paint to write on 4-foot-by-8-foot plywood board: "My Neighbor, Larry Shrock, House on Left up on Hill (arrow) Shot My Dog, Then Burned It." He added an expletive to the sign he posted alongside the road near his house.

    "I didn't know what else to do," he said. "What can I do to this man that has caused me so much grief?"

    On June 7, after a second neighbor complained Shrock shot another dog, Castle took out the paint again.

    "Mowrey Road Dog Killer Ahead On Left, Two Shot and Killed, One Burned."

    The Shrocks fought back with blue paint and a sign of their own.

    "Neighbor's Dog Killed My Pet Bunnies, Scared My Granddaughter. I Warned Him Twice."

    Castle disagreed, and penned a third sign, which denied the rabbit allegations.

    Shrock has since taken down his sign, but Castle's three messages remain visible to eastbound drivers who crest a small hill in the community of about 7,800 residents about 20 miles northwest of Fort Wayne.

    "My wife and I fear for our lives," Shrock told The Journal Gazette of Fort Wayne.

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    I have lived in many places since I was 18 yrs.old (grew up in the same house for 18 yrs.)...was a military wife for almost 7 yrs....and moved around more when my ex husband got out....I have had both good and bad neighbors over the years but I have had some that have made my life miserable...and that is no exageratation either!

    I could tell ya stories but I'd be typing all night! lol!

    I currently live in a 4 tenant apt. building (upstairs/downstairs)....2 on one side and 2 on the other....I'm downstairs.

    I have no one up above me at the moment but that will soon change anyday now unfortunately....I have had neighbors from hell up over me here in the past so I'm holding my breathe....the girl next tom me is like me...never home...which is good....

    and a young guy in his early 20's up over her....and he used to be home but never is anymore.

    That's how I like it.....I grew up a city girl and was for the longest time while raising my 19 yr.old son but?

    I have had so many crappy experiences with neighbors in the past few years? that I am turning into a country girl now.....

    I don't want to hear or see anyone's face...and I'm more than happy!

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