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Thread: College Life

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid
    Why am I not surprised at this response from you. :nono
    ...because I was in j-school and we drank like fish, maybe?

    When I was in college, we did have bikes, but we only had 8-track tapes...now that's pathetic.
    But were 8-track players portable? There's the question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phat32
    ...because I was in j-school and we drank like fish, maybe?
    Oh Phat, you DO like to torture me, don't you?
    But were 8-track players portable? There's the question.
    No, we had to sit in our cars to listen to music.
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    Quote Originally Posted by syd18
    I am going to a community college and I can't believe the price of the books. It is almost half of what the tution charge was. Ridiculous! There goes my financial aid refund!
    BTW, I am taking a anatomy and physiology course. Whew! I have been studying all day (when I can between my two little ones) and this is a hard one...already!
    Textbooks are WAY more expensive now! I paid $120 for one book this semester. Of course, it will double as a piece of furniture when I'm done with it, so not a bad investment

    Good luck with A&P! I student taught the lab for a year and loved it. My advice - go buy The Anatomy Coloring Book by Kapit and Elson. It seems silly, but I credit it with my A in that course. Plus, coloring mellows you out!

    Quote Originally Posted by Phat32
    Ah, it's not too late for me to register for classes at the local community college! Then, we can be the World's Oldest Seniors...together!
    Fogeys Rule! Seriously, I was not even close to the oldest person at the orientation for transfer students. I'm having to take some undergrad crap too, including a few in my major! I can't believe that two schools in the same university system can have such different requirements for the same degree. It'll be me and a bunch of 19-year olds in History 17b. SuperFUN!
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    Quote Originally Posted by phat32
    I'll be returning and finishing sometime in the next year as the World's Oldest Senior. And, according to popular Hollywood lore, that means I have to show up dressed and driving a car that were cool the last time I attended college. Hilarity (TM) will ensue!
    I can see you now pulling up in a old busted up Camaro, with Poison blaring out of the stereo, a big puff of smoke and a *bang* emits as you turn off the car followed by the standard rattling. Don't forget the mullet and acid washed jeans (pegged of course).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Critical
    My advice - go buy The Anatomy Coloring Book by Kapit and Elson. It seems silly, but I credit it with my A in that course. Plus, coloring mellows you out!
    Even better, it gives you an excuse to buy crayons. My favorite part of every school year was buying a big box of new Crayolas. Even when my kids were in school. I love the smell of new crayons.

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    Eeek! Expensive textbooks. Next monday I starting community college for the frist time! I'm planning to major in fashion design (Lol my dream is to be a costume designer ).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Critical
    It'll be me and a bunch of 19-year olds in History 17b. SuperFUN!
    I felt ancient when I took a freshman history class when I was a senior. I didn't need the credit, but wanted to take something out of the science field since I knew at that point I wasn't going on in sciences. Here I was, on the verge of 22, and these kids were barely legal. Actually, if I went back now & had class with a bunch of 18 year olds, I think I'd take it better. It's such a cute age, when college life is so new.

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    I also applaud the KNOW YOUR PROFESSORS advice. A lot of kids ignore it during their freshman and sophomore year, because lecture halls of 200 tend to cultivate anonymity, but really, it's important even then. Not only for getting help outside of class ('course, some unscrupulous profs will try to pass you off to their underpaid and overworked TAs if you ever go to their office with questions on your mind, humph), but also for developing a rapport that might potentially turn into a mentor/mentee relationship down the line (especially if the prof is specializing in something you're interested in), an RA position, letters of recommendation, etc.

    If you're in the honors program, obviously it's much easier to approach professors, so to anyone who's a first-year or second-year and who's not already in honors, I suggest filling out an application for either your college honors program or your department's honors program as soon as possible. You get the economy of a state school with some of the intimate learning environment of a small liberal arts college.

    Oh, and I never took notes from my readings, I'm sorry to admit, because I was too lazy to go through all that paraphrasing/writing/summarizing. Instead, my I drowned my textbooks in a sea of yellow (for important points) and pink (for possibly useful examples) and green (for terms/names to remember) highlighter ink to optimize future cramming, and topped that off with post-its wedged between crucial pages. By the end of the semester, my textbooks always looked like some kind of psychadelically-coloured porcupine. But hey, it worked. Though it meant I could never, ever resell my used books. Oh, well. At least friends who later took those courses to whom I passed on the books appreciated my generosity.

    ETA: I also have to say I really appreciate all those smorgasbord/filler courses I had to take to fulfil Core requirements or whatnot. The important thing to remember about those kind of courses is that the actual information they're teaching you is not what's most important, but rather the critical and analytical skills you're developing and honing by going outside of your comfort zone.

    Living situations are also important. Try to never get stuck in lease with a landlord from hell, cohabiting with strangers you hate. Group housing with friends is both fun and usually cheap.
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    I'd have to agree with most everyone that if you follow only one rule it should be to go to class. I probably learned it the hard way, but if you're one of 35,000 students like I was, no one else is looking out for you and the easiest way to stay on top of everything is to get to class, take notes, and ask questions if you have to. Going to the professors office hours can help too; I was able to get through a couple of tough situations by discussing what was going on and getting extensions to work on papers.

    If you start out in a dorm, from day one you should try to get involved in as many activities as possible. Besides developing a camaraderie with your floormates, you can try doing things you never thought you would.

    If you have an 8:00 class, try to limit your alcohol intake the night before. If not, it only takes one time to learn your lesson.
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    I'm going to add my 2 cents. I am a teacher who just finished her masters. I know what teachers are impressed by... sit in the front of the class, pay attention, ask questions that show you understand the material. If you see anything relating to the class in a magazine, newspaper, or book (photocopy it), bring it into class and show/give it to the prof. I even used some tips I learned that are a little more underhanded - subtly copy the prof.'s body language, clothing style or colors, even the kind of bottled water they drink. They will subconsciously think of you as a kindred spirit. Plus it makes it a fun game/challenge to keep things interesting. As far as other college life experiences - if you are in an area away from where you grew up, take the time to explore the area - museums, landmarks, natural resources. Join a hiking or skiing club. Take a physical fitness course pass/fail just to stay in shape without worrying about a grade. (I took ballet and lifesaving - which led to a high paying summer job at a state park). Consider staying over the summer. Summer courses are more condensed but have smaller student/teacher ratios, so if you have a favorite teacher take a course with him/her. Take art/music/theater or some other creative outlet to offset the serious classes. Don't drink. You're not old enough anyway. I almost forgot!! Save big bucks on books by getting the list and then going to Amazon and getting them used. Big bucks!!
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