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Thread: Any talk radio fans at the Fort?

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    Quote Originally Posted by joeguy
    Phil Hendrie, you do know he is also the guest that he is interviewing don't you? took me a while to realise that..
    that's why it took me a while to get the gist of his show, I was one of those outraged callers (only I never called in) for several months before I found out about it. Since then I can now laugh at all the other outraged callers who aren't "in on the joke".

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    I listen to KFI AM640. Mainly John and Ken and Doctor Laura.

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    I like two of our locals...Neil Boortz, and consumer advisor Clark Howard who is my hero! Also, I only get to hear her on Sundays when there is no ball game, but I find "Digital Goddess" Kim Komando very helpful for learning about my computer.
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    It may shock some people to learn that back when I had a regular 8 to 5 commute, I used to listen to Howard Stern on my way to work and Tom Lykas on the way back.

    Otherwise, I listen to Air America online; my favorite shows being Majority Report with Janeane Garafalo, and the Randi Rhodes show.

    I like NPR too: as some people have mentioned All Things Considered, Fresh Air, and Wait, Wait Don't Tell me are great shows.

    But the radio show I live for? This American Life. I even went to see a live taping of it. Ira Glass RaWkS!!! It's by turns witty, heartbreaking, brilliant, inspiring. Never heard of This American Life? It's tough to explain how great it is if you haven't--it's an hour-long show that explores a different theme every week through interviews, essays, short fiction, and good old-fashioned storytelling (e.g. last week's episode was "My Big Break" and features the hilarious story of the comedy duo who made their national debut on the Ed Sullivan show--just after the Beatles--and how they totally blew the biggest opportunity of their careers). I recommend it highly, it's how I discovered David Sedaris, Sarah Vowell, Sandra Loh, and David Rakoff. You can listen to it for free online here: http://www.thislife.org/ Totally uninitiated can learn more about it here: http://www.thislife.org/pages/about.html
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    i listening to a quite a range of talk radio daily during my commute...

    local personalities, local sports talk, espn radio, glen beck, tom martino, howard stern, jim rome, rush limbugh, sean hannity, michael savage, tony snow, and a few others

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    I primarily listen to ESPN's "Mike and Mike in the Morning", FOX Sports News' "The Extravaganza", or FOX Sports News' "Jim Rome in the Jungle" since they recently got rid of Howard Stern locally Jim Rome has an excellent show.

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    I used to be a huge talk radio listener when I lived in Chicago. I still listen from time to time--usually to shows with an opposing viewpoint to mine(Air America, you guys need to get past Florida and the 2000 election already, OK?). Chicago just had it going on, though.....Jay Marvin, News Radio 780(24 news and traffic), 2 competing sports stations, Gary Meier, Ro Kahn, Steve Dahl, Kevin Matthews....the list could go on and on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nlmcp
    That's part of the reason I love the show, Deminski has all these very odd neuritic thoughts and just a messed up family life (ok, he now has the new wife and the baby on the way) and Doyle is so laid back about everything. It's just fun to listen too, now and then it gets political but most of the time it's just about this strange crap that means almost nothing. (but in a good way)
    I agree... and I laugh my arse off at their games. They are fun.

    I dont think we get Dr. Joy Brown or Dr. Laura anywhere, do we???

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    I used to listen to Roe and Gary all the time on Chicago's WLS too. It's too bad they had to go through several contract disputes and now Gary is gone, but the Canarble Wagon is still there. With most radio stations seemingly turning into the same bland homogenized crapfest, it's nice to listen to something you enjoy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdobolina
    Radio 780(
    our big talk radio station here in reno is news/talk radio 780 also

    I use to love the talk radio they had in florida 15 years ago. we had such a diverse list to choose from and i use to pull one in from Baltimore I think. on the AM early in the morning with "someone (name i can't remember) and Gary St. Hour if my Crown Royal filled brain cells are working right. anyone from that area remember them?

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