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Thread: Valentine Gift Ideas

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    Quote Originally Posted by katkitty
    Ok, I'll bite... What about anything below $50....? Any ideas for us cheapskates?

    katkitty, you can find some cologne for under $50. Also, maybe if he follows a certain show (The Sopranos etc) you can buy him the DVD set (of course, I don't mean all seasons, the one he doesn't have) or maybe a favorite band has a greatest hits CD that he has been looking for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by katkitty
    Ok, I'll bite... What about anything below $50....? Any ideas for us cheapskates?
    Depends, what kind of tools does he have? And electronics might be expensive, but stuff for the gadget he already has might not be. That includes games or maybe a movie that is well suited for that new home intertainment system (= lots of special effects).

    Disclamier: I'm not a guy, and I don't know what they want, just a gadget geek and I know what I'd want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirlittan
    I am planning to give my husband a giftcard to the massage therapist at our YMCA. I do hope he will like it, since he is always talking about it, but he hasn't gone there on his own yet. Not sure about pricing, but I think full body massage was $55, and half body perhaps $35, so it's not too bad. And if he doesn't like it, at least he won't have to think about it anymore
    I'm getting the same thing for my boyfriend. He's incredibly stressed out and has had short, 15 minutes massages at his gym before that he enjoyed. I'm getting him one of those gift packages for a massage, along with aromatherapy candles, bath salts, (which he'll likely pass on to me) for Valentines Day. I know, they're made for a woman, but it's a full body, 1 hr massage.

    I hope your husband enjoys it, Tirl!
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    I will speak for all men.....

    Generally speaking, we would like:

    1) Family Guy DVD set (first 2 seasons) - Peter is the man

    2) Subscription to Stuff, Maxim, Men's Health, FHM, umm Newsweek (no, not really)

    3) Tickets to a sporting event (if you want to come, buy 2 tickets)

    4) Exercise/Sports/Poker equipment or accessories - because we like these things

    5) Lingerie - yes, it counts as a gift for the man. Oh boy does it

    I guarantee 99.99999%* success rate with any of these.

    *disclaimer - Effectiveness of lingerie is dependent upon hotness of woman involved. Pro wrestling counts as a "sporting event" but monster truck rallys do not. Not valid in New Hampshire, as New Hampshire does not have sporting events. Disclaimer done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by astrogirl_2100
    I'd be happy if I just got a valentine, anything at all. But it is not likely, since I don't have a boyfriend or any prospects.
    Same here. Six years running.

    As for gift ideas... I really can't offer any generic suggestions other than a home-cooked meal (or at least the impression of one, if you get everything pre-made and serve it on pretty plates).

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    Miss Understood
    If it isn't too expensive rent a fun hot luxury car for the afternoon and let him drive you to a picnic lunch or just go driving. Not if your in snow country though.

    If you are in snow covered states, then get a spray bottle and fill it full of red food colored water and spray paint a cute message outside his window/office/house. Put bottles of something good to chill around the message.

    an ice bucket filled with two cute glasses, chocolate (bodypaint) champagne, candles, bubble bath stuff like that. Outlet stores like TJ Maxx, Ross, places have cheap but cute glasses and buckets.

    Hope that helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Understood
    If you are in snow covered states, then get a spray bottle and fill it full of red food colored water and spray paint a cute message outside his window/office/house. Put bottles of something good to chill around the message.

    I the idea of the message (and the "something good to chill") in the snow! I don't know why I didn't think of that - I send my girl outside in the snow armed with food coloring in spray bottles all the time!
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    I've been with my husband too long to beat around the bush He just bought me a Tiffany necklace on eBay with his credit card! I can't wait to show it to him

    I'll make him his favourite meal and get him a mushy card. We don't usually exchange anything but cards on Valentine's day it's such a made up non-event.

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    When I was married to my husband, I would plan a completely stress-free night for the two of us. I'd book a wonderful dinner in a restaurant that we normally wouldn't go to, drop off HIS favourite bottle of wine in advance and a card. When it was time to go, I'd have a limo pick us up (total NO stress Here! Driver worries about parking and tickets in downtown Chicago!) and then we'd be dropped off at the restaurant. He'd be thrilled that his favourite wine was already served to him, before he could even peruse the wine list. With dessert, the staff would deliver the Valentine Card, which I'd fill with a gift certificate for his next manicure and hair cut.

    Each year I'd pick a different restaurant but never farther than a limo could take us. Even catching a cab is too stressful at times, especially during holiday's like Valentine's Day, and then I'd call the limo to pick us up and drop us back home.

    I did this the entire 13 years we were married and he really looked forward to this event each year. It took the usual strain and stress from him where at work he was expected to make 100% of the decisions and during this one night, he could just "be", you know...float and be taken care of. Who doesn't like that?!
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    I got Boston boy a book about the New England Patriots coach. Is that enough or is it too lame?
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