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Thread: Home Remedies

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    Cover old phone books with duct tape and use them as steps for exercise. You can change the height by changing the number of books you use.

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    Salt water poured into sidewalk cracks will kill the weeds, I've read.
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    I tried that cleaning the dryer lint trap thing a while ago even though I don't use dryer sheets and it did seem to help. If nothing else you will save gas or electricity as the hot air circulates better and dries your clothes faster.

    Instead of rags or paper towels I use newspaper to wipe windows when I'm washing them. They don't leave fibers or dust on the glass and you can really get a streak-free shine. (the cost is nice too - especially when you have as many windows as I do )
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    I had to look for this info so I thought I'd share.

    Can you eat that egg?
    By Scott Matthews

    If not sure you ought-ter,
    then place it in water.
    If it lies on its side,
    then it's fresh; eat with pride.

    After three or four days,
    at an angle it lays.
    But, it still is a treat,
    so go on and eat.

    Ten days, stands on end,
    in your baking 'twill blend.
    'Cause it's definitely edible,
    in your baking, incredible.

    But, if it floats on the surface,
    that egg serves no purpose.
    'Cause a floater's a stinker!
    Out the back door best fling 'er!
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    Duxxy, that's fabulous. I've never heard of these tips before, and having them in rhyme is even better. Thanks.
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    Duxxy, that's great! I often have 1 egg and wonder if it's still good. I'll keep that little rhyme in mind next time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by angelic_one2002
    Salt water poured into sidewalk cracks will kill the weeds, I've read.
    Probably so... I am convinced my neighbor tried to kill a pine with a pound of sea salt poured on the base of the tree on her side (the tree is on our lot line). Well, I didn't agree and scooped the salt up

    Many of you probably know this, but here is another good use for salt: One really good old trick for everything liquid you spill (especially good on rugs/carpets) is to pour fine salt on top of it, immediately, and lots of it. Salt will absorb it all away asap, be it red wine or OJ. Then you just scoop/vacuum the salt away.
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    You can make your own "Mentadent" toothpaste. Simply mix baking soda, mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide together to make a paste. Little tricky to keep it from having a strong baking soda taste, but a strong mouthwash like Listerine really keeps the baking soda taste to a minimum. I love using this as a toothpaste as I smoke and this really helps to keep my teeth white. The more baking soda you use the more polished your teeth are.

    Another use for baking soda. If you suffer from an upset stomach after eating, such as bloating, gas ect. A glass of warm water about 2 teaspoons of baking soda mix well and drink. Drink fast cause it tastes like crap, but within minutes you will be "relieved" of the bloating and gas. It is really a cheaper version of Alka Seltzer. My doctor did not recommend using this while pregnant though. She says it can change the PH level in your body and they prefer you not to do that while pregnant.
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    Clogged up sink, and no Drano? Pour a couple of cans of Coke, Pepsi or Dr Pepper (diet works too) in there and wait 2-3 hours. It really works!
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    The best thing ever for mosquito bites is clear nail polish. Just wait a couple minutes for the bite to welt up a little, then paint over the whole thing plus a tiny bit of the surrounding skin. It stings for a few minutes but then the bite is completely gone like it never even happened.

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