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Thread: Happy St. Patrick's Day

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    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

    All of you enjoy your day!

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    I'd get drunk, but I'm not feeling well and I have to work early tomorrow.

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    *doing her happy dance*

    I'm leaving work early and then heading to the pub to meet some friends... dinner will follow. Of course Corn beef, cabbage and potatos. I've been listening to Irish music at work (my first love being U2) but I've had some traditional style music on also. I must admit... I've got some green on.. something I got while in Ireland.

    Funny... I've heard from many.. that people in Ireland don't celebrate the holiday like we Americans do.. but when I went to Ireland last year. We were there this week last year... and to my absolute surprise... A week long celebration.. parades. The place to be was Dublin. They sure know how to celebrate.

    Have fun, be safe and enjoy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belfastgirl
    Why DO American's go mad over St Patrick's Day!! Really weird!!
    Seriously it's not that big a deal with me. Just another working day! To be honest in the community where I live it's largely perceived as a "Republican" celebration. Sad, but true unfortunately.
    PLEASE check out your local news coverage about Robert McCartney. I'll not go into details, but his sister's are the bravest women.

    I enjoy celebrating St. Patties Day because I am part Irish. I have Irish ancestors, and I think it is a fun holiday. I also like getting decked out in green. And all the symbols that represent this holiday... it is just.... a fun holiday, IMO.

    I don't think we are cooking any special meals for today. Besides, I don't like corned beef. Usually we go down to Downtown Cincinnati to check out the St. Patricks Day parade, and today is a BEAUTIFUL day! A high of the mid-50s currently. But my dad is leaving for New Orleans tonight for a business trip, so I dont think we will have a chance to go down. It is a fun parade by the way. You get your chairs out and stuff, and there are road-side carts selling little headbands with clovers that hang off of them like antennaes. Everyone is dressed in green, and it is just a fun celebration. There's music and dancing and everything. Last year, a guy playing the bagpipe had a kilt on, and he walked over an air vent, and his kilt got blown up towards his face. You should have seen how everyone reacted. But this is a fun celebration over where I live. Thats why WE celebrate it.
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    Approx. 390ad to March 17th 460 ad

    St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland is one of Christianity's most widely known figure, and that's a clear indication on the Irish influence throughout the world. But for all his celebrity, his life remains somewhat a mystery. Many of the stories traditionally associated with St. Patrick, including the famous account of his banishing all the snakes from Ireland, are false, the products of hundreds of years of exaggerated storytelling.

    Click here for more information on St. Patrick..
    (I have quoted the end of the page below)

    Legend says, that the druids, worried that the king would accept Patrick's religion, asked Patrick if he could make it snow. Patrick sensing a trap replied, that it was God who can determine the weather. At that moment it began to snow in the middle of a sunny spring day. St. Patrick made the sign of a cross and miraculously the snow disappeared and sunshine resumed.

    It is said that, King Laoghaire, wanted to know more about the religion which St. Patrick intended to spread throughout Ireland. Patrick stated that unlike the Gaels, Christians only worshiped one God. And When St. Patrick desperately tried to explain the trinity (the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost), the druids started to laugh at his attempt, what They believed to be ridiculous. Patrick, in his desperation, took a shamrock and told the audience: "there is one stem but there are three leaves on it. So it is with the Blessed Trinity. there is one God, but three persons stemming from the same divinity."

    King Laoghaire allowed St. Patrick to spread the Gospel throughout Ireland, but he said, he would refuse to accept Christianity for himself, as it would betray his ancestors, who entrusted him with the land and his tradition.

    St. Patrick was on his way and spread the gospel throughout Ireland.

    St. Patrick is also known for driving the snakes out of Ireland. We know as A fact that there never were snakes in Ireland. The Church explains that it was meant as a symbol, and that St. Patrick was driving out paganism.

    When St. Patrick reached the age of 50, he made a pilgrimage to Croagh Patrick. In his devotion, the devil tried to tempt him, but Patrick resisted. Patrick was rewarded by God, who sent an angel to grant him a wish. He asked that the Irish should keep the Christian faith for all time and that they should be spared the horrors of judgment day.

    When that time came, Patrick could judge his beloved Irish himself. It is from this time that the legend that Ireland will be drowned under a sea of water seven years before the Last Day originates.

    In the year of 441AD, Patrick returned to Rome to pay homage to the new Pope, Leo I. he was given relics from Saints Peter and Paul which, on his return to Ireland, he placed in his new chapel at the Metropolitan See in Armagh.

    St. Patrick died on March 17th, in the year of (assumed) 461ad, at the age of 76. The clans of Ireland began to bicker over who should receive the honor of providing the final resting place. To avoid this sacrilegious end to his life, his friends secreted his body away to bury it in a secret grave. Many believe this to be in Down Patrick, Co. Down.

    A lot of people don't understand the reasoning behind 'celebrating' St. Patrick's Day.. the best way to remember WHY is by learning the history of Catholic Irish. It's all about religion.

    Even though I am not currently practicing my religion (for reasons which should be obvious), I just can't seem to renounce my heritage. I am proud to be Irish!

    Most people just get drunk on St. Patrick's Day because us Irish folk love to down us some good 'ole fashioned brewsky for good times. Since everyone, especially in the U.S. love to drink, it's basically one big pub crawl across the states.

    May the leprechauns be near you,
    To spread luck along your way.
    And may all the Irish angels,
    Smile upon you St. Patrick’s Day.

    May your troubles be less
    And your blessings be more.
    And nothing but happiness
    Come through your door.

    For each petal on the shamrock
    This brings a wish your way—
    Good health, good luck, and happiness
    For today and every day.

    Here’s to beefsteak when you’re hungry,
    Whiskey when you’re dry,
    All the women you’ll ever want,
    And heaven when you die.

    May the enemies of Ireland never meet a friend.


    Céad Míle Fáilte!

    and FINALLY.... one of my favorite jokes;
    An Irishman, Englishman and Scottsman go into a pub
    and each order a pint of Guinness. Just as the bartender
    hands them over, three flies buzz down and one lands in each
    of the pints.

    The Englishman looks disgusted, pushes his pint away
    and demands another pint.

    The Scottsman picks out the fly, shrugs, and takes a long swallow.

    The Irishman reaches in to the glass, pinches the fly between
    his fingers and shakes him while yelling, "Spit it out, ya bastard!
    Spit it out

    Thanks St. Patrick, and Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone!! Drink up!
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    WOW! Thank you SO much Maveno! I actually JUST did an article yesterday for my school newspaper about Saint Patties Day. I am happy you posted this! I find this kind of stuff really interesting. And I am glad you posted the reason of celebrating this holiday, since alot of people here and where I live don't understand why we celebrate it. THANKS AGAIN! And.......


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    Thanks for posting that Maveno. Being Irish and having had family that lived in Ireland, I knew about it. Its always good to refer back.

    Thanks again.

    On my way out... to enjoy good music, good food, good drinks and great friends.

    To all.. enjoy and be safe.
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    Hope you all have a happy St.Patrick's day and don't drink and drive!

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    That's all folks! Unklescott's Avatar
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    I stopped off for Happy Hour and had a couple of Killians, that Irish beer made by Coors.

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    As an Irish pagan, this is a day of mourning for me, but I do look hot in my all black outfit.

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