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Thread: Advice on child fleeing the nest

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    No need to buy an array of cookware. This is all she'll need:

    Don't forget to buy her a gallon of Fabreze. It'll stretch out laundry days a little longer.
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    ...and Downy wrinkle release can take the place of an iron (or so says my son.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucy
    What is WITH college dorms requiring "extra-long" sheets? I had to get them when I went to school too. I don't even remember where we found the blasted things.

    Anyway, I echo most of the advice already given; a minifridge and microwave will make her life much easier, and she should check with her roommate, once she's assigned one, to see who's bringing them.
    How's the closet space? I'd definitely send her off with clothes for just late summer/early fall, and you can either mail her warmer things later or, if she can come home she can get them then. She might also find some extra storage space, like a foot locker, would come in handy.
    She'll need a laundry bag, *definitely* shower shoes. And you can sometimes find a loft set-up that includes a computer desk, I think. Or drawers.
    Good luck!
    When my grand daughter moved in the dorm we had to get x-long sheets. We got them at Bed Bath and Beyond and they were sort of expensive compared to Target where we got so much of her stuff. She is barely five feet tall. I tried to convince her that she really didn't need sheets on that extra foot or more of mattress. No luck there. They were allowed to have micros and refrig's too. The suggestion about the melamine is a good one provided they don't make a mistake and put them in the micro. She also took a bookcase that can be collapsed. It came from Target too.

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    I would check out the x-tra long sheet thing. It was on our list too, and I hunted far and wide in Canada, let me tell you ,before I could find them. I am sure it would be a lot simpler in the US. However, when I got to the dorms...NO NEED. I rounded up a residence advisor and she told me it was an outdated list and no one had bothered to change it. New mattresses are not replaced with the extra long ones and had only ever been used in the boy's residences. It's always something.

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    I'm trying to remember what else I needed, besides all the other great ideas already given. My dorm was built in 1919 so microwaves/hot plates/toaster ovens were (supposedly) a big no no....heck you couldn't even use a hairdryer in your room half the time without blowing something for the entire floor. We all did have the small fridge/freezer in our rooms though that were provided, and very much a necessity with the restricted hours of the meal plans.

    Odd items that I found useful were....
    -a bulletin board/chalk board to put by the phone or on the door of the room for messages
    -a full length mirror, just the basic back of the door ones cause our rooms had none
    -some sort of small bedside lamp, even one of the ones that'll clip on near the bed for if she needs light and the roommate is asleep
    -milk crates! I'm not so sure they're the best thing anymore with all the other storage options that they have now, but those were our biggest decorating/storage feature back then

    I'll try to think if there were any other odd items to add to the list. I just know that when I went off to college all I had was in the back of my Honda Civic hatchback...when I came home after the first year it took my car as well as jamming my folk's car to get everything back. You'll know a lot more after your weekend up there, and REALLY get a feel for it the first week she's there and gets settled in some.
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    Oh the curse of the extra long sheets. I'd never heard of them before my daughter went away to school and we started looking for them when she got the list of items from the school in April. Nobody carried them. Until mid-summer, then they were everywhere for a month or so, then gone again. Same thing every summer since. Some places I've seen do have a limited selection (BB&B) throughout the year and there are some online stores that carry them.
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    Um, Roses. . . can you come and help me move before you move lil' Roses? My mama's not coming till AFTER the move. We can *pretend* I'm going off to college.
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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    You betcha, kiddo! I love helping others move, just as long as it's not me. I haven't moved in 17 years, so you can imagine the quantity of junk we've collected over the years.
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    Oh, Roses, my parents also got me a credit card for emergency purposes. And they don't mean "that import Depeche Mode LP that I just had to have" kind of emergencies. But it's not really an issue because I'm not a spending freak in general.

    That could be handy to have around . . . if you're comfortable with that.

    Oh, and while I'm being random, maybe a night light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mantenna
    Oh, Roses, my parents also got me a credit card for emergency purposes.
    One of my favorite movie scenes ever is from "The Sure Thing" where John Cusack is banging a rock against a padlock on a trailer in the pouring rain and Daphne Zuniga says I have a credit card after the two of them have lost all their cash. He responds credit cards work on a completely different kind of lock before he gets it. She then says oh but my father said only to use it in an emergency. He says, "Well maybe one will come up" as sheets of water are pouring off both of them. Yeah, I'm old.

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