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Thread: Is anyone pregnant?

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    Hey all, thanks for the well wishes. Hope things are goin ok for you pregger moms!

    I was wondering if anyone had any good sites that has boards like this regarding baby's first year. I would love to see what some other moms are goin thru, and get some advice on somethings I have questions about.

    I havent been able to upload pics to this site, but if anyones curious I have a few pics up at Myspace- Username AmyKay77

    again thanks to everyone for the help thru the pregnancy-and good luck to the future moms! Its well worth it (so far- and Im only 3 weeks in!!)
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    I highly reccommend http://parenting.ivillage.com/messageboards and joining the Expecting Club for the Month you are due. I did that with my son and it was so helpful. After everyone in the club has had their little ones, they change the name to be called a Playgroup and the members chit chat about whatever is goign on with baby and family. I have not been keeping very closet tabs on this site, but since you said 3 weeks? then the July 2006 board should be just what you need: http://messageboards.ivillage.com/iv-prjul06n

    I still lurk in the July 2005 board.. and peek in the June and Aug 2005 too. Just to see what other babies a bit younger and a bit older are up to as well.

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    I'm now in the "fomerly pregnant" camp also, as William Erik was born August 3rd. We're doing fine at home. I put a picture of him in my profile if you want to check him out. AmyKay, I had been hanging out at the ivillage expecting group message board too, but the August 06 board was so insanely busy it was hard to keep up.
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    Congratulations, LG! He's a doll.
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    Congratulations LG!!!!

    Hey Ladies,

    You guys would probably know best, and there aren't any women in my life that know about my present situation.

    What do you make of this situation?

    I've had a weird history: a few years of being completely regular, like clockwork, a few years of being slightly irregular... I'm back in a very regular phase for the past year or so.

    In mid-June there was some action. It was protected, and I trust him implicitly not to break something, and to tell me or stop if there was any problems, if you know what I mean. I haven't read back in the thread enough to see your stances on too-graphic information. A few hours later, in the wee hours of the morning, I was spotting. That was the day I would have normally got my period, so... okay. Normal, right?

    The next two days there was nothing. Then there was a light flow day, and then it was over.

    I haven't had anything since. I've had mornings and afternoons when I feel mildly nauseous, but I get nauseous from being too warm and the heatwaves we've been going through here could well have caused that.

    We took a "First Response" brand test last week. It was negative....

    My question is, is it possible that I could be?

    Thank you for any input.
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    Congrats, LG! He is adorable!
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    What a cutie, LG. Congratulations!

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    LG he is so beautiful. Congratulations. Take some well deserved and needed rest.

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    Congrats, LG. He is beautiful. I love the look on his little face, he looks like he has attitude.
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    WOW! There's definitely a baby boom going on around here. See if I leave you guys alone again!! Keep the lights on and one foot on the floor. (For some reason my parents told me I wouldn't get pregnant that way. )

    Actually - congrats everyone!!

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