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Thread: Any EX Smokers here?

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    Thanks AJ.

    That's a curse of living in Kentucky, I guess. Second-lowest cigarette prices in the Union.
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    That's all folks! Unklescott's Avatar
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    Obviously you really want to quit and have taken the first step by acknowledging the problem. You've done it before, you can do it again. If I (Mr. No Willpower/Discipline at all) can quit after 32 years of Kools 2 packs a day, you can to. I'm proud to say it has now been over 2 1/2 years. Hang in there Star.

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    That's GREAT, Unklescott! Keep it up. That's a healthy wonderful accomplishment.
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    wow, first of all, you guys rock. So much support here. I ended up going back after about 3 months.

    I've got a new quit date and will do it yet again.

    I'll come here for sure for support as you all helped me a lot. And I liked the feeling of getting out of myself and helping other people.

    : )
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    I quit over 18 years ago, (not counting those 6 weeks in Italy and Sardegna ) and I still get the occasional craving. Of course, it's no longer a battle, but I don't think it ever truly goes away.
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    I agree with you 100% Uncle David. I've been quit 11 years now, and still the ciggie demon pops up every now and again. I was lucky enough that someone warned me that this would happen pretty much forever, so I was ready to defeat the cravings when they came. I try to warn all the quitters I know too-- be ready to say NO. The first few months are fairly easy, then that sudden craving comes out of nowhere. Know it's coming and be ready!
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    I started smoking June 2004 after some serious stress and for whatever reason, smoking seemed like the best way to cope with it!

    Anyway, I got addicted very quickly. It also became a part of my daily routine...walking to the bus, taking smoke breaks, one before I went to bed. I wanted to stop but everytime I tried I'd get a craving and immediately give in. I couldn't go for more than 8 hours.

    Then I got pregnant this past July. And I still could stop completely!!! I HATED myself but I couldn't stop. Finally, thankfully, severe morning sickness set in and the very thought of a cig had me running to pray to the porcelain god! It was terrible, but I went for four or five days without a cigarrette and I finally kicked the habit. It's been 5 weeks! I hope by the time I have the baby I'll be pretty much urge free and can live the rest of my life without a smoke!

    This was confirmed to me last week when I came across one of my emergency packs my boyfriend had hidden from me. As the morning sickness has worn off the cravings have come back. I took the pack one morning with the intention of smoking 'just one more.' I kept it in my purse all day, with the guilt heavy on me for even thinking of it and worried that if I took a puff I'd just get addicted all over again. I left work that day and threw the pack in the trash! And you know, as good as I'm sure that one cigarrette would have been, the satisfaction of not smoking it was just awesome!!!

    Good luck Jami! My quit method might be a little too much, but I'm sure you will get there on your own!

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    smoked for 30+ years, over 10 of them being 3 packs a day and finally quit 4 years ago. I still get the urge every now and then, so it probably will be something I battle for the rest of my life. Good thing the smell of cig smoke while I walk by the smoking area at work makes me ill. That helps keep me from going back to them.
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    onmylunchbreak I hope your resolve has kept up - I'm rooting for you!

    JamiLee how's the no-smoking coming???

    October 1 was my one year smoke free anniversary. I'm happy to say that the cravings happen so irregularly that I barely even recognize them when one hits now. It's even easier with Mr. M away all the time, although I want to scream when he comes home & starts smoking in the basement because the house just reeks after he leaves again! I swear, my next guy will DEFINITELY be a NON-smoker!

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    Congrats to everyone who has been successful, and everyone who is trying. January 1 will be my one year anniversary (trite, I know), after 34 years. Honestly, I really miss it and they still smell quite delicious to me, but I'm fortunate in that I have an enormous reservoir of guilt and enough money to buy Nicorettes. The guilt makes me think of Mr. Rattus' lungs and those of the little furry boys, who have never done anything to deserve a tumour.
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