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Thread: Who would you dine with?

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    Just one, Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman. But I could probably recite the dang thing chapter for chapter. I like to pick it up and just read from any random page. The guy was an inspiration and a complete crack up. A must at my dream dinner table.

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    check his "what do you care what other people think?" it was when he was doing the challenger investigation, He was on the panel.

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    He was the one that brought up the fact that the O rings weren't flexible in cold. I forgot about Richard but I think Nikola was a good choice too. Harlan would be interesting, I remember when he did the art Auction at the world science fiction convention. I think the one in 86.
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    Would anyone like to WHINE and dine with Flo (TAR3)? She'd probably get slapped in the end

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    Hey, I don't think she's like that in real life. She may be very nice, you know

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    oh and springkey, though i am a HUGE tom welling fan, i heard today on the radio from a woman that interviewed him that he's quite conceited.
    that's bad!!!!!!
    can sombody dine flo??then tell us about it?i'm really interested to know what kind of person she is in real life~

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    Originally posted by Bill_in_PDX
    Wait a minute. Somehow I feel like I just got dumped out of this meal for a tall guy in a stovepipe hat.

    As if he would be interesting to talk to... and besides, you would probably already have freakishly tall John there... yeah, that's probably it, you descriminate against people shorter than you. Don't you?

    You're a Verticalist aren't you? Yeah I said it! Verticalist! I am so crushed...

    Okay Bill, you made me laugh so hard that if I had your phone number I would have actually called you so you could hear it for yourself.

    Verticalist? Not only would I have to exclude petite folks like Firegirl, but I'd probably have to exclude everyone but John! No, you misread me, Bill. I didn't exclude you because I'm a verticalist, I excluded you because I'm a Sexist Pig.

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    I'm guessing I could out-eat them all.
    Whee, threw me for a loop there, Jo. I gotta start reading more slowly.

    I didn't exclude you because I'm a verticalist, I excluded you because I'm a Sexist Pig.
    That's more like it, Wayner.

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    this has got to be one of the funniest posts I've read so far!!

    My picks for lunch:
    1) my husband
    2) Jesus
    3) Donald Rumsfeld
    4) George W. Bush (and Laura of course)
    5) Ben Affleck

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    1. <--------------- Aragorn!! (Viggo Mortensen will do though...)
    2.Clay Walker
    3.Graham Norton
    4.Hugh Jackman
    5.Hugh Grant

    Hmmm...all male dinner *grin* I'd be in heaven.

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