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Thread: looking to buy a dog?

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    awww, Feifer. Sounds like a sweet boy.....

    my purebred Siberian Husky was an "accident" as well - she came from one of the top five breeders in the country. One of the breeder's male dogs had been diagnosed with cataracts so they had him in the house so they could take him to be neutered. He got out and had one last romp...since the breeder knew I'd give the pup a good home she gave her to me under the stipulation that I never breed her. She's a great dog(read: a disobedient brat, but cute), but a little Houdini! I had to beef up my six foot chain link fence by adding two additional feet of fence angled in so she couldn't jump out. Incidentally, she did develop cataracts as well.

    My other pure is a Rottie - given to me by a friend who couldnt' keep him. He was supposed to be my 2nd SAR dog, but four knee surgeries later, it's not gonna happen. He's got a great personality and is a beauty though!

    One mix was from the pound. I thought he was a husky/shepherd mix but it turns out he is of a wolf hybrid. I really hate it when people breed wolves and hybrids. Thank goodness people are waking up and it's becoming illegal. He's very sweet with me and the family but is too neurotic to go out of the yard. Good thing I have a big (2 acre) yard.

    The other mix, my SAR dog, is the Greatest Dog In The World. He absolutely never, ever does anything bad. He rides in the truck next to a huge bag of treats and never touches it. He was from a litter of 13 puppies! I sure picked well when I chose him. He's perfect.

    Yeah, I love my dogs

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    RE: Dog Rescues vs. Dog Buying. We really want to get another boxer but don't really want to buy a purebred one. We have contacted all of the Boxer Rescue orgs in our area (SA, Dallas, Houston, Austin). We have our home visit for Austin today. I heard that they may not approve someone if they keep their dogs outside during the day. Anyone have any thoughts on that? Yes, it's hot in Texas, but on very hot days (late Summer is the worst), we'll keep them inside. Just wondered if anyone else has any experience with dog rescues and what they look for. If we get denied, we will then probably buy one - prices run from $350-$500 for puppies.

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    Rescue organizations take placements VERY seriously. The dogs in their charge have already lost one home (and have often been neglected or abused,) and the rescue people don't want the dogs to go through it again. Serious breeders are also very picky about placements, so don't assume that they'll be keen on you keeping a dog outside, either. Keeping the dog inside in the hottest part of the summer sounds OK on the surface, but dogs that are kept outside eleven months of the year don't magically develop indoor manners.
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