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Thread: Is anyone pregnant?

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    Quote Originally Posted by J.D.
    First baby: somewhere between two or three hours in labor total, no drugs. Second baby: one hour total labor time, I was at the hospital 15 minutes before the baby came, but I did ride the whole way on just one cheek! No drugs. Everyone was in their street clothes, including myself and the doctor, who barely had time to catch baby Lori as he walked in the room!
    I think my mom can top you. I took 4 hours, but my younger brother took 35 minutes from the first contraction untill he was out. She was already at the hospital, so there were plenty of doctors there. I sincerely hope that I have inherited my moms labor skills because I want kids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eny
    How ever you get through it is the "best way". Others shouldn't make you feel guilty like what you decide is wrong. If you want the drugs for labor- have the drugs, millions are born fine using them. If you don't that's great too. You don't get an extra mommy badge of honor for going without.
    Amen to that, Eny. My doctor's nurse is one who was famous for saying "It doesn't make you any less of a woman if you have drugs. If you want em ask for em" I did, too. Then again, having C-sections I kinda had to have drugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetNerd
    wow! haha.. I wonder how big our son will be. A 6 foot mama and a 6'4 papa. Course we were both under 8 lbs at birth.. Just long, 22inches each.
    We don't know what genes DH has on his side because he's adopted.
    But my parent's were only 5'7 amd 5'8. I know the poor kid will always have shoe problems tho.

    Okay, I slinked back in. Thanks - y'all are so sweet.

    ClosetNerd, I am 5'11", my ex is 6'4" and our daughter turned out to be 5'8" and petite as can be (although I am petite, also)! Even her pediatrician was stumped by that one. If I remember correctly, we did have a tiny little milkman, though.

    Roses ~ my doctor actually did suggest having babies would be an easy career choice for me. Easy money, he said. Hah!

    I, too, am enjoying everyones' stories.

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    My mom's longest labor (out of three children) was me at 45 minutes. I laugh when people ask how long I was in labor. The short answer is two days. It's not as bad as it sounds, though. They were trying to stop my labor the whole first day because I was going a month early. They were unsuccessful. I ended up dilating despite the anti-contraction stuff they were giving me. Anyway, as a result of this unpleasant (and as it turned out, unnecessary) delay, I got to know my anesthesiologist rather well. When I was almost dilated enough to start pushing, he told me that you *have* to be able to feel enough to push. Apparently a lot of women think the epidural is supposed to take away all sensation. He said that it should only take the edge off and that you should ask for it to be turned back when its time to push. Now remember that I'd been in labor for a day by the time he told me this, so I could be remembering wrong. But that's what I think he said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J.D.
    If I remember correctly, we did have a tiny little milkman, though.

    you naughty naughty!

    Don't worry, I won't tell
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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid
    I'm assuming you mean tongs. I'm picturing the doctor using a pair of thong undies to pull you out.

    Oh my bad....I was trying to talk to a customer on the phone as I was typing this...yes I meant tongs Thanks for correcting that for me
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    I was not a saint. I asked for an epidural. Storyline - my water broke and I went to the hospital (as my doc said to do when I talked to him). When I got checked in the nurse asks me if I am sure that my water broke. No lady I always pee this much. Now mind you it was 2am so maybe the not so experienced nurses were there. Anyway I was having contractions, but somewhere around 4am they pretty much stopped. Of course they wouldn't give me the drugs to start them again until my doctor ok'd it. Well he finally showed at 9am. So he authorizes the drugs. By noon I'm ready for the epidural. Well when I recieved the epidural it only numbed the right side. So I was still feeling the contractions on the left. So they ended up giving me another shot to try to numb the left side. Anyway by the time I started pushing 4 hours later I could only feel the contractions from my lightly in my stomach area. Never did feel the delivery. It was 8pm before I finally started getting the feeling back in my legs. To make a long story short, I highly recommend the epidural. Never really felt a thing.

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    I knew I shouldn't have looked at this thread, but now I gotta add my story.
    First six months of my pregnancy I was the healthiest I had ever been in my life, no morning sickness, no cramps, skin was glowing I actually had nails for the first time in my life. Which was bad when the itching started, not used to having nails I would scratch until i bled.
    Then I got sick real sick, had toxemia and a urine infection spent one week in hospital was fine went back to work, blood pressure went up went back in hospital, got out went back to work, got sick again, turns out our blood was incompatible.
    Baby was due 30th of Jan went to doctor NYE very sick back in hospital that night water broke, contractions started, then stopped then started then stopped, 4 days 1 blood transfusion and two epidurals later he was born. Almost four weeks early, 6 pound 13. Guess he was meant to be a 10 pounder if he had gone to term.
    I am 5ft5 my husband is 5ft 7 and our son was 6ft 1 by the time he was 15. He out grew us by the time he was 11
    I would very much recommend epidural as well, didn't feel a thing until it wore off then I felt the stitches, sting.
    Oh and on the subject of rudeness, I had to catch a bus to work and most times it was standing room only, not once did I ever get offed a seat. Most of the men would just stare at the floor as if that meant I was invisible
    Also at the hospital, some of the nurses spoke down to me and some were quite condescending, when i got to the post natal classes they had enrolled me in and I saw it was for teenage mums, I realised that they thought I was a teenager, i then pointed out my DOB on the forms, and they put me in the right classes I did look young but I was 24, which is young but not a teenager. Lastly the cleaning lady came to my room and told me not to worry the baby would come soon she was sure, you would think she would have noticed the crib by my bed as baby was 2 days old. Not really her fault I guess but I did think that I looked a little thinner

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    Lucynda, it's amazing what women have to go through to have their babies. Good Post!

    Well, my sweet adorable 5 year old son was in my room last night as I was changing my shirt. He said, "Mom, your stomach is getting huge. You look like a Rhino!". The whole time his big blue eyes were staring up at me and he had this sweet smile like he was giving me the biggest compliment in the world. Now, what are you supposed to say to that? uhhh, Thanks?

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    My fellow FORTERS, I am having some problems with this pregnancy, some terrible complications and I am not even sure what is going on right now but the news looks grim. Am going for more tests tomorrow. Pray for me and for Baby Blondie.

    Wont give up hope just yet.
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