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Thread: I eat it...you might think it's weird

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    I eat it...you might think it's weird

    Ok fess up...what are some things you eat that others might think are weird?

    Here's some of mine:
    1) tuna straight from the can with mustard on it
    2) spoonfuls of plain peanut butter
    3) cold pizza or cold fried chicken
    4) doritos on a ham sandwich
    5) warm cheetos from the oven
    6) peanut butter and bananas on a bagel
    7) corn flakes or raisin bran mixed with frozen yogurt
    8) spinach on a baked potato
    9) mustard on red beans

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    would rather be cruising! marybethp's Avatar
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    potato chips with cream cheese
    sour cream by the spoonful
    ranch dressing on just about everything from fries to pickles
    chips on sandwiches (love the crunch!)
    peanut butter on apples

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    LOL what a cool thread:

    1) Octopus (it NOT as bad as you think, quite tasty actually)
    2) Jelly on my toast or bread at dinnertime (my parents think I am insane but I don't see the big deal)
    3) Ranch dressing.....on pretty much anything, chicken, pork chops....
    4) When several cereal boxes start to run low, I pour whatever is left all in one bowl and eat it with milk....Special K, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Lucky Charms....all mixed up
    5) I make quesadillas sometimes with a corn or flour tortilla and a bit of cream cheese melted inside.....most people use cheddar or American, but cream cheese is really good too, esp late at night.

    Hmmm I am sure there is more....I might add later.

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    Now I'm hungry.

    Igota, there is NOTHING weird about your #3 and #6. Particularly #3 - there's not much I won't eat cold - I eat cold macaroni & cheese, cold cabbage rolls, cold hot dogs...the microwave takes too damn long.
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    Heh... I agree, AJane. #3 is a staple... sometimes I buy a pizza and then let most all of it sit for a day just so it'll be cold (room temperature.) I like it better than hot pizza, I think.

    1) Crunchy peanut butter on flour tortillas... lightly warmed in the microwave.
    2) pretzels dipped in Coke.... yum!
    3) One thing that I picked up from my girlfriend in college: macaroni and cheese in my scrambled eggs. It sounds odd, but it's actually tasty/normal tasting. We had a tendency of making mac and cheese when we got home from the bar at 2-3am. Whatever was left over was put in the fridge, and then put in the scrambled eggs in the morning.
    Never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have.

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    Grapenuts and Yogurt
    White cake or Nilla waffers covered in applesauce
    Strawberries soaked in Balsamic Vinegar mmmm
    I'll probably think of more later. I've been told I can be a bit of an odd bird when it comes to food *shrug*
    ~There is no way to Happiness. Happiness is the way.~

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    Waffles with mustard and syrup. People think I'm crazy, but it's so good.

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    Igotalife - most of your things sound pretty darn normal! I love spinach on everything, not a fan of mustard though.

    And GlitterX - I just can't take Octopus, love eel though! Nor can I handle cream cheese, I make a good cheesecake, but refuse to eat it.

    The thing my friends think are the weirdest:

    Stale ricecakes - I like them a lot better stale, with that rubberyish texture, YUM! Stale breadsticks and the occassionally stale cheeto are also good.

    I tend to cook with Italian Dressing (usually light) great on salmon, veggies, everything.

    I'm actually not to 'weird' thanks to a horribly sensitive stomach. But I really love rootbeer and sprite. My favorite drink used to be 1/4 cup orange soda, 2/4 + sprite and then a layer of rootbeer on top - yum!

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    whenever i eat fatty foods people think its weird

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    I eat miracle whip on my french fries. I just love it. I have eaten them that way since I was a child. I am not sure where I picked it up since no one in my family eats it, but at any rate, I love them!!

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