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Thread: Any EX Smokers here?

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    JamiLee, I am so proud of you! You deserve all the pats on the back that you can give yourself. Your body thanks you! Bravo! *throws confetti*

    I'm an ex-regular-smoker who occasionally dabbled in bouts of smoking (at parties, bars, and on vacation with smokers). I've decided I didn't even want to do that anymore, and am proud to say I haven't had a cigarette at all in over two months. Who needs 'em?

    Keep up the great work, I'll be rooting for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JamiLee
    I feel like if I can get past 4 months I can do this forever.
    Yes, you can. Congratulations, JamiLee! Good job. You have every right to be proud, and you deserve to shout about it at the top of your pink, healthy lungs.
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    ^Sweetie I wish you all the best in the world that you can do this. I started when I was 23 and at 52 still am smoking. I've tried, cold turkey, the patch, accupuncture and hypnosis. None of them have worked for me.

    However, my father smoked for 40 years and quit cold turkey, it's been like 35 years for him now, he just had the will power to do. He does say however, that when he first wakes up and after a big meal, he still has the urge, he just fights it. He says the urge never, ever leaves you, especially at certain times, you just have to fight it and you REALLY have to want to quit! That's the key to quitting, you "have to WANT to", no matter what. I think that's why all those things I tried didn't work, I'm not in the frame of mind to want to just yet.

    I did smoke, like 3 a day while pregnant with both of my girls and I did have like two beers a week (my doctor told me I could do that). My girls turned as healthy as ever. My mom smoked over a pack a day and drank beer whenever she wanted (back in the days, 50's and 60's). And me and my four brothers were born as healthy as ever. I won't even go back to my grandparents lifestyles giving life to my mom and dad, who are now in their 70's and still riding roller coasters, golfing, white water rafting, etc.

    Yes there are bad things for you and not so good things for you. At my age, I'm waiting to hear "EXACTLY WHAT IS PERFECT" for every individual person? Stop smoking, that is perfect for everybody, you will live longer...(except for people like my parents, aunts and uncles, and don't forget those who have live to 100 and said they smoked everyday of their lives. You just don't know. I do believe it's better to stop if anyway possible.

    I wish you the best. Good Luck!

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    onetvslave - congrats to you !! I think it may be harder for a smoker like you sometimes because you didn't do it all the time. Great decision you made and it's a big deal. Good luck on continued success with staying quit!

    - Thanks. You are the sweetest person ! (I hope all is going well with your daughter)! (I like the way you post and bold someone's name. I copied you)

    Bambi! Thanks! For someone who smokes to come on here and comment and give me well wishes........well, very nice of you. A lot of people that smoke (2 that are very close to me) cannot seem to feel too good about me not smoking. (one of them really wants to quit and can't seem to)
    It's just unusual for a smoker to be so encouraging to a new non-smoker so thanks a lot. I hope you get that feeling of wanting to be done with them.
    If you do, as I said this is a really good place for support. I've other supports but, this has been an added bonus.
    51 days now (who's counting) and I still think about smoking a lot but, it gets better and better and I think about it less and less. If you really set your mind to ? whatever. I think it can be done.

    thanks again. You guys are the best.
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    I came here to tell you all a story but then Michael Bolton started to sing on Regis and Kelly, and I just sat here with my mouth hanging open.
    My foster mother started smoking when she was twelve years old. She smoked for 62 years. We were talking on the phone one day and she started a coughing fit and had to just hang up on me. She said that she later realized that while she was still trying to get her breath, she reached for a cigarette. She put it back in the pack, laid the pack on the end table and never smoked another cigarette. When she died, ten years later, that pack was still there. She was very funny and we all laughed at her reason for leaving it there. She said that if she ever wanted another cigarette she planned to smoke one of those years old ones and hope it would make her so damn sick that she wouldn't repeat that mistake ever again.

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    (I"m with you Muduh regarding Michael Bolton!! I LOVE to hear him sing, too!)
    I'm so proud of you, JamiLee. I knew you could do it. Hang in there..you've come so far now, girl. *high five*
    "Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn." ~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

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    jamilee way to go, after three months they say is all down hill. every now and then I still get tempted to have one, just last week while partying with friends i wanted one, took me 2 seconds to remind myself how bad I felt int he morning after smoking all night and thats what one cig would do to me now.

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    Good for you, Jamilee, you have all the poison out of your system by now, and all you will have to deal with is getting rid of the habit of having one in your hand, after a meal, when you're bored, upset or whatever else is a strong trigger for you to smoke. I still get a strong urge to smoke and it's been 10 years! Granted, this doesn't happen very often, but it's very important to know that it will, and be ready to resist! It's ok to feel like smoking one...just don't actually do it. And OTVS, good for you too-- I've known a lot of people who quit smoking on an everyday basis, and just smoked a cigarette on occasion. Every single one of them went back to smoking within 5 years. I know I'm probably stepping on some toes here, but if you smoke one now and then, you haven't really quit. So, folks, if you're only an occasional smoker, why not put that on the list of things not to do anymore, while you aren't still physically addicted?
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    Okay, I hate to even admit this. I smoked for seven years and quit smoking for about four years. Then during a period of stress a few months back, I started again. I am SUCH an idiot. I feel so stupid for starting again. Not to mention the fact that I hide from my three-year-old like a guilty teenager.

    So...I'm trying to quit again. NOT easy. Getting pregnant certainly made it easier on me last time. Not ready to try THAT method again, though.

    Anyway, I'm just venting. All these lung cancer incidents in the news are helping my resolve though, that's for sure.
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    Ah, don't beat yourself up, Star. When I feel stressed, I still want a smoke...it's often just lack of opportunity and the fact cigarettes run about $10 a pack here that keeps me from lighting up again. You'll be able to quit again (without getting pregnant ).
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