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Thread: Is anyone pregnant?

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    FORT Fogey just1paul's Avatar
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    Chadwick Avery - what a cool name.
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    What beautiful names: Madeline and Chadwich Avery.

    FYI, the most popular baby names were just released last night for the province. Here they are:

    Boys: Ethan, Joshua, Jacob, Matthew, Logan, Carter, Liam, Nathan, Noah, Alexander
    Girls: Emma, Emily, Hannah, Madison, Ava, Grace, Sarah, Olivia, Chloe, Hailey

    I think it's better to be exceptional, than popular! Great choices!
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    cahalanmac - great photos of the baby. How nice to get a "sneak peak" like that. I like your name selection as well. Time sure is flying! It seems like you just got pregnant.

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    lildago- definately my nose! I think he has my hubby's chin, but in those pictures it is kind of hard to tell. When we were looking live, I could see it though.

    Thanks everyone! I can't wait to meet him and give him a big hug!! Only 11 more weeks left! So fast!

    Congrats Dinahann, I know you are beyond excited. Our parents are just thrilled, Avery will be the first grandchild all around.

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    Congrats Cahalanmac. Your sweetie will be a definite cutie. Those 4D ultrasounds are really cool. First time I see one. And prepare yourself: being the mother of a first time grandchild all around is not an easy task. 1)you will be completely ignored and 2) you will be completely ignored (did I mention that already) and 3) you'll have to fight to have some alone time with him.

    But maybe I'm just saying that because of my in laws. Yesterday when we were singing him Happy Birthday he started crying and my FIL almost ripped him off my husband's arms to bring him in another room . And I had to sort of push my MIL aside so I could stand next to him and do all the fun cake in the face thingy. What are you going to do ?

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    Thanks for all the congratulations. I'm going to do my best to be the unobtrusive grandparent, Nanna D. Yep, that's what I'm going to try to be. Of course my hubby, who is 10 years younger, is going to make a fine Grampa Joe at the ripe old age of 37.

    They were going to name the baby Phoebe, which I absolutely loved, so of course now they've decided on Layla. I'm not crazy about it, but I'm sure they'll change their minds again before the baby is born. I'm sure she'll be beautiful in any case.

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    Is this thing on? AmyKay's Avatar
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    well poo, we chose Chloe as a girl name cuz I figured it wasnt THAT popular. I wanted something different but not too different. Still have a while to change my mind, but Im pretty much set on Chloe if its a girl. HOpe it wont be as popular as Amy was when I was growing up.

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    Mary Beth, Madeline is beautiful. I hope you continue to float in the clouds for the rest of her life

    cahalanmac: Those pics are so cool! Did you have to ask for them special, or did your hospital just have that machine? I sure hope we are able to do something like that next time.
    ~There is no way to Happiness. Happiness is the way.~

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    AmyKay - I LOVE Chloe!!! My older daughter is Claire so they were too close in sound, but that would have been one of my choices!!!

    I'm still glowing - Maddie is just so damn cute. LOL

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    DesertRose, Oh no, Please don't let that happen to us. But it most likely will, we have three sets of baby hungry grandparents! And all three of them are claiming that the baby looks just like them...Bah!

    ClosetNerd, We did have to schedule the ultrasound outside of our normal checkups. It was $125, not covered by insurance, but we got prints, a dvd, and a vhs (for my mom, who can't operate her dvd player). But the best part was watching Avery move and suck his thumb and hiccup...So amazing!

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