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Thread: Is anyone pregnant?

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    Hooray for LG and Tallulah! I can't wait to be back in here regularly again. Is that wierd? I still havent gotten my hormones in check from having Ash, and I am dreaming about his brothers and sisters I did get one peach of a first born tho. I suppose that means the next will be ultra high needs!
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    Cahalanmac...I had 3 babies: 8 lb., 9lb., and the last 10lb., all without so much as an aspirin. I was lucky, and I found that the breathing techniques helped me a lot. So, it can be done. However, always be prepared for anything to happen! Good luck and if you need any support you'll get lots from me!!

    Congrats to Tallulah and LG!!

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    congrats to Tallulah and LG!! yay!

    Im at 16 weeks this week, I had my appointment today. Everything looks great so far. Measurements look good, still hardly even a tummy yet, but I saw the little booger kicking and waving his/her arms like crazy. That made me feel a whole lot better.

    I decided NOT to do the triple-screen/AFP test. Im too worried about getting a false positive and then that would worry me even more. And I will love this baby no matter what!

    Next visit is the big sonogram....we'll find out what gender we have!! I can hardly wait! So on Feb 28th I'll have big news for yall.

    As for names, Im so picky Im lucky that I even have one of each. My girls name did come easier, I got a little input from the hubby for the boys name.
    Chloe Ann if its a girl, Scott Alan if its a boy. Im told I may even change my mind when I see him/her, but we'll see.

    Yall will have to bear with me if my posts are long. This is my first baby and Im super excited to have other mothers to share stories with!!! So, til next time!

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    Congrats AmyKay! Sounds like things are going great for you.

    Just one thing about the sonogram, though, is that sometimes they don't know for sure or can't even really make a decent guess as to the baby's sex. I wanted to know with my daughter, but she was "shy" and pretty much had her legs crossed the whole time so we really couldn't tell and then didn't know until the big day. I'm hoping to find out this time, but not sure we will as I declined the CVS and probably won't have amnio either (I'm old).

    My daughter has lots of ideas for names. What mother wouldn't want to name her baby Cinderella Princess-Angel?
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    Congrats, LG!

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    LG and Tallulah!!! Congrats! I wish you both all the happiness in the world. Good luck.
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    Congrats LG and Tallulah. What happy news!
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    Congratulations, LG, on the upcoming in your life. You and the Mr. must be walking on air. I love your daughter's suggestions for the baby's name.
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    Congrats LG and thanks. I think I am just going to stop telling people. It will be easier. My hubby and best friend are supporting me, what more do I need right?

    AmyKay, I didn't get any of the screening tests either, like you I was worried about false positive results. Plus, it wouldn't make a difference to me anyway whatever the results.

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    Congratulations LG Best of luck to you
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