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Thread: What do you hate about the internet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucynda
    .....then tell them its a hoax.
    You mean Bill Gates is not going to send me any money?

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    The darn e-mails from friends that threaten me with whatever if I don't send it on.

    The ads that if your cursor touches any part of it expands and takes over your screen. (Yahoo is getting a lot of those)

    People on message boards that get overly emotional and keep posting the same thing. Or who type huge long postings, with no sentence breaks, that are mind-blowing in the details and then keep posting "what do I do, what do I do?" (this is from divorce message boards)

    People on message boards who get real mean and judgmental. (again the divorce message boards)

    IM's from people I don't know. People who send me links to gross pictures.
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    How about the spam email that is from royalty from some unknown country that want you to help them bring $13 million dollars to the US.......Um....NO!

    I also don't like these fake looking emails from ebay/paypal etc... they tend to work on lots of people who use the internet, but aren't internet savvy. Like my Mom. And that just irks me.

    And those people who have done everything, been everywhere and know everything and have gifted children who can do everything early. You know, the one who has a 6 month old who's walking, talking and making dinner for the family already?

    Being part of parenting websites/message boards you get lots of people who end up trying to scam you out of money - they have no money for formula and diapers, their electricity is getting turned off, etc. Hey - how about shutting off your internet first? DUH! Not getting me on that one!

    When people send me these ridiculous urban legends, I just reply (ALL even when I don't know them) to check out snopes.com - you'll always find your answer there.

    Hepcat - I definitely received the Neiman Marcus cookie recipe on paper - went around my office in the early 90's. LOL!

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    What do I hate about the internet? The fact that I don't read actual books anymore. I actually had to make a New Years resolution to read more and spend less time on the internet. <---still working on the less time on the net thing
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    Whoa, Speedbump - you read my mind. I used to read like a fiend... now I spend all my time here. It can't be good. My children mock me. And yet, I can't seem to stop.
    Count your blessings!

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    I hate it when I'm doing a search for something on the internet and each link I click on sends me to another set of links and I never do get to an actual website. Sometimes I'll be looking for images and I keep getting links to Ebay. I'm not trying to buy images, I just want to find a site to borrow some from!! Or you put in a search for something seemingly innocent, like M&Ms, and end up at a porn site. That's especially distressing when it happens at work because I'm afraid they'll think I'm looking up porn on purpose.

    Ditto for me on hating friendship letters and inspirational crap. Someone at another message board I go to posted a funny e-mail he got (funny to him, anyway) and then said he was going to send it to some of his friends. Sure enough, he sent it to me and I wanted to wring his neck. Didn't he realize I'd seen it already when he posted it at the forum we're both a member of???

    I don't like the recent changes to Google images. I used to be able to put in a search for the type of image I wanted so if I wanted to look for animated pikachu images, I could narrow my search to only gif images. Apparently you can't do that now.

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    SPAM!!!! I don't get porn e-mails on my private account. It's all dental and medically related. I hit block for the sender and then view headers. Then I manually add the domain listed under received from. It's always different so I know the sending addy is fake. There are still a few that keep getting through. What else can I do? Help someone? I wish I could block an IP address in Outlook.


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    Ugh, I thought I was just a nasty person. I hate inspirational crap too. Especially little stories and poems that people find relevant to whatever your situation is. After my dad died, I was inundated with that stuff. People had the best intentions, of course, but it was really irritating after awhile. The last thing you want to see when you are depressed and open your email is some poem about how death is a journey or whatever. :rolleyes I was so happy when my friends lost interest in it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tracylee
    pop-ups, spoofs, and spam, especially from those whom I've specifically asked to remove me from their list, but just need to send things out to everyone they know.

    There's a woman I've asked in person and on line to take me off her list, and the last time I received something, I sent a fake auto-reply warning her that she'd be reported to her ISP. Today I found another "important warning" from her, and did report her. I really hope it helps.
    You can try to block those senders. At least in Yahoo I can click on "spam" and it will block that sender from my e-mail. I asked one person to please stop sending my that sappy frienship crap (not in those words... I asked her nicely ) and she got mad so now I don't hear from her at all. Not a huge loss I guess. It just gets frustrating when people that are supposedly your friends send you nothing but jokes and sappy-angel-wing-friendship crap but never bother to actually write you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lucynda
    On the subject of angel wings and friendship emails, every month someone at work sends those annoying friendship questionares, whats your fav colour, fav music middle name and so on, that you fill out and send back and also to seven of your closest "friends". I never respond but she wont get the hint so I started filling them out with silly and rude answers she thought it was funny and still didnt get the hint, so now I am back to just deleting them
    I've gotten that same questionaire 5 times now from the same person. It was fun the first time, now it just gets deleted.

    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott
    You mean Bill Gates is not going to send me any money?
    Sorry, Unk. And no, you are not going to die in a fiery car crash if you don't forward this on to at least 7 of your closest friends in the next 2 minutes.
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    I'm so glad to hear that others get the porn emails... I am bombarded with them. At first I thought... OH my God, how did they get my address? Have I been places I shouldn't? Are my friends playing a joke? ... The funny part is, I work for a convent -- a religious organization for women -- and I can just imagine what some of these sisters would think if they checked out my email on a daily basis. Some of the sisters I'm closer to, I have told about it. They think it's pretty funny. Sadly, they get them to, so I guess it can happen to anyone!

    And I concur with all of you... those damn chain letters have to stop. The idea of sending a link to snopes or breakthechain is a good one. I do it all the time and several of the biggest offenders have stopped. The thing I hate the most is when I will tell them that it's an urban legend and then they reply with "Well, better safe than sorry." Yeah... I'm really worried about getting injected with an AIDS needle at McDonalds. Top of my mind. How about checking the facts? Better to be smart than stupid.
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