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Thread: All About Fashion/Style

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    Quote Originally Posted by geek the girl View Post
    You're a jeans kind of gal, right? Since it's a casual dinner, I'd go with a pair of nice jeans, a cute top and some heels and jewelry to spice it up. If you're worried about looking pregnant, you could either go for a floaty top - the kind that makes everyone, including super models look pregnant - so that people won't know if it's the fabric or you, or something black and slimming. Avoid really tight tops and choose something you're comfortable in. And have a blast!
    thanks. Noe that you mentioned it I have some cute maternity jeans (I have a small wardrobe for this type of thing) and some chunky black heels. I can pair that with the black blouse Jafo bought me las t Christmas and be cute! THANKS!!

    (and Luke Wilson DEFINATLEY doesn't need clothes. Just a smile )

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    Quote Originally Posted by phat32 View Post
    *holds up hands* All right, this is me, properly chastised. And, yes, maybe in hindsight that wasn't the best outfit, considering I am neither in academia or the creative arts. I could have gone tie-less, cuff link-less and rolled the shirt sleeves over the sleeves of the suit coat, but then I would have been trying just a little too hard to be "Hollywood trash." In LA, I probably would have been fine, but at a client party for IT consultants in the South, I probably stood out.
    OMG, phat32!!! I am so going to be making a t-shirt with that phrase on it....Hollywood Trash...I it!

    Quote Originally Posted by JAFO'S PRINCESS
    I have this company (11 people) christmas dinner thingie to go to tonight and NO clue what to wear. I am having this gallbladder/pregnent look thing right now but don't want the pictures to look like I'm pregnant, cause I'm not any ideas? It's casual.
    JAFO: In my experience, jeans are pretty unforgiving of tummy bumps and can make for an uncomfortable night, especially if there's already pressure over the "puffy" area and you plan on eating.

    But, if jeans it is, de-emphasis the area your sensitive over by wearing a kick-ass sweater coat that goes down to the hips, so in profile, you are exceedingly slim. To further cover up your area, but look FAB, also buy a sparkly, wonderful scarf that is tied around your neck and it cascades down the front of you. That way, if you have to open your jeans, to relieve pressure, the sweater coat (fancy, by the way) and the glittery scarf completely hid it.

    If you want to go the dress route, chose an Empire waisted dress that goes directly under the bust line, so it floats over the rest of your body. Carrying a beautiful shawl, held at both elbows rather than over your shoulders, will also allow you to mask any areas you're wanting to hide.
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    Thanks Lambikins I should be ok cause the jeans are maternity so they have the panel of spandex.(my best friend). The sweater and scarf are great ideas too! I need all the help I can get!

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