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Thread: Will you marry me?

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    Adelitas Way 7.14.09 libra1022's Avatar
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    No not me silly...
    Awwww Igotaneeda, just when I was about to say yes

    I wish mine were sweet and sappy, heck, anything close to that even! With my ex the proposal went something like this...
    So do you think it's about time that we make this legal and go get the piece of paper? (we'd been living together for three years and I knew what he meant by this cause to him all marriage was is a piece of paper that bound you legally)

    That's the lovely 'romantic' extent of it...complete with me picking out and paying for my own ring from a pawn shop later that week since there was no way we could afford anything else at that point in time. Ummm yeah, definitely not the most romantic or thoughtful proposal ever.

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    libra, I've been proposed too three times before I hit 21, and none were all that romantic. One involved a SEVERELY socially stunted engineer that needed to be a family man to get ahead in his company, so told me that he would support my art 'habit,' I would half his income - I just had to do ALL[ the wifely duties. This was the first time we met on a blind date. I had graduated from college a couple days ago.

    The other was a circus gymnast and that's a long story. But we had only known each other for a month at most, never even held hands - and he was on one knee offering me his paycheck (75$, they don't make much because money is deducted for room and board, food, etc.)

    The third guy I had hung out with for about a year, flirty and a couple dates, nothing serious. Then I got snowed in at his apartment and he REALLY wanted, well, more. I told him jokingly no ring no sex, he come running back with (get this) his gay roommate's ex-lovers engagement ring. True Romance indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by libra1022
    Ummm yeah, definitely not the most romantic or thoughtful proposal ever.
    Bad deja vu for me too, libra. On pretty much every count. That's all I'll say about that.

    Congratulations to all the newly engaged and happily married couples. It looks like there are a few romantics left out there.
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    Mine was ok with the ex, we had talked about it for awhile, had lived together for a couple years and had just gone through a rocky time in the relationship. (he had cheated on me twice in about 4 months, because I was so busy with school) I had told him about 6 weeks prevously that if it happened again I was gone, we were done. So one day at supper he told me he was serious about us, it was really going to happen, he knew it was right. We were talking about rings and I told him what I wanted, not a diamond and I had seen one I liked awhile ago. Went to the store and it was there and he bought it right then and we were engaged.

    I found out on our tenth anniversary that the reason we got engaged at the time we did was he had gone out, slept with another woman during that 6 week period, because I pissed him off and then he got scared I would leave and figured I would be less likely to leave if we were engaged.

    (please notice the trend that it was always my fault, that would repeat itself during the marriage) I still have the engagement ring, I love it but I wouldn't wear again, I'm not sure what to do with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nlmcp
    I still have the engagement ring, I love it but I wouldn't wear again, I'm not sure what to do with it.
    Keep it Nancy. My daughter asked about my wedding ring not too long ago. I've been divorced for well over 20 years. The ex pawned hers shortly after the divorce. I kept mine just in case the kids ever asked. The daughter wants it so I'm giving it to her.

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    Unklescott is right. Keep it. I have my grandmother's ring that was purchased in Italy by my grandfather. It's nothing glamorous, very tiny and dainty, but has loads of sentimental value. On my wedding day, I wore it on my right hand. It was my something old.
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    I had my ex wedding ring turned into a new ring. My current b/f (we've been together 3 years) gave me this stunning (it was cheap but beautiful) sapphire bracelet that was too big, so after sizing it, I used a couple of the stones to add to my diamond. The original ring was designed for me and I designed the new one and I absolutely love it.

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    Aw, see, I knew there would be some great (and some not so great ) romantic stories out there...I love a good love story! *sigh* Thanks for sharing everyone!

    Congrats to all those celebrating anniversaries and a special congrats to Mr Dob!!!! It didn't seem like too long ago, you had posted about meeting your special lady and I'm really happy that things have worked out the way they have for you...sounds like a wonderfully romantic beginning to the rest of your life together.

    I'll go sit in the corner with the other not so romantics...I call my proposal from my ex "the drive by" proposal....not only did I know beforehand, but the ring box was nudged across the table somewhere between the salad and entree and I remember saying "well, isn't there something you wanted to ask me?" I don't think we even kissed...maybe we did, I just don't remember. Oh well, should have been the first sign of times to come huh?

    This thread makes me smile....there are some romantics still out there!
    A Bachelor fan til it dies a slow death and oddly enough, A Rock of Love fan...finest hair extensions from Europe and all. ;-)

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    I was half dozing in the recliner when Luis came in from work and sat on the sofa arm next to me. He handed me the ring(that he bought from a friend of mine) and said, "Well, will you marry me?". I said, "Yup!" and then he ordered pizza for dinner. I hung the ring on a chain around my neck until we could get it resized. I adore the ring. More than the engagement ring I love the matching wedding bands that his parents bought us. I know it was a huge expense for them and they really wanted to buy them. His grendparents bought his parent's wedding bands. I love that!
    It occurred to me that no matter how bleak things might seem at times, at least I have a head. ----Stargazer

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    My ex kept my engagement ring... and now his wife has my engagement ring

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