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Thread: Any talk radio fans at the Fort?

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    Any talk radio fans at the Fort?

    I'm not sure if this thread will fit the general discussion category, so if not, my apologies...

    I enjoy listening to several talk radio programs on an almost daily basis. I get a lot of my current event/news information from them as well as my entertainment while driving to and from work. There are a few that I can even listen to online as during the day.

    As with our favorite reality shows, some go beyond the bounds of good taste, so I steer clear of a few of them.

    Do any of our FORT fans like to listen to talk radio? If so, what are some of your favorites?
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    I'm a helpless talk radio addict We have a mostly talk station here locally called Real Radio, they only do music late at night and on weekends. That's my normal addiction, but I also will flip over to AM talk on weekends and go over to another channel when I'm on the road at the right time of day to catch Howard Stern.

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    Is Jim Philips still on the air there? Used to listen to him all the time, and I was a member of the Philips Phile, minister of exploration to be exact.

    I listen to George Noorey on Coast to Coast, some Michael Savage and local talk in St. Louis.
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    I enjoy talk radio, as well. I got into the habit of listening to it many years ago when I used to work at nights a lot by myself, so I'd tune it in. And I have my favorite talk radio stations tuned in on the SUV so I can tune to the ones I like.

    But that's not to say I like all of them. Some are just downright irritating and sickening to me, like Howard Stern, Dr. Laura, Rush Limbaugh. Those are 3 people/morons (apologies to those who like them) that I refuse to ever listen to. But in general, I think talk radio is a good thing, and I hope it continues to be a popular genre. Even when I listened at work, I was still doing my work and not always paying close attention to the discussions, but I always got some new information from every show, or some new point of view I may not have considered. It's a great genre to stimulate your mind.
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    Love talk radio. It's all I listen to from 7am to 5pm. We have a pretty decent local show. I also listen to the G-man, Howie Carr, Laura Ingraham, Air Amerika, Satellite Sister's, Radio Revisited, NPR and a few more...
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    I too .like to listen to talk radio, i was a real big fan when I lived in Fla. in the orlando area, they had a great bunch of stations I could get and listen too. Reno sucks for good talk radio

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    Personally I'm a huge fan of Dennis Prager He rocks and is so much fun to listen to. My husband listens to talk radio a lot and I'm not usually too into it, but Prager has my full attention & I absolutely love his shows.

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    I love talk radio. For some reason I'm not into music right now.

    Mornings I listen to WRIF Mike and Drew (or sometimes Howard)
    Mid day I listen a real dumb show called Moter City Middays on 97.1 Talk
    but the show I really love is Domicski and Doyle (D & D) starting at 3pm on 97.1
    (this is all in Detroit) I adore those two, I find them very funny.

    Plus some nights I listen to Parker and the Man which is all sports. I don't even like sports. I guess I'm just avoiding listening to music lately unless the kids are in the car.
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    When I'm in the car I'm always listening... In the morning its the local sports talk radio, (Dennis and Callahan, for those of you in the Boston area)

    In the afternoon it's Howie Carr! He's syndicated, but I think he's most popular in the Boston/Northeast area... Any other listeners?
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    I listen all day at work. It starts out with a local news show then I listen to Doug Wright, a local talk show. After lunch I listen to Michael Medved. I love him...he allows people to come on with opposing viewpoints and listens to them. He listens to their side and tries to present his side. Plus if he has a problem with the administration, he says so. And then there is the day after a full moon...Conspiracy day. All three hours he has people call in with conspiracies. They range from the usual political ones to lizard people living under the surface of the earth controling everything. Quite entertaining.

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