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Thread: Will you marry me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by itravel94
    Hey guys - great stories! How long did you all date before you got engaged? I've been with my boyfriend 3 years and still nothing. Not that I'm counting or anything.
    Same here - he wants it to be a total surprise and I keep "waiting" so I don't think it'll ever happen. I've been married before so it's not a big deal to me especially since we are living together with 2 dogs as our children.

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    Geez. My story isn't as storybook as some *anabanana*
    So We got engaged Valentines day years ago, little over a year after we met and moved in together. *Um ya, we met and moved in together the same day* I had a ring picked out that I liked, but he decided to up it a size because I had only picked a lil baby one We aren't rich. Anyway, for the next 2 years he would never get the ball rolling as to actually picking a wedding date, or anything of that nature. So one day I decided I was gonna plan the whole thing on the sly.. I totally thought I was being wicked romantic and surprising like in the movies. But when he found out he went nuts and actually yelled at me "I'm not sure I ever did want to marry you, or if I ever will!!!" It was a wicked fight for about 5 days! we almost ended it, but I hung on like a freakin tiger. I explained to him that by "Not planning a future with me, he was planning to NOT have a future with me"... I ended up giving the ring back to him and telling him to keep it for when he found "the one" which I clearly was not. So after a while things smoothed back out and we moved on, but I never got over it. I festered and got really depressed for another 2 years or so.. So another Valentines day is coming up in a few days and he is supposed to help his dads band set up and play a fancy VDay party... while laying in bed one night I say to him "I don't think I am gonna go to the party this weekend" He get's all upset and pressures me to explain why/ I broke it down thusly:
    "I don't think I can handle another disappointing night of hoping you'll come around and then you don't... Every birthday, every Christmas, New Years Eve and Valentine's day I wish and hope to get that ring back, and every time I get a CD. or a book... I can't take it anymore. I don't feel romantic this year and I would rather it was just another ordinary day" He started crying and bawling like a baby *This was at like 4 in the morning* and says "But I was gonna PROPOSE to you on the stage!" Oy ve. Figures. Haha. Anyway, after that night he totally changed and has been a complete loving affectionate husband type guy ever since. After 6 weeks after we were married we got pregnant and he wears fatherhood just as well
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    Ha! Good thread....especially considering I just proposed to my girlfriend this past weekend!!

    Story Setup
    She and I met online through match.com over a year ago, and last weekend was the anniversary of our first face to face meeting. We have been long distance dating--seeing each other every other weekend on average--since our first face to face. She lives in Albuquerque, and I live in Denver, and after emailing and talking on the phone for about 2 months, she invited me down for Albuquerque's International Balloon Fiesta. The Fiesta is a great event, and we both like hot air balloons. So I flew down for the weekend to meet her and check out the mass ascension of hot air balloons that they do every morning during the Fiesta. We really hit it off, and started our long distance love affair.

    The Proposal
    Happily married couples always say "when you know, you know"...and I had never really understood that until now. We both knew that the other was "the one". I knew it months ago, and I knew how I would propose even way back then. For the 1 year anniversary of our first face to face meeting, I booked a balloon ride during the Fiesta down in Albuquerque. We were on the 2nd hop of the day for our balloon, and even though I had booked a private ride, the ride arrangement company accidentally put another couple in the basket with us. The first good omen, though, came when we checked in for our ride. My girlfriend never got to meet my mom, since she passed away about 4 months before we first met. However, I always told her that my mom had something to do with us finding each other. Anyway, the 1st omen was that my girlfriend, who has a thing for noticing numbers, got flight ticket number 216....which is my mom's birthday(Feb 16). The second omen was that the balloon that we were randomly assigned was named "That's Amore". After we chased down the balloon's first hop, we all got in the basket, and away we went. Since the basket was crowded, I couldn't get down on one knee, and since the propane burner was so loud, I couldnt really ask her outloud, so I pulled her close, and whispered in her ear about destiny, and how all the signs were right for us. Then I popped the question as I produced the ring from my pocket. She said yes, and I slipped the ring on her finger.

    There's more!
    Still, over the racket of the burner and with everyones attention turned to the view, no one in the basket knew what had just happened. I told her about the ring--it was my mom's engagement ring from when she got married. A beautiful white gold setting with a beautifully cut, near flawless, near colorless diamond(I didn't even know how nice of a ring it is when I first picked it up. Only after visiting a jeweler to have it cleaned did I realize!). We kissed and hugged and looked deep into each others eyes. Finally, when the pilot stopped burning the propane, I turned to everyone else and told them they were all on a very special ride, and that my girlfriend had just agreed to marry me. The pilot radioed down to the chase car to tell everyone the good news, and the other couple congratulated us and took a few pictures for us to have for posterity.

    Now we're busy starting to plan the wedding. April isn't too far away!
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    No proposal, we just talked about it at the appropriate time - after he'd been living with me for a few months.
    We picked out the ring together.

    Now my sister.....
    They were at the beach on their way to the wedding of a friend of hers. They live in Colorado, so the beach is what she misses most about Oregon. She stepped away for a minute, so he wrote in the sand: "Trina will you marry me", then had to try to get her attention.
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    mrdobolina, what a romantic way to get engaged. Good for you....Congratulations to you and your new fiance
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    What great stories!! Congrats Mr. Dob!

    Funny you should ask today, since it is my 9th anniversary

    We had dated for a little over 3 years and had lived together for about 11 months. I had always said I didn't want to live together more than a year without an engagement, but I'm not an ultimatum person, so I wasn't worried because I knew in my heart we were headed toward marriage.

    One Sunday morning, he asked me if I wanted to go to see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center (it was December 18, 1994). I said sure but he said make sure to put my contacts in (didn't think twice about it, but he said he did it because I hate pictures of me in my glasses. LOL). We headed down to the city and were wandering around looking at the sights. We got under the tree and were talking about how the year before it came from our town, yada yada yada - just small talk. He asked me if I loved him. I said sure do! He said, "do you love me enough to wear this?" as he slipped the ring out of his pocket. I nearly died because I usually know everything because I'm so nosey - I'm hard to surprise. So I ripped off the ring I was wearing and put on the engagement ring. He said "does that mean yes?" I realized I never answered him!!! I finally said yes and cried my eyes out. We went to Dean & Deluca for coffee (you can see it in the background of the Today Show all the time). We wandered around NYC a bit more looking at the windows at Saks but I really wanted to get home to show everyone. We did stop to buy 2 angel ornaments that we hang on our tree every year.

    It really was magical. And today we're celebrating 9 years of wedded bliss with 1 daughter and 1 bambino on the way. Life is good

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    I love reading all these stories while I am stuck at work. I am such a sucker for romantic stuff.
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    Back when I was 19, my ex boyfriend proposed to me the day after Christmas on the back porch while I was in my pajamas and animal shaped houseshoes. He was like omgomg I have to come over right now and I am half asleep like HUH WHAT. We were standing by the washing machine. lol Ah, the smell of Tide, cold rain, and wet leaves. He later "re-proposed" two days later in a restaurant. Well, his thoughts were in the right place I guess, but it was never meant to be. *le sigh*

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    Congratulations mrdob, how romantic!!!

    And congratulations to all those with anniversaries!!!! What a timely thread, Igotanideaforathread!
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    Congratulations, Mr Dobolina (and the soon to be Mrs Dobolina). Very sweet. All these stories are lovely,in fact. I'm getting teary.
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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