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Thread: Server question

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    Server question

    My husband is starting a document storage business. He's got the warehouse, the racking system people, and the software people all lined up and ready. He has just handed me a sheet of specifications for the servers we need to buy, thinking that I can just figure this out and order it from Dell or something. OMG!

    I'm not a moron, but I'm out of my league. Before I tell him he needs to consult a professional, someone please tell me the difference between a database server and a web server. We need one of each and all I see at Dell are "servers," one of which I was able to customize (I think) into what we need for the database. But I'm lost for the web server (the purpose of which is to provide the customers internet-based access to their records.)

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    There's really no difference between a web server and a database server, except intended use (and usually the database server will need more RAM and larger, faster hard drives, and the web server will need more processing speed).

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    Thanks John. I'll take a deep breath and go back to have another look with that in mind.

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    Hi, Olivia!
    I don't make many hardware purchasing decisions during the course of my work (IT support, aka "the computer guy" ), but the times that I have, I just flat-out ignore the rhetoric on the site.

    The truth of it is that systems are so powerful today, they meet or exceed the general needs of 75 percent of average users, so the thing to keep in mind is how viable this system is going to be about two or three years down the road.

    However, you and your husband aren't Joe and Jill AOL. (No offense to AOL users.)

    John would know more about this than I would, but I would compare shopping around for a server to be a little like shopping for a new car: The advertising copy may mention what a great little SUV this would be for skiing, hiking and camping trips with your family, but if you don't do any of those things with your family, it doesn't mean the SUV isn't for you.

    If "document storage" means that your husband plans on being an archival or backup solution to his customers, my first reaction is that hard disk capacity is going to be important--lots and lots and lots of hard disk space. With room to grow.

    If he's done his homework, then your husband knows what to get. I would simply try to get something as close as possible to his specifications. In fact, if you find two or three and become confused about what he wants, print out the descriptions and show him.

    By the way--Dell? Really? I like HP Compaq servers. Their home systems suck, but I've worked with many, many HP Compaq servers, and they're rock solid.
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